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Hardware Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro

Posted by Damien McFerran

A thin line between love and hate

It says a lot about the absurdity of the Circle Pad Pro that when its existence was leaked last year, some hardcore Nintendo supporters refused to believe it was real. The concept of adding an additional analogue stick to the machine by the way of a chunky add-on seemed almost unbelievable; surely Nintendo wouldn’t deliberately handicap the console's portability in such a crude fashion?

Alas, such hopes were in vain. Whether it was rumoured pressure from Capcom or Nintendo`s sudden realisation that it had missed that all-important second analogue slider off the 3DS blueprint, the Circle Pad Pro is very much a reality- - and even the most die-hard Nintendo fan will admit that it’s a rather ugly one at that.

Attempting to augment a portable console’s capabilities with physical add-ons is always going to be a largely thankless task, and Nintendo has done the best possible job with the Circle Pad Pro. Granted, it's an eyesore when attached to the machine itself, destroying any semblance of symmetry that might have been there previously. The combined set up looks lop-sided and bulbous, and creates a hybrid device which doesn’t exactly scream mobility.

Still, it’s not a complete disaster. In fact, many 3DS owners may find that the Circle Pad Pro offers a more comfortable gaming solution. Since launch, many players have complained of hand cramp after prolonged gaming; the newly increased bulk and ergonomic design solves that particular problem, even if it makes the console look like it's fallen from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

As well as the obvious second slider, the Circle Pad Pro has three new buttons. The ZL and ZR triggers are pretty self-explanatory, but the inclusion of a second R trigger is initially confusing. That is, until you realise that the R trigger on the 3DS console is almost impossible to reach when the Circle Pad Pro is fitted.

Because the Circle Pad Pro uses an infra-red connection to link with the 3DS, it requires one AAA battery. It’s almost inconceivable that such a peripheral should demand its own power supply, but with almost 500 hours of usage offered on a single battery, it`s not like you`re going to spend all your spare cash on fresh packs. Bizarrely, the battery itself is located in a compartment which is locked in place by a metal disc. You’ll need a tool — like a screwdriver, penknife or trusty coin — to open this. It might seem like overkill, but we imagine it’s been done to ensure that younger players don’t tinker with the unit.

Of course, with this kind of product, the proof really is in the pudding. As soon as you play a game which uses the additional control options, you’ll find yourself slowly warming to this unusual peripheral. Resident Evil Revelations — which plays perfectly well without the extra slider pad (so good in fact that we awarded it 9/10 in our Resident Evil Revelations review recently) — is improved dramatically when the Circle Pad Pro is called into play. Although the Resident Evil series isn’t built around FPS-style dual-stick controls, the configuration offered by this accessory feels incredibly intuitive.

Of course, Capcom’s survival horror epic is merely the tip of the iceberg. Kid Icarus: Uprising and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D both promise support for the add-on; we honestly can’t imagine playing the latter without twin-stick controls, so it may well prove to be an essential purchase.

Nevertheless, the Circle Pad Pro is a largely needless exercise. Nintendo really should have taken note of market trends and included an additional analogue pad when the 3DS launched a year ago. The decision not to is made all the more galling by the fact that PSP owners have been lamenting the lack of a second pad on their console for years — it’s not as if Nintendo didn’t have any prior warning before that started developing the 3DS.

We’re pretty sure that a 3DS hardware revision is in the offing, and will join the GBA SP and DS Lite in Nintendo’s ever-expanding library of console face-lifts. Expect the next 3DS to come with that second slider, but in the meantime, the Circle Pad Pro is your only hope. While it’s true that most games will be perfectly playable without it, the improved controls and increased comfort make it an appealing prospect — even if it’s less than attractive from a visual perspective.

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Ugh... Not looking forward to having to get this and I'll be even mored pissed when I have to get the revision just for 2nd circle pad too >:{



armoredghor said:

looks comfortable. might get it just for that reason
@1 nobody said you have to get it.



MitchVogel said:

Eww.. I'm still not sold on this. Once it becomes a complete necessity, I'll buy it though.



Bliquid said:

I'm not sure if i read it through, but i think u should talk about the augmented weight, which is not so subtle.
Anyway,as u said, playing RER with it is a strong improvement to the cranky " both shoulder buttons to move around" control system.



WolfRamHeart said:

Help me Circle Pad Pro, you're my only hope!

Great review Damien. Very entertaining and informative read. I agree that the CPP is ugly as heck but it does sound like it would be beneficial on certain games. I want to try it out on Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid 3. If Monster Hunter does end up making it to the US then buying this thing will definitely be worth it to me.



Radixxs said:

No one listens to warioswoods. But I do, and I believe he is right in saying Nintendo will most likely not release a revision of the 3DS with a second analogue. Maybe that's just because I want to believe it, but his points of added bulk among others make sense.



Noire said:

This article did not discuss how ugly the peripheral is enough for my taste.

..No, seriously, it didn't. Can we just have an editorial about how ugly it is?



SkywardLink98 said:

Hmm... Not sure I'll buy it until it's needed. It could end up like the Wii Motion + or the Rumble pack (Or N64 controller pak) I'm gonna wait to find out.



sinalefa said:

Right now I am not interested. RE can be played pretty decently without it, Kid Icarus only uses it for lefties (which I am not) and MGS3 is a better purchase for me in the PS3, if I ever buy it, that is. The Monster Hunter games seem to lack online, so no way I am getting any of them.

Maybe if Luigi's Mansion 2 uses it I would cave in.


I would not mind a revision of the 3DS if that makes the top screen bigger, like the DSiXL that coexisted with the smaller DSi. And while they are at it, make sure the right border of the touch screen does not press against the top screen.



Corbs said:

No way that thing ever touches my 3DS systems. I might pick up the new model that includes it, but not this clunky thing. Sheesh. LOL



DogNut327 said:

^^ Why you would skip out on a game that doesn't have online, Idk.

I like how everyone is so certain that there will be a revision with a second circle pad. For all we know, they might remove the one in the system. Also, I don't think it's possible to keep the 3DS the way it is without making it bigger. I personally think Nintendo will package the CPP with the 3DS.

I'm gonna pick this once I get MGS3D.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Can't go back to playing Revelations without it now. It controls perfectly with the Circle Pad Pro. I'm getting S ranks on the Raid missions on my first attempt.



Nintendude92 said:

The peripheral itself looks fine. Just not buying it. If there's a revision, fine, but no peripherals.



aaronsullivan said:

So, the 3DS "revision" could come with not just another slider, but a pair of new buttons and possibly a more comfortable to grip at the expense of being less portable. Maybe going bigger makes more sense. More room for the battery could make a dent in the other big shortcoming of the device.

Also, some people will be happy with their smaller sized 3DS when the revision comes because they don't want the bigger one. Or at least, it will be something to tell themselves to make them feel better.

I'd also love a bigger screen, but then the battery is big and not enough again.



Dodger said:

I also was expecting a second circle pad remake until I read a post by warioswoods. There really isn't any space for it. Putting it below A/B/X/Y means you have to keep your thumb at a weird angle or move your entire hand everytime you switch between the C/R stick and A/B/X/Y. You could hold it so that your thumb goes on the circle pad and you move it up to hit A/B/X/Y but that is just as awkward. You would pretty much have to build the added space from the circle pad pro into the system for L/R and the extra circle pad and that would be even more horrid looking then this thing.

I don't care much for any of the games using it so I'll be fine for now. How is the weight distribution? The 3DS is heavy compared to the DS and if the circle pad pro is light then that could get hard to use quickly.



Sapo said:

When this was leaked I stopped myself from buying the 3DS, the "lit" version will prob'ly have the second analog.
And I think it won't be that far away now that the games that support it are coming out.



crazyj2312 said:

I want it, but I hate that it's only being sold at Gamestop. The last thing I want is to give them my business. Not everyone has problems with Gamestop, I know, but those of us who do are getting horrible service.



sinalefa said:


After playing Monster Hunter Tri, I came to the realization that Monster Hunter is meant to be played with several players at the same time, and that usually means online.

Has anybody here thought about a redesign actually moving the A/B/X/Y below the second Circle Pad, precisely as the Wii U tablet has them now? Of course the Power Button would have to be moved somewhere else, so the biggest challenge would be to put the two Z triggers. Are those analog, btw?



GamerZack87 said:

"We’re pretty sure that a 3DS hardware revision is in the offing, and will join the GBA SP and DS Lite in Nintendo’s ever-expanding library of console face-lifts."
I feel sorry for the Game Boy pocket and DSi XL, the forgotten hardware revisions by Nintendo...

Does this thing come in other colours, or just black? I shudder to imagine my blue 3DS looking like water in oil with that thing attached.



MrKenta said:

I must be the only person in the world who doesn't think they'll release a new model with a second Circle Pad.



shimage said:

I know everyone and their dog is saying that a hardware revision with the second slider is inevitable, but that seems like a strange move to me. I can't see a hardware revision including the shoulder triggers, as that would make the device really thick, and it seems odd to have three different hardware control configurations (original, 2 analog sliders, 2 analog sliders + triggers) on a portable system. The latter would be especially odd since games supporting the circle pad pro might not work properly with just a second analog stick.



Corbs said:

Oh the 3DS revision is coming. And a second analog stick it will have. Mark it down.



LonelyGreyWolf said:

Personally I have no intention of buying it. If you can play Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart without it, then I don't see why any game, except for shooters, would need it. Surely it could always be useful in adventure games, but no necessary. The two 3DS games I'm looking forward to is Paper Mario 3DS and Luigi's Mansion 2 — and the latter is the only reason why I would possibly buy this. But I'm sure LM2 will be fully playable without it.



pixelman said:

A giant 3DS with a matte finish and a second circle pad would be a dream come true. As much as I love its games, the current 3DS model looks like a tiny, cheap, junky-looking toy.

Just hope it won't be more expensive.



Rockmirth said:

the pad pro is actually not so nice to hold imo the extra buttons are nice tho and are really needed in some games.



Kid_A said:

As the review noted, it just completely throws off the symmetry of the system. Frankly, I wish that developers would have just found clever ways to bypass the lack of a second analogue stick (touch screen, gyroscope, or just creating a decent camera system that doesn't require constant swiveling), rather than shoehorning in an awkward new peripheral. If it's a pack-in with Metal Gear Solid I'm sure I'll use it when I play it at home, but I can't see me taking this thing on the go. It's just too awkward and bulky. Honestly, I'll be very surprised if this thing catches on. Great review, Damien, very thorough



Radixxs said:

I think the 3DS looks very nice in its current form sans Circle Pad Pro. It looks better than the DSi imho, and I like the design of that console as well. I don't see how it looks like a cheap toy, but to each his own.



Einherjar said:

I really like the CPP. I dont mind that the handheld isnt symetric anymore, ore that it looses some portability. I always have my messenger bag with me, so carrying a slightly larger device is no problem. What i really like is the added weight and the more "ergonomic feel"
I would lie if i said that i wasnt sceptic at first, but after playing the resi demo without and the retail game with the CPP, i do not want to miss it anymore.



Vincent294 said:

Why do people hate this thing? It's not as ugly as the original DS, it's completely optional, and it's cheap. It has a 500 hour battery life. It gets rid of those hand cramps too. And everyone complains. And in summer 2013, when some sort of redesign might be out, what if you didn't have a fix for lack of a second analog stick? The 3DS stand. Solution to the hand cramps too. And that's free even. We should be thankful Nintendo made these life-savers. And what does everyone do? Complain. Do this, and Nintendo will never take the time to make these make-shift solutions again. Get used to it. Suck it up, and move on. I'll get one at some point, and the 3DS battery is right under where everyone wants a second analog stick. If they put one there, we'd have extra bulk. Now we can remove that bulk, AND get an extra row of shoulder buttons. How nice.



Vincent294 said:

Am I alone on this? Come on, this is the best we'll get without a new system. Is everyone going to be this cynical? Does anyone get what I mean?



Shiryu said:

Hate it. The R1&R2 button are way off center as I was initially afraid. Hideous, a barely functional add-on that does not show Nintendo's finest day.



metalpants said:

I want it. Looks comfy. What bothers me about it aesthetically is that it doesn't adhere to the 3DS' semi-square-ish design. Had they put that in perspective, the look of it might have matched the 3DS more appropriately and not create such bad buzz for itself. Either way, I hope they design the next 3DS with the whole "round" look to avoid hand cramps altogether.



Percentful said:

So question: how firmly does it fit the system? I always have a thin shell on my 3DS to protect from scratches. Is there any chance my 3DS would fit with the shell on?



Vincent294 said:

My guess on why it's not in blue or red: when you think about it, it wouldn't look so good in blue or red.



bonesy91 said:

can't wait for this. I have big hands so this will make longer gaming sessions a joy instead of ending in pain lol.



Scissors said:

I was against this until I started playing hour long session of Mari Kart 7 online, and was getting some hand cramps. If this gets rid of those hand cramps I'm game. Also $20 is too high, I'll pick this up when it hits $10.



Raptor78 said:

I wasnt too keen on it before but still decided to go for the Zavvi exclusive package of Resient Evil which included it and now I quite like it. It feels like the Classic Controller Pro that was included with the Monster Hunter Tri package. Its about the same size, if not a little smaller but yeah pretty much like the CCP. I cant wait to play Monster Hunter on the 3DS with this thing.



Pastry said:

If it is played using infared, could you detach the Circle Pad Pro and do a dual player thing where one player controlled their character with that while the other used the actual DS?



Kirk said:

If this extra circle pad attachment was so inevitable that it's officially supported by Nintendo then surely it should have been built into the 3DS from day one.

On a side note at least this controller attachment goes perfectly with Resident Evil because it is a total abomination of the normal 3DS design and looks like it's been taken over by some virus that leaves it horribly disfigured and misshapen like some kind of Resident Evil creature.



TheHunter said:

Looks pretty cool! I'm not quite sold on RE, though. The controls in the demo bugged me. I might pick this up and try it with the demo before I get the whole game.



chaosjay said:

Of course it's going to have a revision. Every 7th gen console got a major redesign of some sort (with the Wii removing GCN compatibility), and the PSP had 5 different models. I'd like to think Nintendo is going to at least give it the nearly two years it had between the DS and DS Lite, but there's nothing wrong with something like this if it means people won't HAVE to upgrade to play newer games (like the MotionPlus attachment). I'm just worried that I'll have trouble reaching the ABXY buttons with my smaller hands.

And for anyone who doesn't want to shop at Gamestop, I'm 99% sure it will be on Amazon, but maybe not sold BY Amazon. Once a Pro merchant makes a listing, smaller 3rd party sellers will put them up. MIght cost a little extra, of course.



emiru69 said:

It's all part of the plan people, it's marketing and sales. They didn't include the second analogue pad so they can sell more units of the 3DS slim.



theblackdragon said:

i definitely like the idea of the hand grips — i had a really nice set for my Lite, and i still miss that thing to this day. i'm sure i'll end up with one of these eventually, it's just a matter of when they get around to releasing a game that I want that utilizes it :3



Vincent294 said:

Nintendo's motive to make the DS lite was, they didn't like the size of the original. The DSi was to get sales up. The XL was to complete the un-released DS XL.



lalalalalalal said:

@ MrKenta
agreed. People are just getting their 3DSs, so they'll be sooo mad when the 3DS Pro or whatever would arrive.



ThomasBW84 said:

Firstly, this review has a perfectly balanced and fair outlook, not easy with a peripheral as controversial as this

I think a lot of people are taking pleasure in relentlessly bashing it without acknowledging the positives it does have. Yes, it's ugly, it's not very portable, and the 3DS should have been designed differently in the first place. That said, a lot of 3DS owners who enjoy games like Nintendogs and Mario Kart 7 probably like the existing console design, because it has the controls they need and no more.

This extra circle-pad really targets a smaller group of gamers, arguably the likes of many of us on this site who want to play titles like Metal Gear and Monster Hunter with fully mapped controls. As a fill-in for those gamers, it's functional. I don't play Revelations without it since it arrived this weekend, because it makes it easier to shoot and move and, as pointed out in the review, actually helps to avoid hand-cramp.

It's perfectly fine to hate this peripheral, but it's a passable work-around for what is likely a minority group of gamers. They could have done nothing, and left-handed players could have suffered in Kid Icarus, or we could have had god-awful face-button aiming controls in Metal Gear. I won't exactly show mine off to friends, but I'll sure as heck be using it.



ArcanaXVI said:

Personally, I see no problem with the Circle Pad Pro, and have actually rather been anticipating it. I look forward to seeing what developers will come up with now that the 3DS has the capability of dual-analog control. It really isn't all that ugly, either--asymmetrical, perhaps, but not ugly.

That said, I do admit that I see no reason to get one yet. Perhaps if Monster Hunter makes it to the US, or definitely if Dream Drop Distance uses it well (which I hope it will).



BTTFDeacon said:

I actually like the look of the circle pad pro. It looks like it will fit my hands better than the xbox 360 controller, i hate the feel of it for several reason but it is mostly because my hands are different then everyone elses in some weird ways. Like my fingers are actually bigger than they are suppose to be for my palm size. But ill just have to use it to find out.



john2468 said:

You will never see me using the Circle Pad Pro outside my home, that's for sure.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I'll get it when Kingdom Hearts comes out. Thank God I'm not lefty I do not want to have play with this and the stand when I get Kid Icarus, even thought that probably wouldn't work.



Torchwood said:

I'll probably get this and the 3DS revision when it comes out. What can I say, Nintendo's all but stolen my wallet.



Usagi-san said:

I hate how every time this CPP comes up somebody is soooo certain that there's going to be a redesign with a second stick in the future. Last time I checked this was an unfounded rumour.

To be honest the review could have done without without slipping into rumours and I groaned when it was mentioned. Any article that says they're pretty sure Nintendo is going to add a second circle pad better be able to back up what they're saying with strong evidence.



Cia said:

Why couldn't they just include it originally... facepalms repeatedly



AVahne said:

I'm guessing I'm one of the few weirdos out there who love the look of the CPP. I still say the redesign won't be for at least 3 years after 3DS launched, maybe 4. Besides, this thing is more like an at home device anyway, the 3DS functions perfectly as a portable system without it. CPP just makes it into a pseudo-home system.



Magnalon said:

IIRC Kid Icarus will not truly use the Circle Pad Pro - only left handed users will get to use it, because otherwise they basically couldn't play the game.



Corbs said:

I'm buying one just so I can douse it in gasoline and set it on fire. YouTube video to follow.



Odnetnin said:

@warioswoods has explained how difficult it would be to add a second Circle Pad to a potential 3DS revision without major complications, so the only thing I see happening is the 3DS XL that's still nearly as big as a regular 3DS w/ CCP.



Kid_A said:

My only problem with the Circle Pad pro (well, my major problem with it) is that it kind of diminishes the portability of it. And I do like playing my 3DS on the go. If I want to play MGS3 at home, I'll play the HD version on my PS3, you know?



dustin_g said:

I remember when 3ds was launched they promised no new versions of 3ds, that they have everything as portable as it could be from experience with the previous ds's.



Vincent294 said:

Pour gasoline on it?! Are you in your right mind? It's okay to hate it, and maybe to smash it with a hammer, but this? Stop and think a little. Also, if you spill the gas on yourself, or get burned somehow...that's bad. A waste, too. And if you wind up wanting it and regretting this, it will be a pain. Well, good luck in the next Call of Duty. That's all I can think of. Also, get a pyrotechnic. Or use a hammer. And make sure the camera's on, it would be a waste to destroy it for nothing. You could wait for someone else to put it on YouTube for you. It's inevitable someone else will do it too.



accc said:

Dual joystick controls are a joke and really need to be phased out for a more practical and more accurate solution (like IR or gyroscopic controls), so I'm very disappointed that Nintendo decided to go in this direction.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I also have big hands. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was having hand cramps holding the 3DS. I thought I was holding it wrong, but it is just small especially when compared to my DSi XL. I welcome the added bulk of the Circle Pad.

I just wished I got a black 3DS instead of the blue one I have now At least black would blend in more with the add on



Noire said:

Corbie, I'll have my own simultaneous CPP burning ritual as well. Maybe if we can get enough of these going we can summon some sort of powerful demon to eradicate it and its memory from existence.



theblackdragon said:

i don't get the hate. don't like it? don't buy it. it's not like the eventual 3DS revision isn't going to be about as clunky anyway (seriously where are they going to put the other stick, under the ABXY buttons? yeah that's gonna be easy to hold), and hell, if the Wii Motion+ is any kind of indication as to how essential this is going to be in the future, i'm betting most gamers will be able to skip it entirely until the next iteration of the 3DS hits anyway, lol.



Kyloctopus said:

Get in the game. It's a good idea. 500 hours of gameplay is nothing to sneeze at. Games like Rayman 2, Splinter Cell, and Fifa needed a CPP.



Supereor said:


Not exactly. Remember, NL says that if left-handed people don't wanna buy the CPP, they can just use their A/B/X/Y buttons, although as inevitable as Spongebob's license and Pikachu's evolution, it WILL... suck.



Magnalon said:


I said "basically" couldn't play - yea it will suck

I just wouldn't call Kid Icarus "true" Circle Pad Pro support. Right handed gamers may get the add-on thinking they can use it for Kid Icarus, then find out they actually can't.



CaPPa said:

I'll definitely be buying the Circle Pad Pro. I doubt I'll ever take it outside, but I think it'll be needed when the Wii U launches.

I don't think I'd want a redesigned 3DS unless they could keep it the same size. The problem would be the additional triggers though, as they would have to add to the thickness.



Ichiban said:

Seeing as how Kingdom Hearts 3D uses this, ill be getting one. It doesn't matter how it looks, more how it feels. To me it looks more comfortable, like a console controller.



Retro_on_theGo said:

This review only solidifies my decision to not get it.
Ugly and games work fine without it. I'll wait for the third revision of the 3DS. I can wait.



chrissomerry said:

I actually quite like how it looks, and I haven't even gotten it yet, nor am I what I'd call a hardcore fan, so god knows what's wrong with me I think I just like the added bulk and tactility. It feels like a good ol' fashioned muscle car in some ways.



Neram said:

my only concern that they didn't cover in this review because they were too busy calling it ugly, they didn't touch on whether or not it makes the XABY buttons hard to reach... It looks like it.



Jonisme said:

"Even if it makes the console look like it has fallen from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down." I laughed out loud.



winter123 said:

Brilliant strategy actually. Release original console so ugly you're forced to buy the upgrade in a year. see: ds phat. I almost guarantee I'll buy the new 3ds if they essentially contour it like this and have the second pad as part of the console itself. They literally have to due to the vita launch (which as a ps3 owner will probably buy as well)



AVahne said:

One thing, if people are waiting for a 3DS XL with bigger screens, more battery, and the two sticks along with probably the ZL and ZR buttons (remember those?)....why? It's not going to be portable anymore, just get the Wii U then.



SunnySnivy said:

I hate dual analog control. It really doesn't make me happy that a 3DS revision will include another analog stick, but I'm probably a minority of the people who think this. :/ [I'll be waiting a while to buy a revision, because I'm very happy I waited with the DS to get the DSi XL.]



TheGreenSpiny said:

@72 ACCC: I totally agree with you there. That's the main reason I'll never get this... Frankenstick. I hate dual analog to begin with. I was surprised at how accurate the gyro controls were for Revelations, and that may be the way I play that game.

@corbs and phoenixborn: You guy better send those links, and make sure you buy used CCPs lest Nintendo get any ideas.

@29 Kid_A: My thoughts exactly, why can't developers show a little creativity when it comes to controls? It's not like they need to be innovative... the DS had a small number of FPSs that worked well. And why is Nintendo the only one who makes games where you don't need to constantly fiddle with the camera? I'm a gamer not a Film Director dammit!



Vincent294 said:

2 people burning Circle Pad Pros? This is insanity. One of you might forget to remove the battery. Or someone might get hurt. Look, the hammer was a better option. This is overkill.



Dragonfly224 said:

I kinda have long fingers so i'm lookin forward to this as well as Resident Evil Revelations.



DaveGX said:

Ya know 1 thing that puzzles me upon seeing an unboxing of this thing on YouTube is how come they didn't think to maybe add a rechargable battery pack and maybe have sort of charging thing on it like the cradle has. However, I do like how the edges and corner areas look more rounded off. That should be a huge help because i'm always finding my left hand falling half asleep on me too easily, maybe 15-30 mins into playing.



Sam_Loser2 said:

This circle pad pro thing is out so soon, I'm can't help but think it was being designed since before the 3DS came out, which really is aggravating because I have little trouble believing they withheld the extra pad to make some money with this expansion and a 3DS revision.



BenAV said:

Personally, I really like the 3DS the way it is and I doubt I'll end up using the Circle Pad Pro much besides for maybe a select few games like Monster Hunter, but I like having alternative control options there in case I ever feel like using it.
I'm going to pick one up in a bundle with Revelations when it comes out here on Thursday, but I'll probably end up playing the game without it I'd say.



grimbldoo said:

@Sam_Loser2 That or they couldn't make the 3DS with it. In order to keep Nintendo in a good light, I am going with that they couldn't make the 3DS with it.



grimbldoo said:

They will probably make a 3DS XL with two pads and ZR and ZL triggers. And the upgraded version with more power will probably have them too (you know they will make it).



BJQ1972 said:

So, let me ask the people who still believe a redesign of the 3DS is imminent - are you willing to accept that you are wrong yet? Of course, the console will be redesigned at some point in its lifetime and, quite possibly, it will come with a second analogue stick, but not anywhere near the timescale you people predicted.



KryptoKrunch said:

I like the way the 3DS and playing the Revelations demo, it's fine without a second circle pad.

However, I do have fairly big hands and I will be getting Revelations, Uprising, RE Mercs and possibly Snake Eater 3D so it'll be useful. I'm not interested in a 3DS XL(or revision) because I just got my 3DS and hope to have it for several years. I was worried about the battery but now knowing a battery will last around 500 hours, I'm more interested in buying.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Ordered it yesterday since it was quite cheap in combination with RE:R. Can’t wait to see how it feels. Especially interested in if you can still reach the BYXA buttons when attached. I’ll most likely not take it outside or show it around if i don't have to, but we’ll see about that.

The whole situation could go different ways imo. These have been mentioned before but I think it doesn’t hurt to list them again.
1) CCP is a success. There will be no revision with a second C-Pad.
2 a) CCP is a success. There will be a revision with a second C-Pad but without the extra shoulder buttons. Devs will then neglect these in their upcoming games leaving you with a worse use of the CCP.
2 b) CCP is a success. There will be a revision with a second C-Pad and the extra two shoulder buttons.
2 c) CCP is a success. There will be a revision with two pressure sensitive C-Pads that compensate for no extra shoulder buttons.
3) CCP will fail miserably. We’ll not hear anything about a second D-Pad until the "4DS" comes along.

In the end it could be a blessing in disguise if it means devs will only use the second D-Pad as an optional control scheme and not force anybody to use it.



john2468 said:

I found the solution! I'll buy the CPP. Then I'll put it in my microwave. Turn it on. Then I record what happens with my phone. Then I upload it to YouTube. WALLAH! 1 Million hits!



Mandoble said:

I guess that the driver part of a game handling this IR device will be different that a built in one in the console handling a built in second analog. It might happen that next 3DS with a second analog still needs this addon if you want to play RE, MG or KI with a second stick.



SilentHunter382 said:

I won't be getting the circle pad until there are enough games that I want to make the purchase worth while.

I don't want to regret buying it and only buy 1 or 2 games that will use it (Stares at WiiMotion +).



SanderEvers said:

@102: And that's reason number one that there will be no 3DS with 2 analog sticks. It won't be a 3DS if they'd change the basic specifications of the console. Like new games not working on the "old" 3DS.

Like the DSi is different than the DS / DSLite.

The CCP really isn't that bad. Okay, it's an eye-soar, but it's also awesome in RE:R.



Wolfcoyote said:

@NintyPuristZack: The Game Boy Pocket is alive and well in my house, and the DSi XL is my main DS unit. So there's still hope.

Re topic: I might just pick it up anyway as (if my huge DS library is any indication) sooner or later I'll run into more than a handful of games which require the addon. Plus, it's only $20.00 and 500 hours of power from a single battery; it's more than enough value. And yes it's not the most attractive-looking piece of hardware but that what briefcases and bags are for.



Molotov said:

This Is The Last Straw For Nintendo. Not Going To Buy The Nintendo 3DS Now. I Mean Seriously Nintendo I Asked An Insider Developer Like 400 Times To Reconsider On Suggesting A Second Controller For The Console But They Didn't Listen. And Now The Game Is Out With Was The Only Incentive For Me To Buy The 3DS Two Years Ago (Resident Evil Revelations) And Now FUDGIN Nintendo Puts Out A Disgusting Looking Device Add On That They Should Have Included Within The Console Anyway. Good Work Nintendo. You Wont Get My Money



Dazza said:

Nice write-up @Damo - I must admit I have mixed feelings on this device. It's flustrating that the big N didn't have the foresight to include a second circle pad from day one. They must have seen this coming!

On the positive side, I personally find the square edges of the 3DS a bit uncomfortable to hold for long gaming sessions so the rounded bulk of this add-on is a welcome addition.

Whatever you feel about this attachment, at least it isn't as bad as this!




chronicler said:

Nintendo didn't include the second analog stick because it would confuse consumers as to the nature of the Wii U, considering they would look very similar, but actually they vary quite a bit. Nintendo probably planned upon this and is going to release a 3DS II post-Wii U release. So I would expect it in early 2013. Plus, it could have been a marketing move to encourage the useage of the gyroscopic features. After all, if I had initially been offered two analogs in LoZ Ocarina 3D, I probably would have used those, and I would have missed out on the golden gyroscope opportunity.



GameLord08 said:

This article forgot to mention three essential things; a rant on how ugly it is, a whine about how bulky it is, and another rant on how ugly it is to complement the first rant.



grimbldoo said:

@BJQ1972 lets see...the Wii came out six years ago and now they are making the Wii U...So it will probably be another six years till they make a new 3DS with more power.



XyVoX said:

From the beginning i COULD NOT BELIEVE Nintendo actually designed the 3DS without a second analogue stick in the first place, i mean using a second analogue stick was common place for years by then. In this new revision for the 3DS i really think it is essential that they up the screen size and battery life as BOTH are way to small.



Blaze said:

Personally I hate the Circle Pad Pro's aesthetic look, but it's so comfortable to hold ad functions extremely well in Resident Evil Revelations. I would have preferred one built into the console itself obviously, but the CCP really does do a great job!



retro_player_22 said:

Though this thing does help on some games my complaint was that the other circle pad was kinda far from the action buttons and the handheld looks a mess when connected. As much as I want a second circle pad for 3DS, I rather wait for a redesign instead, not an add-on.



wiz0_0 said:

I don't think the revision will have another second analogue stick added, just doesn't seem fair to the first version 3DS buyers...but if it does, I hope it's not required for any games.



C-Olimar said:

@MrKenta I think it's a possibility. If they do release a 3DSPro, it won't be to replace the existing model, I don't think.



DrDaisy said:

Adunno. It still looks like the the face buttons are not comfortably reachable. I think I'll wait for the redesigned 3DS (which hopefully comes with a larger bottom screen too). How easy if for you to reach the face buttons, Damien McFerran?



DarkKirby said:

You described it exactly as it is, WTF was Nintendo thinking when they decided they didn't need to have a 2nd analog simply for the sake of easier development and easier transition for ported games when that has been the number 1 PSP complaint since its release. I feel they left it out on purpose to try and force developers to make games specifically for the 3DS, which didn't work out when many developers just didn't try.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I will get it only if I have to. Of course maybe I will get it to show how it can be cool sometimes, I take pride in my gaming consoles.



I-U said:

Can DS games be played using the Circle Pad Pro's second analog and new shoulder buttons?



OldBoy said:

I was skeptical when this was first announced but having got this free with Resi I must say ,I love it!! It fits perfectly into my hands and the shoulder buttons are really nice too,the symmetry takes about 2 seconds of adjustment too get used too and Resi plays like a dream with it(still plays damn good without it, mind).
yeah its ugly but who looks at the mantelpiece while they're stoking the fire
I'm not sure the next 3DS will include a second stick,Lets not forget that twas Capcom who requested this ,other developers have just jumped on the bandwagon and offered the OPTION of CPP controls.
Anyhow I would say try it before you dismiss it,you never know you might change your mind, I did!



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

People are crazy.... it's a gaming system. Buy it....or don't. At least we have the option. I think it'll be great, I'll definitely check it out. And then when they remake the 3DS with the added stick...i'll get it too....once the price goes down. It amazes me what people complain about these days...



Knux said:

Someone needs to write an entire book just to describe how ugly this abomination is. The article also forgot to mention that you can't switch game cards with the CPP attached, which is kind of...well...IMPORTANT for people to know about?

I'm not buying this abomination (unless I buy it to use it as firewood). I highly doubt we'll see a redesign with two Circle Pads like WarioWoods said. This will probably turn out like the DS Rumble Pack.



Henmii said:

"even if it makes the console look like it's fallen from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down"


Well, I bought the game with the circle-pad pro because I imagine it works the best that way. Besides it will be supported by other games in the future. But that doesn't change the fact that it is ugly and a afterthought from Nintendo. They should have done a second circle pad from the start!

Anyway, the device feels good in your hands. But makes it all a little bit heavier. The screw is not a problem, since it can easily be removed with a coin. The way the circle pad pro connects is actually really clever, if you ask me!



StarDust4Ever said:

Hmmm. I will not be getting this, nor any game that requires it. I have the Nyko Power Grip with the 2600MAh battery pack in it, and I never take it out of the pack. My 3DS last a very long time now thanks to that, and my hands are all the more comfortable playing it. And it still fits in my pocket with ease. Removing the Nyko Power Grip to attach this ugly monstrosity would just be a big slap in the face to me. Um, no, NO, NNOOO!

I imagine this device wil be used with select games, much like how the WiiMotionPlus dongle is only required with a small percentage of games, despite being now included in every single new Wiimote controller. Zelda SS is the only game that requires it that I'm even remotely interested in. If they do a redesign of the 3DS, perhaps, but I am not buying this asymmetric POS, ever!



penfold007 said:

Gonna go against all the hating here a just say that I love playing Resi with it and in the end thats all I care about.



MarioManiac64 said:

I'm getting it for MK7 even if its not needed. I can't play online for long periods of time. Perhaps this will help



StarDust4Ever said:

Um, let's see... It still fits in my pocket, only adding a few mm to the overall dimensions, unlike the CPP, which adds over an inch, and my 3DS can stay on standby for days now. My only gripe about the power grip is that the felt-like finish slowly wears off around the corners/edges while it's in my pocket. And yes, I also have big hands and the power grip saved my hands playing Mario Kart. I was merely referring to the fact that the Circle Pad Pro just looks horrible aesthetically. At least that Game Boy peripheral Screenshot that Dazza posted, notice how everything is symmetrical. That was also back in the day when people threw all their stuff in back packs, yeah!

Oh, and btw, unlike a lot of people here, I actually prefer the original DS phat over the Lite model, so the Nyko power grip makes the 3DS feel more like a DS phat to me and less like a DS Lite, which is good in a way.

[sarcasm] Symmetry is beautiful, people! Circle Pad Pro is a huge mutant Goiter hanging off the side of the 3DS like a cancerous tumor. I can imagine my face drifting off to the right, out of the 3D "sweet spot" towards that horrible monster leeching off the side, with it's horrible greenish-white oozy puss, and a lumpy grey mole for the thumb-pad, with twisted, gnarly hairs growing out of it. Quick, fetch me a rusty knife to cut that lesion off with! [/sarcasm]

Aesthetics aside, for those people who want to keep it attached just to use as a comfort grip, I seriously doubt that the DS, DSi, VC, and any older 3DS games not specifically designed to support it, will work with that lonely "R" button.



nano43 said:

It isn't really that bad. Just imagine it being wider with an ugly yellow. However I'll only purchase it if needed.



HaNks said:

i just got one today. it is indeed a superb grip for the 3DS. however, the small issue of the standard R button being almost unreachable and the new one being disabled in all games aside from CPP titles makes it almost entirely useless in this regard!!!

nintendo seriously needs to release an update to switch on the new R button for all titles when it's attached. this should be easily possible and is kind of fundamental to it being a more useful device. i'd be happily mario karting for hours with if the functionality was fixed



castor said:

It bothers me that you are never satisfied. The Circle Pad Pro looks fine to me, as well as the actual 3DS model. If you really want Nintendo to make something better, study a lot, get a job at Nintendo and then stop being a customer and become a developer. Then do what you think Nintendo should've done. If you can't do that, simply choose buying their products or not.



I-U said:

Can the Circle Pad Pro's shoulder buttons and second analog be used to play DS games?



Nin-freak said:

I love this thing. It looks to make the console so much easier to hold while still letting you take it off for portability. Thanks Nintendo for not making the 3DS this bulky to begin with like the VITA!



Funem said:

My Resident Evil came bundled with this on pre-order for £29.99 so in my eyes the circle pad came with it for free.

I tried the game with and without the extra pad and it playes much better with it.

There is the issue of the blocking of the cart and sylus access, else I would leave mine attached. The other downside is that if you have an extra case or shell over the 3DS then you have to keep removing the bottom half of the shell as its a very snug fit into the unit.



Nilkad_Naquada said:

@dazza: actually i think that gameboy thing looks kinda neat. i'm not saying i'd take it places, but if i had a gameboy i would totally use that just hangin around the house.

@vincentV: dude you are so right.t 1) i dont wanna hafta wait for the revision and 2) there's no guarantee that the revision will come in LoZ edition. thats assuming the revision has a second circle pad, which it probably won't. plus the black one will go great with my black LoZ 3ds. This is a definite buy for me, for 3 reasons: Kid icarus: uprising, luigis mansion 2, Metal gear solid 2: snake eater 3d. also, it does look quite comfortable and if lack of bulk is that important to people put one in each pocket when u walk around or just carry a Bag of some type.



Ducutzu said:

I received yesterday the Circle Pad Pro in a bundle with Resident Evil Revelations. It works well. However, I prefer to play the game without the accessory. The touchscreen camera controls are optimal, in my opinion.

Personally, I believe that this accessory is only for those who play many first-person shooters on other home consoles, and have some sort of a psychological barrier that prevents them from buying the Nintendo 3DS.



StarDust4Ever said:

If they had a psychological barrier preventing them from buying the 3DS, I seriously doubt that the CPP would change anything.



Rebel81 said:

I just got RE Revelations yesterday without the pad as it was only 79 euro with also Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros DS. Even got a free pre-order case with it.

And it plays fine without it



gunslingerned said:

@Sapo If you look at the 3DS and feel how light it is then you'd see why they can't make a lite version. The 3DS is even lighter than the DS lite so adding the periferal won't make the 3DS much heavier. Although, that thing is ugly. I won't get it unless I get Resident Evil: Revelations or Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater.



kyuubikid213 said:

I have it and I love it. The face buttons aren't too far away and everything feels great. My only gripe is hand cramps from the L button side of the system.



SkywardLink98 said:

Doesn't sound like it'll need a revision. Having the second one below the ABXY buttons sounds uncomfortable, and a 3DS XL doesn't sound like a possibility. The DSi XL was ok but to big to fit in a pocket and a 3DS Lite doesn't sound possible. Any smaller and my hands would cramp from 5 minutes of gameplay, and the CCP sounds like it would get rid of what cramping there is.



Lunapplebloom said:

That thing was pretty hard to find. When I was looking for one they were sold out online and almost every store was out. There was only one store in my area that had it amazingly, and it was the last one. It feels pretty comfortable and doesn't weigh down the system much for me. I can reach the normal R button simply, so I like using it for Mario Kart, GBA, GB, and NES games



Undead_terror said:

well at least you dont need this for every game,the next thing you know its gonna have nyko or some other company making a rechargeable battery for it



JSaario said:

My god You typical gamers , Always being critical with controllers, god forbid you people give things a chance for more then 2 seconds.

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