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Majora's Mask and Dr. Mario Join Club Nintendo Rewards

Posted by James Newton

Coins at the ready

North America's Club Nintendo site lets you buy downloadable games with your hard-earned coins. After the success of 3D Classics: Xevious and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, there are four new games available to buy between now and 31st January. Here's what's available:

150 Coins

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Wii Virtual Console)

Dr. Mario Express (DSiWare, available through 3DS eShop only)

100 Coins

Dr. Mario Online RX (WiiWare)

Kirby's Dream Land (3DS Virtual Console)

Will you be trading in your coins for one of these downloads?


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User Comments (116)



Buster13 said:

3DS Ambassadors probably shouldn't waste their coins on Dr. Mario Express. WarioWare Inc. has an impressively fleshed out minigame called Dr. Wario that's to my knowledge essentially the same thing. (Not in aesthetics, of course, but in gameplay itself)



Kyloctopus said:

Why did they put online RX for 100, and Express for 150? Anyways, I might get Kirby



Shworange said:

I might get dr Mario for the 3ds, but I've already bought Kirby and I have majoras mask on GameCube disk. Oh well. Looking forward to February!



Spoony_Tech said:

Kirby for me since in my view its free. I'm starting to think ill have most of the games offered throughout the year. I however have not beat majoras mask and might make that my next project!



amerilia said:

@Buster13 I think the only differences gameplay differences between Dr Wario and single player Dr Mario is the lack of music choices, and that if you press down while pill halves are falling, they will collapse at the bottom instantaneously. In a way, I think it's actually better for single player gameplay than dr mario is. But I do miss the classic Dr Mario music when playing it.



Jfilesguy said:

No! Why must the 3ds games be ones i own!

If i still used my wii, i'd get Majora's Mask



Angel_Fur said:

How do these coins work? Are they the same as points? And is this available on Euro store as well? (I am confuse)



ejamer said:

Nice selection of games, even though I already own the ones that most appeal to me. Giving away Majora's Mask is awesome!



blackknight77 said:

I added Dr. Mario online and Kirby's Dream Land. I like how you get do surveys for more coins for the the games you got as freebies on Club Nintendo.



Xkhaoz said:

I guess this is Nintendo telling me "Hey, you really need to play Majora's Mask now"



Emaan said:

I want to see 3D Classics : Kirby's Adventure and 3D Classics : Kid Icarus in the future! They should put up the free NES games from early buyers sometime too :b



SLiM said:

Ah man I just bought Dr. Mario a few months ago lol. But all is forgiven for allowing me to get Majora's Mask!



bezerker99 said:

I already have Kirby and MM.....looks like Dr. Mario for me!!!! yaaaay (glad i saved my coins and didn't spend them on fluidity)



brandonbwii said:

This giveaway model could be Nintendo's answer to monthly/weekly sales of other consoles. They just need to start throwing some 3rd party games in there. It's a nice way of drawing attention to some potentially overlooked games.



Dodger said:

REALLY glad I didn't get a points card for Christmas like I asked because after watching Chuggaaconroy's LP of it, I would of gotten it. I'll be getting MM after I get back from my
dentist appointment. I'll have leftover coins so I might get Kirby too but I might just save my leftover 100 or so coins for next month as I don't see myself getting many games this month.



Hardy83 said:

Good thing I haven't bothered with Nintendo's digital services, lol now I got something to waste my coins on.



6ch6ris6 said:

i have over 1600points. on my european club nintendo account.

how many stars to americans get for there games?
here you get like 200 for one 3DS game



rjejr said:

So, um, going to sound like an ignoramus but, can we, ya know, play MM before OoT? We're kinda new to the whole Zelda thing and have only played TP and SS (which we finished Monday). Oh, and my kid plays that free DS download a lot but I don't see what that has to do with anything.

I'm amazed how much that old Kirby game looks like Return to Dreamland, which the same kid finished but is still trying to get all the gears/spheres. I'll get him Kirby but he's getting Mass Attack. SM3DL and Pokemon Rumble Blast for his birthday in 3 days so I don't know when he'll get to play that Kirby. Still, true to their word the other games vanished today so gotta get these before they're gone on the 31st.

Nobody in my family plays Tetris of any kind, we're all big match 3 fans, I actually just finished Puzzle Quest 2 last night. That green dragon superboss was a treat.



DreamDrop said:

Americans get 30 coins per 3DS game, 40 if you include the post-play survey or 50 if you "intend to buy" on a title before actually buying it, however for the latter there is a time limit.



linkdeku7 said:

I personally dislike the Dr. Mario franchise, and I find it highly irritating that Nintendo wasted two whole spots out of the four games on Dr. Mario. Isn't one Dr. Mario game enough for a lifetime?



KaiserGX said:

I prefer Dr. Mario then Fluidity x100. I didn't actually played much of it. I just got it because if I didn't know I wouldn't be able to later. Though I would be willing to gift people Dr. Mario if they are willing to play with me.



CosmoXY said:

I'll be snagging Dr. Mario Express and Kirby's Dream Land. Been thinking about getting Kirby for a while, now I have no excuse not to.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Yep, go for it. You'll still enjoy it quite a lot, and you'll only really miss out on the thrill of recognizing Ocarina characters and seeing how they've been fleshed out or subverted in the sequel. That's an ancillary thrill though, and you'll enjoy the game itself just as much as you would if you had played Ocarina first.

Go for it. It's the best Zelda in my opinion, 3D or otherwise.



Moonhillwat said:

There's one thing that's really bothering me...

Dr. Mario Express costs 150 coins, even though it only has two modes and absolutely no multiplayer or online multiplayer.

Dr. Mario Online RX, on the other hand, costs only 100 coins and has more features, such as Wii Connect 24, a mode for using the Wiimote pointer, and ONLINE MULTIPLAYER.

Anyone else see a problem with this?

First world issue, I know. But still.

(I just wrote Nintendo about this. I want to know why this happened.)



coolvw93 said:

im thinking about trying out kirbys dream land for 3ds since i got the gb version of it



MetalMario said:

I can't justify getting one of these. Honestly to get 100 coins I spent roughly $80-$100 in video games.



koops330 said:

If i get any it would be majoras mask but I heard nintendo is making it for 3ds so i might not get anything



zeeroid said:

Ah well, none for me this time! I've still got my copy of LoZ Collector's Edition, so there's no need to invest in Majora's Mask on VC.



Squiggle55 said:

this is exactly what I always wanted to use my coins for. I got Kirby and may get Majora's Mask before the month's over.



sketchturner said:

Yeah, but keep in mind the points were a free gift. Also, keep in mind you're getting a GAME for just 100 points, whereas it would cost you 3 times as many points just to get some shoe laces. I'd much rather have a game to play, but maybe that's me.



rjejr said:

Thanks Chicken Brutus. Guess the question now becomes, if I play this first will OoT get destroyed should we ever play that? Decisions, decisions, but it's just hard to pass up free. (Despite what MetalMario says these are still free. Of course we have over 1300 coins so easy for me to say.)



Malkeor said:

Club Nintendo I now officially love you.

I will probably pick up Kirby and Majora's Mask!
Maybe just kirby....



Geonjaha said:

You lucky people in NA, getting the opertunity to get all of these games with ur coins. I'm suprised they used such popular games though - I was expecting an Urban Champion download.



Crafton said:

Does anybody know if the Majora's Mask code will work on a PAL Wii?
I can also confirm that the 3DS codes only work on American 3DSes



Ryno said:

Hmmm..., I will have to think about getting Majora's Mask since I totally misssed out on the N64 while I was into the PSX.



TingLz said:

@zeeroid: Actually there is a reason. The VC version is much better than the Collector's Edition version. The CE version had a lot of issues due to lousy emulation.



Morpheel said:

Yay! Now I'll be able to play Majora's Mask on my not-so-new new Wii!
I wonder if I should get Dr. Mario for the Wii, too.



Gamesake said:

I thought they might have a Zelda game up this month, but Majora's Mask was not what I expected. I also predicted My Pokemon Ranch for WiiWare, lol. I'm glad I was wrong.



Kitty_hime1 said:

gamesake- o rly? i thought that game looked cute plus i can connect to pokemon pearl i heard because i have not yet joined the new 5th gen.

OT: maaaayyyybbbbeee i'll get majoras mask and when i get stuck i'll just ask my older brother whose beaten the game plus i just know i'll get kirby cause he's soooooooo cute!!!! <3



cyrus_zuo said:

Dr. Mario Online! Yeah!
I've thought about getting it many, many times .

I'd get MM as well, except I have the GCN disc with it. I've never played it!
I keep thinking I should, but the textures are so muddy, and on a HD TV everything looks horrible. I tried OoT with that disc, but gave up quickly due to the visuals. I was really pleased with the 3DS version, which I bought day 1 and LOVED. I'm one of those hoping MM gets the same treatment, b/c I'd really prefer not having to play it on my HD TV.



SkywardLink98 said:

Worst. Game. Rewards. Yet. They need to put good rewards that haven't sold as much, MM I already have and the idea of Dr. Mario makes me sick. I can't get 3DS rewards because most of the points aren't mine and my parents and siblings would be really upset if I stole their points to get myself a game.



bonesy91 said:

I own Majora's mask on the Gamecube collectors disk... but am considering it for the sake of convenience of having it on the wii.

Have Kirby.
Don't need dr. mario (got Dr. Wario on Warioware)

So nothing exciting for me this week haha.



AVahne said:

Getting none of them. Still saving up for the 1200 Coin Game and Watch Ball



paburrows said:

I already have Kirby and Express, but this is great about the zelda game. I was on the fence about downloading it now or waiting 2 or 3 years for Nintendo to maybe, maybe not release a 3D version. I guess that download won out.



CosmoXY said:

@60 - I'm with you in hoping for a 3DS Majora's Mask.
@61 - Please stop whining.
@66 - Next to your username there is this- 11 Jan 2012, 12:44 EST - Edit | Delete , just click Delete



WolfRamHeart said:

Great selection of rewards. I got Kirby and Majora's Mask. Good thing that I waited on Kirby. I have Majora on GameCube disk but now I'm happy to have the perfect port.



Flowerlark said:

Nope. Saving my coins in case that gold nunchuck comes to NA. MM is the only good one on the list and I already have it for my gamecube.



13uster13 said:


I'll play with you a whole bunch if you wanna gift Dr. Mario online to me. I added your wii FC. Mine is 0117 6326 2579 8829



Seven_Force said:

I already have Kirby and hate the Zelda series, so I guess it'll be Dr. Mario Express for me.



WingedSnagret said:

I'll get Kirby, now what would really be nice is if Kid Icarus 3D classics will be in the next batch.



13uster13 said:

i ended up getting Kirby and Majoras Mask. But i got Kirby thinking it was the 3D Classics version of Kirby but it's not, it's the original gameboy version without any 3D upgrades ;(



Seven_Force said:

@Duney I guess hate would be a little too strong a word, but I've disliked pretty much every Zelda game I've attempted to play and usually end up getting bored partway through. So I guess "dislike" would be a bit more appropriate a word.



paburrows said:

Man it looks like everyone and thrir Nintendog is downloading those games, I've been trying to get MM and it keeps getting stuck on the adress confirmation.



Colors said:

I love how everybody is complaining that they already have these great games when CN specifically stated that they would release the downloadable games that have had good customer reviews. You can't get the exact games you want each month, so just wait for the new selection of free games in February



crazyj2312 said:

If they put Majora's Mask as a download on 3DS I'd be stoked lol
It may not happen but a man can dream of playing N64 on the go.



13uster13 said:

@paburrows it was doing that for me too but the button to accept it is just invisible. i had to manually click around the page to find the accept button and then it worked once i found it



paburrows said:

It did that also. but then when I click it the little clock like thing that tells you that its working on going to the next page just keeps spinning indefinatly.



aoeder said:

I might get Kirby Land. I already downloaded MM. (which is an AMAZING game btw. )



Althoff said:

Eh, already have the cartridge for MM, and recently bought Kirby. I may buy the DSiWare Dr. Mario.



ouroborous said:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????????????? Majoras Mask is for Wii??? SHEESH, it should have been a 3D version for 3DS to go with Ocarina 3D, DUH!! Ugh.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I got warioware mega microgrames and already have Kirby's dreamland.
Nothing for me this month...again!
Great that Majora's mask is on here though. That's awesome. Get it everyone who hasn't!
Next month, give me something I don't already have Nintendo! >:[



TKOWL said:

I already own all of these, except for Dr. Mario, which I ain't interested in



Jfilesguy said:

Why is the much beter WiiWare Dr. Mario (and the more expensive I may add) sell for less coins than the Mini version for DSiWare?



pntjr said:

I only have 100 points left, so Kirby it is.
(I was looking forward to MM)



Punny said:

Rats! With the exception of Dr. Mario Express, I already own all of these games! I'm not willing to download Dr. Mario Express...



Gold_Ranger said:

As much as I really want to play Majora's Mask, I'm not going to download it.
I'm 40 coins away from the 25th Anniversary Zelda posters.
Plus, I'll be there DAY 1 when the Majora's Mask 3D comes out for the 3DS!



Ashflow said:

Really, really want to play Majora's Mask, but I don't want to "waste" 150 coins if it is eventually remade for my beautiful Zelda 3DS. Also, if it's remade, I'd much rather have that as my first experience with it than with the admittedly chunky 64 graphics. However, none of this really matters unless I also want to buy a controller to play the game (I might get Kirby though...)

And a quick question: How do you guys/gals think Nintendo prices these rewards? Some of those coin values don't seem very fitting, to be honest (at least, compared to the other options).



Dodger said:

Seem fair to me. The prices are way less then the other prizes and I would pay more for these if I saw them in a store then a notebook or whatever.

In theory, these are $100 or $150 but not really, if you think about it. They would be $100 or $150 if you went out and got games just for Club Nintendo rewards but who really does that? If you would buy the games anyways then this is extra stuff on top of the games you already own.

I'm actually having a good amount of fun with Majora's Mask and Super Mario Kart. I don't like Xevious much but 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Still, Luigi with his invincibility stars is worse then a blue shell any day of the week. And I really hate blue shells. Seriously, MKwii is insane. A 150CC race means you are constantly getting pummeled with powerups that you can't dodge through the whole race. /offtopic



DarkLloyd said:

i was going to get majoras mask but then i realise i have the collectors disk for gamecube



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Wow. This is sweet! I am torn on Majora's Mask. I want to get it for the 3DS "if" Nintendo remakes it like Ocarina, but if they don't I end up missing this game at an incredible price and no glitches unlike the Zelda Collection for the Gamecube.

Decisions decisions.



Supremeist said:

OH MY GOD YES!!!! MAJORA'S MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! This will give me something to do for 2 weeks without internet (new house)! Amazing, thanks Nintendo!



SunnySnivy said:

Glad to see Majora's Mask on the list. Majora's Mask is the best of the best when it comes to Zelda!

I might get Dr. Mario for the 3DS, but I would rather get it on my DSi since the DSiWare games look so much better on it. Ah, I'm torn.



Sonicman said:

Majora for free? THIS IS MADNESS!!! Probably to give a taste of MM3D to people . In other news, I bought Kirby .



Sonicman said:

@MakeMyBiscuit I got OoT on VC about 6 months before I got my 3DS and OoT3D, lol. Then, I decided to buy MM on VC about 2 months after that, then I heard about MM3D coming, I majorly facepalmed myself, and now looking at this, just facepalmed myself again . I say go for it and buy it, they say the original's always the best .



SezeMakto said:

I am hoping they will do all the games I want eventually and not just the token entries that aren't as popular to generate interest. Like only releasing Majora's Mask so that you "pay" for Ocarina. I have 1000 coins to burn and although I like Majoria's Mask, its not in my top ten most wanted VC games. Thankfully I've yet to get any of them yet.



Undead_terror said:

@SunnySnivy i agree with you,majoras mask is my fav and dsi ware looks crappy on the 3ds,o well im using my 3ds more then my dsi xl now since the ds age is coming to a end.



Whopper744 said:

Why is Dr Mario Express worth the same as Majora's mask??
Don't get me wrong. It's a good game, but there is not a lot to it compared to Majora's Mask.

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