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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Sneaks into Europe on 8th March

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

3DS exclusive features also unveiled

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D has been on the horizon of the 3DS for a while now, but a European release date — and official box-art — has finally been confirmed. It hits the region on 8th March, with further confirmation that it will support the Circle Pad Pro, the second title to do so after Resident Evil: Revelations.

A number of features exclusive to the 3DS have also been confirmed, most of which have already been mentioned in the past. These include gyroscope controls for balancing on ledges, sub-menu controls being intuitively available on the touch screen and the rather neat 'camouflage photography' system, allowing you to take a picture of a real life environment and directly affect Snake's appearance.

One additional feature is a first-person view, which in all likelihood is included to make the most of the stereoscopic 3D visuals. There are no details of the themed 3DS hardware, so at the moment this looks like a Japan exclusive.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for an official North American release date.

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Ren said:

Nice! That looks fun. I hope we get it over here in NA soon too. I know all that complex english to english localising takes time.



matirishhh said:

Why, why why they don't release it on the same day as HD collection (2.02)... now I will have a problem with waiting until March and not buying it earlier for PS3...



Yosher said:

Dang, I didn't expect this to be released until late in 2012, like December.



zezhyrule said:

Cover art is meh. Camo pics will mostly be useless if they give you the same camo that you have in all other versions of the game, you can find some combination to get your camo index up much faster than you can take a pic. And what's this about 1st-person? The game already has first-person aiming, and certain scenes allow you to press a button to view things from snake's eyes (like EVA~).

And really, what will motion controls add to this game? Nothing. Just a useless gimmick.

Also, don't be confused by this ranty post. MGS3 is one of the best games ever made, and in my top favorite. Just skeptical of this port.



6ch6ris6 said:

boxart looks great!
never played the original so this is a must have for me



Spoony_Tech said:

Cant wait! Third party titles are really coming out strong to start the new year. RE:R Tekken3D and Tails Of The Abyss.



Ren said:

I like the part of the cover where you can see three bullets frozen in time right in your face next to each other. I'm sure that moment totally happens if you shoot really fast three times in a row and take a picture, they'd be right next to each other, right? I Love how far box art has come right in line with game technology.



LordJumpMad said:

I agree with the zez-man
motion controls are completely worthless.
think of one 3DS game that use Gyro controls for its main gameplay and not just a gimmicky tool to mess with and then get bored in a few seconds.



Knux said:

Zez is not the only one that's ''not pumped'' for it. It sucks because the Vita version will be better than the 3DS version in every way. Besides, who would want to play that awesome game on such an awful handheld?



theblackdragon said:

if the cover art is the best thing about this port, it's got more problems than i thought. still on the fence about picking it up, myself :3



zezhyrule said:

maybe if they actually used artwork on the cover instead of what looks like an in-game model for Nakey Snakey...

Because all the PS2 boxart was better
especially the first one, the third one, and the last link

Then again, I'm just nitpikking. Who knows, maybe they'll change it for the NA release D:



TheGreenSpiny said:

@zez: You have no sense of style man. That cover is 100x better than the PS2 cover. NA better get that cover.

@knux: Only you would, no one else.



warioswoods said:


"think of one 3DS game that use Gyro controls for its main gameplay and not just a gimmicky tool to mess with and then get bored in a few seconds."

Zelda OoT 3D.

Once I started using the gyro controls to aim projectile weapons and to look around each new room (yes, with 3D always enabled), I couldn't go back to the circle pad for any of that. My accuracy on the archery minigames was also far, far better than I had on the original N64 game. Nothing is quite so quick and responsive as motion for that kind of gameplay, IMO.



Pikachupwnage said:


Now reggie I will give you some stuff to put on that chin and some cheezburgz If you release this on march 7th in NA just to troll Europe

Is your body ready for this deal?

Srsly though I want this game as I really want to try out the MGS series



FonistofCruxis said:

I agree with Zez about the boxart and I would get this but because of the way the MGS series is connected and the lack of a version of MGS2 on a Nintendo console, I won't get it.



Smooth27 said:

@25 yeah your right but not all people are better or like it that way which is why its alway better to include both just how a second analogue on the 3ds would of being greatly needed speciallt for shooters



Chrono_Cross said:

I can't believe Konami is selling this for $40. There is nothing new about this that should make you want to go out buy it. Sure it's an amazing game but with the Essentials Collection (MGS1, MGS2, and MGS3 with all their expansions), the two PS2 games (MGS3 and Subsistence), and the MGS HD Collection, why would anyone want this?

Konami is also reaching out to a very small community. I'm sure not many 3DS users have ever played or have any interest in playing, a Metal Gear game.



kingeo said:

@24 This game is epic and 10 times better than Metal Gear Solid 2.
I hope the graphics are better than original's ps2 version since the 3ds is supposed to be a lot better.



Blaze said:

Boxart is meh. Otherwise I'm really excited for this game. Might wait for some reviews though, it does seem to be causing some split decisions between the reviewers. Hope it turns out good though.



zezhyrule said:

@24: MGS3 is very different from MGS2. In everything except the stealthiness and long-cutscenes really.



MrZanctom said:

I have never been much of a Metal Gear Solid person, but this game looks pretty darn good. I would actually buy this.



OldBoy said:

Looking good. I've only ever played the MG remake on Gamecube so this is going to be a whole new game for me.
I hope we get the Demo on E-shop.



Bliquid said:

@27: Snake Eater is chronologically the first in the series, so what's the problem?
And i agree, adding gimmicky gimmicks to a already finely tuned gameplay is a risky move, one i can't say to appreciate much.
I'm sick and tired of portings on 3DS too, so i'll open my wallet for contents i haven't already payed for.
(No, as i said already, the additions in this version are garbage, to me)



Will-75 said:

I just read an article that this is getting released in the US in Feb. I hope that is true...



Ren said:

A small community? really? I can't be the only one out there who only owns 1 system (1home, 1 portable) at a time, and usually a nintendo one. Theres nothing I'd like more than to try a cool MGS game, and this looks like plenty of fun to me. There are loads of users out there who would love any kind of game like this to play on their 3DS because many of us don't have all the playstation systems and this is a nice introduction to some of that weird tactical adventure stuff we normally don't get much of for Nintendo systems.



Navius said:

"Konami is also reaching out to a very small community. I'm sure not many 3DS users have ever played or have any interest in playing, a Metal Gear game." What? lol



Hokori said:

I cant wait to play it for once, I was going to get it for my PS2, but ATM my PS2 maybe failing so 3DS is the only way I can play this ATM and besides if its one of the best games ever how can you go wrong at $40?
you can buy Crappyer for more



Retro_on_theGo said:

I agree that the people who only own Nintendo consoles and haven't played MGS is a small community. You guys had metal gear. Metal gear 2, and MGS 1 the twin snakes. Should've played at least one by now.

Anyways I'm not getting this. Already have HD collection and everything new just seems gimmicky.



crazyj2312 said:

I'm going to get it. I never played the games on home console and I don't have a PS3/XBOX to play the HD collection. I guess Konami is catering to me personally lol



Ren said:

oh, sure I played one of them like 20 years ago on a NES so I guess I'm not at all interested in playing a new tactical shooter in 3D, after the first 2 I've seen it all.
geez, there sure are some jaded gamers on here. Any of you playstation guys ever tried just popping in a game and having fun?



zezhyrule said:

@51: Yep. They'd have to take out half of this game for it to get a T rating. And then it wouldn't be MGS3 any more :3



bezerker99 said:

@zez - Yeah, I agree - that box cover art is absolutely horrid. Although the game itself, I've not doubt, will be awesome - you'da thought they could've came up with something a little more original (and less fugly lookin') than some lame Matrix-y "bullets_suspended_in_mid-air" circa 1999 special effects shot....ya know? :



emiru69 said:

I got Metal Gear HD Collection for 30 bucks (ps3 version) I like Metal Gear but I just don't see a reason to purchase this title.



zezhyrule said:

I still think the 3DS boxart is a bad imitation of this. Look, even the holes on the glove are similar. Except, the PW cover art actually looks good and not like some bad photoshopping.



Ren said:

good call zez. They probably pulled the image from the same batch of art that was paid for a couple years ago to some talented illustrator shmuck, then handed off the lot to the new intern with a IBM 486 and a copy of "photoshop for dummies".
"that 'MGS 3D' box art better be done and on my desk in 8 hours or your going to be serving the rest of us lunch from under a KFC visor tomorrow"



Chobi said:

The Sony fanboyism is strong in this tread. You guys are really going to complain about the box art? Really? Geez, what happened to this generation of gamers. When did box art become an issue for people?

@emiru69 You should keep in mind. That not everyone owns a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 to play the HD collection. This is a good way to reach out to those people.



AltDotNerd said:

Watch this, this will blow the minds of all the Sony fanboys:
I am going to buy BOTH Snake Eater 3D AND HD Collection!! WHAT A TWEEST!



zezhyrule said:

@70: Funny, I own the PS2 game, the HD collection and I plan on getting the 3DS version. Several people I know are doing the same. Not that mind-blowing.



pikku said:

@zezhyrule yeah well, if you were a real MGS fan you'd also own the original Snake Eater version of MGS3, smh. >:[
And you'd have them all :C: by now. >:[
this coming from a MGS noob ofc



zezhyrule said:

What? No way, MGS3: Subsistence is the perfect game, the original has crappy camera. Why would I own that? I'm not a collector.

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