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Nintendo Life Now Has a Google+ Page

Posted by James Newton

Roll out the barrel!

Always ones to be fashionably late to the party, we've set up an official Nintendo Life Google+ page.

If you're more a Googler than a Twitterer, you can add our page to your Circle to stay up to date with the latest Nintendo-related news and reviews. There's also the chance of digging through embarrassing photos of the team, so that's always a plus. Geddit?

Don't forget: Nintendo Life on Google+. You can also follow Nintendo Life on Twitter or Like Nintendo Life on Facebook for the full-on social networking experience.


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Victoria said:

Oh, why not? I never use that Google+ account anyway, and maybe I can pick up some more peeps from here to follow. It's a lonely ol' account.



warioswoods said:

This has been a subject of much debate around my office: what color is that Google logo in the picture?

Would you call it a variation on red, on orange, or somewhere halfway between the two? Or, would you name it something entirely different?



CapedGodot said:

It's a colour commonly known as red-orange. Also, it's a kind of ironic: I first saw this post on FaceBook.



warioswoods said:


Well... we do have a kind of hand in our university's web presence, so Google's interfaces and aesthetics come up frequently as a topic.


Only evil people use hex, and those with 8 fingers on each hand.



grumblebuzzz said:

In about 3-5 years when Google+ has a user base, I will follow you guys on there. Till then, I like ya on Facebook.



Matti said:

Cool. Added to my "interesting"-circles . I like Google+ much more than Facebook (which I don't use anymore).



Odnetnin said:

This will be the first page I'll add to my Circle when Google finally opens + up to users younger than 18.



Stevie said:

I was really hoping Google+ would take off when it launched, but no one else seemed to be bothered, so alas i'm stuck with using Facebook, majority rules and all. Added anyway in the hope that Google+ becomes relevant one day!



komicturtle said:

If you're using Google Chrome, be sure to add the 1-Up plug-in from the Chrome Store. Every time you +1 something.. Well, it's just cool



Vbgenechten said:

If only i could join google plus.
Annoy's the *** out of me that its still only for 18 years and older.



James said:

"Nobody uses Google+"

Those 295 people who've added us must be figments of my imagination then



Usagi-san said:

Do a search for "not google plus" on google.

Sometimes college humor can come up with some pretty clever ideas. I thought their video was funny at least.



3DSfReAk said:

Finally! I love Google+ heaps, (my FB account died long ago) so it's great to see more people catching on. Just because Facebook has millions more people doesn't mean it's better...

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