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Kid Icarus: Uprising Comes With This 3DS Stand

Posted by James Newton

In Japan at least

Kid Icarus: Uprising will be bundled with an arm-saving display stand for the 3DS.

The folding stand sits on a desk and cradles the console itself while you use the stylus and face buttons to control Pit.

Uprising supports the Circle Pad Pro for left-handed players but don't worry if you're not planning to pick up the peripheral — you can change the controls to move Pit with A, B, X and Y.

We've asked Nintendo Europe if this stand will also be available outside of Japan and we'll update you when we know more.


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noblo601 said:

It looks rather awkward? Still - I guess it might be tiring to support the system with just one hand seeing that the stylus will be getting so much use...



Corbs said:

Wow, will they also include someone to hold your hand and whisper reassuring comments in your ear while you play the game, as well?



Shock_Tart said:

honestly this seems like the most pointless accessory nintendo has ever put out, like are people seriously THAT lazy that they have to have a stand to put a lightweight portable device on while playing it? really?



alLabouTandroiD said:

Good idea. I'd love to try it.
I just hope if it comes to the West it won't make the game much more expensive.



nick_gc said:

I very much doubt this will be released outside Japan. I'm sure there was one for the DS in Japan too.



BenAV said:

But then I'd have to sit leaning over a table and such, sounds too awkward...
I like being able to lean back on my couch or bed and play.



pikku said:

Haha yep James, but the multiplayer in that game was so darn addictive I couldn't stop, xD



BulbasaurusRex said:

Oooo, I want one. It's especially helpful for this particular game, since you'll otherwise only be able to hold the system with one hand while playing.

@BenAV The same isn't true for me. I've spent so much time sleeping on my side as ordered to deal with my sleep apnea that I now find it uncomfortable to lie flat on my back.



kyuubikid213 said:

This...looks...alright. I can see WHY Nintendo made it, but then it kind of seems...weird. I just hope it doesn't come in an unseparatable bundle, because I don't need it.

Oh, @James about MPH: No. I didn't get hand cramps because I used the Dual Mode Right option. I DID use the stylus aim function with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare DS, but I didn't get cramps there either.



NintyMan said:

I could see how that could work, but then you might have to be leaning over your desk or table for a while, so I can't say for sure if this ultimately saves you from cramps or not. For me, it won't matter if this comes westward or not.



zionich said:

So with all the time they had they couldnt make make a good control scheme????



Kirk said:

This is the kind of rubbish peripheral solution that comes about because the 3D screen has such a bad viewing angle where you constantly lose the 3D effect if you shake or move the 3DS system in the slightest...



ueI said:

I knew it! Nintendo's including a practical left handed option that doesn't use the circle pad pro.



DidierFire said:

this could be very useful for a lets play or a walkthrough
-imagine this: U R playing this and wanna film but still wanna have a comfy grip without having to move the 3ds
Solution: Put the 3ds on this thing and put ur camera on a tripod and voila! DONE!



rjejr said:

This seems about as useful as the not-getting-any-use stands that were included in the 3DS boxes that no longer work the moment you put any type of cover on your 3DS no matter how slim or tiny. I really like the $20 Nyko combo battery and rechargeable stand, but again wouldn't work with a case but at least you get useable battery life as a trade-off. Also, if you are going to include a useless cheap accessory in a game box at least make it cool looking and colorful to match the game.



B-Ray97 said:

Why a stand? if you touch to hard at the screen it will move,
and maybe will the 3DS drop off and the screen damagded



Rapadash6 said:

Why didn't they just make this for Wii? I don't want to add a bunch of plastic to my 3DS to make this comfortable to play when there exists a perfect control solution on the console hooked up to my TV... lost opportunity I say. So sad.



cyrus_zuo said:

I think they are trying to fix the fact that the controls are painful with the stand.

I like the idea of fixing the painful controls, but the dual-analog approach with the circle pad was the answer. Not this.



JonWahlgren said:

I'm actually kinda pumped, but mostly because this'll help me watch Netflix more comfortably.



WingedSnagret said:

I think this is a good/bad idea in many ways, with (to me) the goods outweighing the bads. And I bet this will be nice for those who get hand cramps a lot. We'll just have to see the pros and cons of it's use when (or if) it gets over here.



grumblebuzzz said:

I still think they should have just made this game a platformer. Those controls sound terribly complex. My hands hurt just thinking about playing this.



SuperLink said:

Kinda like how in Metroid Prime Hunters, I could see my hand/arm getting worn out. Although, all I did to fix the problem was prop the DS up against my knee, and continue playing. Problem solved.



jordandrako said:

Don't really see the point in releasing this for KI, but it will help with things like netflix and the eventual hulu plus coming out. I hate holding it while trying to watch a tv show.



BudDudSlash said:

Doesn't the need for this confirm that the control scheme is no good? Two peripherals for a shooter? Let's just use buttons like normal people.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@rjerj I use the included recharge stand all the time. It works great. How many people actually put a cover around their whole 3DS? Screen protectors are all that are needed.

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