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Gaijin Games Explains Why RUNNER2 Won't Reach Wii

Posted by James Newton

Talks Wii U too

Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series started life on Wii and has appeared on 3DS in the form of BIT.TRIP SAGA, but the next instalment, RUNNER2, won't come to WiiWare. Why not?

Artist Chris Meyer explained:

This game is too big and too detailed to work on Wii. We need the Xbox power in order for it to work. If you actually think about it, the original six games, some of them don't even have textures, so it's going to be lot better with the 360.

But what about Wii U? Gaijin overlord Alex Neuse says:

We were playing about with our Wii U [dev kit] the other day and we thought, "maybe we should bring RUNNER2 to Wii U.

Curse you, Gaijin Games.

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Kagamine said:

Well, at least we know they are playing with the developer kit. Thats good news



Retro_on_theGo said:

Few...good thing I got a 360. Although, I'll probably just wait for the Wii U version so I can get it on a Nintendo console.
Also, what Knux said.
Wait, it not being on Wii makes sense since commander video will be in an alternate universe...going to thhe extreme for the story.



kurtasbestos said:

"some of them don't even have textures, so it's going to be lot better with the 360"
There's something about this statement that really bothers me for some reason.



Corbs said:

@ Lordlz - If the Wii doesn't have enough horsepower to run RUNNER2, how will 3DS do it?



Hokori said:

@corbs well once Capcom said they couldnt put SSFIV to the wii because of that and look at 3D Edition



steamhare said:

I'll probably buy for steam this time around, unless it makes it to 3ds. Runner was so good I've been fighting the urge to buy it on as many platforms as possible, and steam sales really don't help my "not waste money" attempts.

Nintendo should think about providing sales and giving devs/publishers more control over game pricing. The bs about making sure games don't devalue doesn't help their online store.



Corbs said:

Would it be possible to put this one 3DS, probably. But given what I've seen of the game, it's much more suited to an HD console like the Xbox 360 and Wii U. I just want it to run smoothly.



Ren said:

I hope this says something to the people who keep saying that just "making better games" will mean games sell better and appeal to devs to stick with Wiiware. No one can argue that these guys are no slouches and went out of their way do develop great games for WiiWare only but still had to bail in the end (and it is the end for Wii development). You can bet they'd make it work on a Wii if the file sizes were bigger and especially if the sales numbers were more worth it. Would they have even bothered with retail compilations if the numbers were as high as they could have been (double or triple). A retail release is expensive so a profitable digital version could have been more than enough to skip it. Thanks, Nintendo.



Capt_N said:

@kurtasbestos: #8 It's probably b/c the connotation of that sentence sounds to me, eerily similar to Gaijin just(edit: literally) saying, "We resent the Wii's lack of horsepower. So we're moving on to better, more-powered systems." @ least, that's what I read out of it.



Warioware said:

Noooooo! Wii U please, I can't buy an XBox just for one game. Or PS3 since I already have one.



TingLz said:

@Corbs: Considering the Wii had a 40 MB limit and Mighty Switch Force is 200 MB, I think the 3DS can handle it. Granted they'll have to scale it down a bit but I think it's possible



Vincent294 said:

It's called what Rare did. If it's side-scrolling, pre-render it. And if the file size is too big, there's this thing called the 3DS. And if it still isn't enough, tweak it a little more, or there's that Wii U.



Kyloctopus said:

You got to do what you got to do. It would feel strange putting this on Wiiware anyways because of commander video's new look. They can be devoted to Nintendo for only so long.



Will-75 said:

This is sad news as the 360 is my least favorite system, maybe it'll make to Wii-U or the PS3, but I really hope its not only the 360. I'm a big fan of the series.



bauckster said:

Well that's a bummer, but hardly surprising... At least I still have Bit Trip Complete and Skyward Sword to keep me busy



joevox316 said:

I think it's kind of funny to read all the groaning, moaning, and doom and gloom talk when it comes to the Wii being dead. That's how it is with EVERY console. There's no point in focusing on putting lots of major content on a console when the new version is about to be released in a matter of months. There have been a smattering of good games like Xenoblade and such (like Chrono and Mario RPG for SNES, Vectorman for Genesis). I can't think of any consoles this hasn't been the case with so it shouldn't be surprising.



Vincent294 said:

Dear Gaijin Games (if you guys are reading this),
Pre-render Runner 2, make some tweaks, and if file size becomes a problem, release it for 3DS. At least the Wii U. And what about the PC & PS3? That a problem? It probably shouldn't be.



Odnetnin said:

Watch the video guys, PS3 has been confirmed since day one.
this will be one of the reasons i buy a ps3 if it doesn't come to pc or wii u



Kyloctopus said:

I'm sure Gaijin has tried to put it on the Wii. It only makes sence, it is where their fans are. (Unless you played it on an Apple device)



cheetahman91 said:

360 it is then. And there's no way I'd get this if it came on 3DS. If it can't even run Runner without framerate issues then I don't have high hopes that it can run this one either.

Anyways, good to hear that they've got their hands on a Wii U kit.



Token_Girl said:

Why Nintendo never provided a true SD solution for Wii is beyond me. They just did a halfway fix, then I guess they just gave up and started developing the 3DS and WiiU. It's really a shame, because with firmware updates there is no reason at all this couldn't have been fixed.

And don't give me the argument that Nintendo was worried about hackers. The homebrew channel enables you to put whatever size game you want on a USB or external hard drive. Allowing people to play from an SD card would have no effect (with the exception of possibly giving them some better games to pirate - but that's still a better situation than not having anyone want to make games for your machine at all).



Collision_Cat said:

The Wii is dead, huh? Even with Rhythm Heaven Fever, The Last Story, PokéPark 2, Pandora's Tower, Mario Party 9 etc. coming soon?



Ayer99 said:

So, lets take away the 8 bit charm (graphic and music wise) and throw it out so it can be in HD...... D:



Will-75 said:

The Wii is Eternal it will never die , I LOVE my Wii and even when I own my Wii-U, I will still find time to play my Wii with all the games I've downloaded to every now and then catching some flix on Netflix I am sure there will still be alot of reasons I turn to the Wii for some gaming goodness of yesterday . Almost forgot to mention I'll still need something to play my collection of GAMECUBE classics on as well so my Wii to me you are far from dead here is to the golden years ahead.



joevox316 said:

I would be more glad to hear the fact that it's coming to PS3 if I didn't sell my PS3 for a 3DS. I don't regret it though. I just hope that it comes to WiiU. It seems that at this point in my life (post-PS2) that Nintendo is where it's at for me.



Gamesake said:

@Ayer99 I was thinking the same thing. This new Bit Trip game sounds as if it might be walking away from everything that made the series popular in the first place.



gyyrro said:

Gaijin: "Hey! Lets completly alienate our audience and throw away everything that made the series popular!"



bezerker99 said:

To everyone who wants this on u not play the laggy version of Runner on 3DS already?



Raylax said:

@36: More accurately -

Gaijin: "Hey! We've been rocking the 8-bit thing for like 6 whole games now! Perhaps its time we try something new!"



Gamesake said:

If they want to try something new, why are they making another Bit Trip game?



Mok said:

I only play Zelda SS and the Mario Galaxy games on my Wii anyway so it doesn't bother me at all. Okey, maybe a little.



Angel_Fur said:

Hmm...I don't buy this explanation. What need of textures anyway for these retro-styled games? They're just chasing the Xbox buck, which is their right of course.



Weskerb said:

If you go to 4.49 he says "It's going to be a lot better with the 360 and the PS3." You should edit your article. He also mentions PS3 on another occasion, so it looks like it will be on both HD platforms.



SquirrelNuts said:

Fricken hipster doofi. Is doofi the scientific word for many a doofus? They made me not like their game by talking.



bauckster said:

Come on people, show the love for Alex Neuse and Gajiin. Their very small team put out 6 QUALITY 8-bit games on the Wii. That's quite a lot, thank you very much. Nothing wrong with going HD for a new installment, in my opinion.



theblackdragon said:

they are incredibly hipster, but their games are solid. I'm disappointed that they're ignoring the 3DS entirely (granted, SAGA as a whole was riddled with timing issues and stuff, especially in RUNNER, but perhaps releasing them individually would solve the problems somehow?), but i'll take Wii U if they're inclined to give us a version for it.



Kaeobais said:

Oh thank god. Seeing "Won't reach Wii" scared me for a second thinking I'd need to get a Wii U.



theblackdragon said:

@shingi_70: that 'Bit.Trip presents' is there for a reason. at the end of the day, this is still a sequel to Bit.Trip RUNNER and will be counted as a Bit.Trip game, whether it's truly a part of the main series or not. :3



alLabouTandroiD said:

Not sure if there was a way to make RUNNER run more smoothly on the 3DS.
But well, sounded good for a WiiU version from the video so i hope that's coming.



DarkEdi said:

The 320 blocks size is ridiculous. They must let a limit like 500 or 600 blocks per game. I have an 8 gigas SD card and i had downloaded all 50 demos and like 40 VC games and 30 wiiware games and it has like 35000 free blocks space.



JebbyDeringer said:

Ummm the Wii Ganjin games are FAR FAR away from being actually graphically demanding so did they really make a huge leap in graphics? Overrated games anyway.



edhe said:

I played the video in standard definition, just to spite Gaijin Games.



Odnetnin said:

@Jebby That's sort of the point. The Wii ones were simple (still took up every possible block because of the music), and the HD one is going to look, well, HD. Which the Wii (least of all WiiWare) can't handle, by the way.



SomeBitTripFan said:

What's with the Gaijin hate? Retro CV is available. Nintendo will make sure this game hits Wii U. Nintendo has no limit on the 3ds so why would they limit a power-house like the Wii U. The new style is a bit odd but this is an expanded RUNNER SEQUEL HERE. Stop hating Gaijin they just want to try something new. Gaijin could have left Bit. Trip forever with you asking for a Runner 2.

PS: Yes I am Some1Bit.1Trip1Fan (the person who asked the sequels question).



Henmii said:

"This game is too big and too detailed to work on Wii"

So in other words this game doesn't have Atari-like graphics? Why do I get the feeling this person just talks a lot of nonsense?

Why doesn't he give the proper reason: Wiiware is a failure (sales-wise) and the Wii is as good as dead!

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