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Mutant Mudds OST Tracks Now Available

Posted by Corbie Dillard

A little Mudd mood music

For those of you who are gearing up for the Mudds invasion on Thursday in North America, Renegade Kid has just the thing to put you in the mood.

The developer has already added 11 tracks from the official Mutant Mudds OST on its bandcamp page and the good news is that you get to choose the price you pay for the soundtrack.

More tracks will be added in the coming days, so don't forget to keep checking the page for new tunes.

Don't forget to check out our Mutant Mudds review.


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Ryno said:

When is Renegade Kids going to make a game for a console?



Corbs said:

Wouldn't hold my breath on the Renegade Kid making a console game anytime soon. LOL Jools is a huge 3DS fanboy at heart.



Ryno said:

Well then Jools will not be seeing any money from me! Haha...
Stops holding breath



joevox316 said:

Cool! I'm going to listen to it more once I play the game though. I don't want to spoil hearing the music in each stage before I play it. But I just may consider getting this, if for no other reason than to show some more support.



SkywardLink98 said:

"and the good news is that you get to choose the price you pay for the soundtrack." Can I get it for free? It says there is no minimum.



Knuckles said:

Great, now if only nintendo could let us choose what to pay for our games! Lets a start the bidding at 9 dollars 9 dollars do i hear a 9 dollars! What you'll pay 0.01! SOLD



Corbs said:

Yeah, god forbid we support the developers that are making these great games. How silly of us! LOL



Supereor said:

Zenarium and K-C

Only if 3DS 20$ Point Cards costed this much, but still gave you 20$.



Robo-goose said:

This deserves my money. They put a lot of work into this music, and dangit! I wanna pay them for it!
Seriously, I'm spending more money on the soundtrack then I am for the game! I only listened to the first four songs so I can hear the rest of them for the first time when I play the game, and I like what I heard. They deserve the cash for a job well done!



H_Hog said:

I'm firmly against getting myself a creditcard, so I'm kind of relieved the option to download it for $0 is there. I guess I'm okay with being put on a mailing list in exchange for that.

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