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Ono: "Wii U More Capable Than We Saw at E3"

Posted by James Newton

O yes

Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has hinted there's far more to Wii U than we've seen so far.

Speaking to 3D Juegos (translated by NeoGAF, so you have been warned), Ono spoke vaguely about the console development kits:

What we saw last E3 is not a reflection of everything this console is able to offer. We have been trying the development kits and some of its new characteristics will improve its possibilities. It isn't something like Kinect or similar accessories, it's something different.

I can't tell you more about it because, if I do, Nintendo will send assassins to finish me! (laughs) But let’s say that Wii U will be a console with so many and unique possibilities that it will be difficult to show them in the box they are going to sell it or to be published by magazines and other mediums.

Ono's final comment about "unique possibilities that will be difficult to show" echoes comments about the 3DS before it was released, but what do you make of his — admittedly vague and twice translated — comments?


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Ryno said:

What we saw last E3 is not a reflection of everything this console is able to offer.

Really? I would have guessed that was the apogee.



SkywardLink98 said:

Cool. The developers seem really excited about this console. I can't wait to see what it can do...



V8_Ninja said:

I'm happy to hear that Nintendo has been improving those rumored-to-be-broken devkits.



YUXLOA said:

I've learned something about Ono over the years; Don't believe his lies.



Markystal said:

Vitality sensor built into the controller that senses our gaming mood? New online features integrating Nintendo Network that also connect to all platforms with a new Club Nintendo app? Even higher specs!? Oh the possibilities are endless!



kyuubikid213 said:

I hope the Wii U actually gets games. I mean, developers are already BSing the Wii U because of it's controller. WHAT? These same developers are also making the same game for PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360...

Lazy developers...however, my rant won't change a thing.



misswliu81 said:

Ono is a crazy guy- you should see the tekken 3ds ad on youtube with him and tekken creator-forgot his name.

speaking of capcom, i hope they deliver for the wii U and give us more gaming experiences, especially ones other than streetfighter and resident evil.



DanteSolablood said:

Well one thing I think Nintendo has learned is that no matter WHAT kind of gimmick/mcgubbin the Wii U launches with, it had better have a SOLID line-up... Nintendo so badly dropped the ball on the 3DS release (and I'm speaking as a really big handheld gamer) that it seriously hit the company.

Well if the information that I've filtered through the news article is right, the Wii U will come with integrated ninja assasins. Or is that too easy?



Usagi-san said:

I always knew there was a secret ninja division at Nintendo. Now the only question is how I get them a copy of my resume...



FluttershyGuy said:

Awesome to think of a main, numbered Street Fighter game on a Nintendo CONSOLE since the Super Nintendo! Now, if Final Fantasy XV also makes it to Wii U (or whatever it is), thus also bringing numbered Final Fantasy back to a Nintendo system, The Force will feel balanced in the gaming world once again!



Megajack said:

yay! bring back 2-d side scrolling metroid on it too! ( like thats gonna happen )



PatcherStation said:

Why wish for stuff like Starfox and F-Zero when the likes of Wave Race and Stunt Race FX have been fed to the dogs over the years? Some Nintendo fans just keep asking for the same old.




All Nintendo needs to do to show everyone that they mean buisness is these 3 simple steps:

Step 1 Change the name I'm sorry but it's hard to take anything seriously with a name like that.

Step 2 Great online AT LUNCH it has to atleast have every single online feature that 360 & PS3 has just 2 compete and throw in a bunch of new options that no 1 has done B4 so it's not just a clone and 2 really put the U in WiiU but mainly it has 2 have a smooth interface, gamertags, social friendly and an achievement system!

Step 3 Make sure u have good amount MUTURE GAMES AT LUNCH with exclusive features only on WiiU. I have nothing aginst E rated games but it doesn't look good 4 the consoles future when u have nothing but kidy games at lunch. Just make sure GTA5 and the next call of duty is on it and your pretty much all good.

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