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Hulu Plus Still On the Way to 3DS

Posted by James Newton


It was way back in October that we first heard about Hulu Plus for Nintendo 3DS, but it's gone quiet since then, leading some to believe the service has been surreptitiously dropped. According to the latest video from Nintendo, it's still very much in the works.

The video below crows about the advantages of connecting 3DS to the 'net, with the Hulu Plus and Netflix logos featuring prominently.

It's not quite as good as an official release date from Hulu, but it'll do.

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cammy said:

What is "Nintendo Zone" with it's tempting trivia quizzes? Is that available over here in Europe?

TBH I'd be happy if they brought Netflix to us UK and Irish 3DS users now that Netflix is available here.



SuperLink said:

Yes! Hulu! I just hope you won't have to watch like three commercials before the show starts and everytime there's a break in the show.



espinozac7 said:

@1 Nintendo Zone is like a program where you can see retail games and other stuff. Europe barely got it. You only get it if you're near a nintendo zone like best buy or mcdonalds



James said:

@Cammy Nintendo recently announced UK airports will get Nintendo Zone in a collaboration with Boingo



ejamer said:

One unfortunate (for me) difference between Hulu and Netflix is that Hulu has no Canadian service... Outside of that I can't comment very much other than to say that Netflix has been a great deal for my family.



Geonjaha said:

Wow. Not the most accurate video.
It shows Rolling Western as a download and it hasnt even been released yet,
It talks about one of a kind 3D videos that are rare and mostly trailers,
Shows Nintendo Zone app - we dont have it yet,
also Hulu Plus which we also dont have.
Looks like a video about upcoming content discuised as a 3DS advert.



brandonbwii said:

I figured it was a little soon to start throwing the "cancelled" word around. Now, Nintendo, just tell me that those Game Gear games are on the way and I'll be a happy gamer.



Supereor said:


dsi fanboy

Neh, but seriously, WHEN ARE they gonna make it?
Why have Hulu when we've got Netflix? It'll just advertise the Nintendo 3DS every .0000001 nanosecond...



Freelance said:

I don't care about that. Where's the 3D movies? I want to see How to Train Your Dragon already!



siddharthbandhu said:

If we are remembering stuff that was announced but not come yet, then I have 2 words, FLIPNOTE MEMO.

That thing was announced way back. I havent seen or heard anything about it.



Bigrat said:

What about a FREE YouTube app.(Don't you have to pay for a hulu+ account?)



gallidaihia said:

who thinks hulu and nintendo are full of crap? I do. SO they release an announcement in October that Hulu plus will be availible on the wii by the end of the year. Well the end of the year has came and went and not only is there still no release date the hulu and nintendo custmer service reps have no time line of when in will be availible. Some time between now and never. I think that nintendo has released this information to keep consumers from swwitching consoles. SInce they dont have a release date they can avoid getting busted for false advertising, but that is all this propaganda comes down too.

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