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Is GO Series: Undead Storm DSiWare's Left 4 Dead?

Posted by James Newton

Shotguns at the ready

The GO Series has been quiet on DSiWare for a few months but it's about to return with action shooter GO Series: Undead Storm, a four-player co-operative shooter that shares a small similarity or two with Valve's legendary zombie face-off.

Developed by Japanese team G-Style, it's a top-down affair with support for four players via local wireless connection, with team play encouraged: you'll need to share weapons and ammo to succeed. Should a comrade fall in combat you can revive them, putting yourself in harm's way at the same time, so be cautious.

It'll cost 200 Nintendo Points when it's released in the next few months.

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Kirk said:

It's extremely hard to appreciate a game with less than PS1 level graphics in this day and age.

Old 2D games can still look beautiful even today but these kind of outdated ageing 3D graphics just don't cut it for me personally anymore.

I'd rather the developers stuck to 2D sprites and background as seen in a game like Smash TV. That game is like 20 years old and still manages to look a hundred times better than this. I'm sure it plays at least as well, if not significantly better, too. It certainly has a lot more charm and character than this game.

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So the question is why would I seriously bother with this?

Sorry devs but that's just the way I feel.



Chris720 said:

I would buy it if looked fun... but this just looks horrible... I'll pass.



accc said:

You guys seem to be asking a lot out of a 200 point DSiware game. I think what they managed to pull off here is extremely impressive, given the DS's limited hardware.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Could be good, will be an interesting review i'd say.
Until then go and play Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ. It's awesome.



ImDiggerDan said:

So graphics are more important than gameplay? I wonder how the Wario Ware games ever survived.



Azikira said:

I'd definitely wait for a review, but from that little snippet, as a $2 game that looks like it could be lots of fun. I'm definitely not hating on it, but I'd like to know exactly what I am buying before I purchase. :3



ejamer said:

Wow, guess it's cool to hate. I agree that the graphics aren't amazing and would look better with gorgeous, hand-drawn 2D sprites... but it's an original $2 DSiWare game. Comparing it to something like Smash TV isn't really fair on a number of levels.

Why bother with this game? Because it looks like great fun at a budget price, and 4-player support isn't that common for cheap DSiWare titles. It won't be incredibly deep. It won't look beautiful. But it will be fun.

My only question is whether Download Play is supported so that friends can play along even if they don't own the game - doesn't seem likely, but that would make Undead Storm an automatic buy for me.



Oregano said:

Nice, I loved the look of this game when I first saw it.... if it hasn't got download play I may have to download it on my DSi as well.



irken004 said:

Looks ok except for the graphics and boring character design.
Needs more PEELZ.



Magi said:

This game is NOT DSiWare's L4D. Why James, why? Why did you tempt me this way. lol

That said, not bad for 200 points. Kinda brings me back to the 'ole Dos-based games I played on my 486. DX2 yo!



Chris720 said:

@6 Gameplay is definitely better than graphics... but in this case, neither is exciting me. Gameplay doesn't look it'll be at all entertaining and I've seen better graphics on the SNES. I'll keep an eye on it... but for now, I'm not sold.



cyrus_zuo said:

4-player play isn't just uncommon in DSiWare. There are only a handful (5?) of co-op games in the entire DS library!
(I really wish that was not true! ...and b/c of that I'm really looking forward to this!)



TheGreenSpiny said:

@ImDiggerDan: Don't insult WarioWare. Those games had awesome graphics. (Well except for the Gamecube port.)

I agree that the graphics look ugly... They should have made this for 3DS instead.



FonistofCruxis said:

I think I'll stick with Little red riding Hood's zombie bbq.That game is awesome and this game doesn't look that good.



C-195 said:

This looks no ware as good as L4D!

Speaking of zombies, I wonder what happened to The Grinder?



Freelance said:

Looks like fun for multiplayer but I don't know anyone remotely near me with a 3DS/dsi/whatever so I'll just stick to Left 4 Dead.



XCWarrior said:

For 200 points, if this has online co-op, I'm all over it. As long as it gets, what a 6, it's worth the $2?



kyuubikid213 said:

I'll get it. I just need another $20 card, but for $2, no matter what it delivers will be worth it. BESIDES. It looks like it uses D-pad, Face Button controls. PERFECTION!!!



JimLad said:

I kinda agree with Kirk actually. It looks like it's set in the Minecraft universe. Whether that's intentional or not is up in the air.
But with the limitations in mind, they could have just used sprites and probably fit loads more zombies on the screen at once.
Looks like it might be fun though, just a shame about the visuals.



bezerker99 said:

Being the only gamer I know IRL, finding 3 local friends who have a 3DS/DSi is a challenge. Getting them together to play this game? Impossible.



Undead_terror said:

looks good for a $2 dsi ware title but i hope its a survival game like dracula undead awakening and not missions but wouldnt mind something like call of duty zombies with its story easter eggs

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