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Flipper 2 Rushes North America on 26th January

Posted by James Newton

Come on now, move along

Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish just got its release date for North America: 26th January.

The one-button action game will set you back 500 Points.

We interviewed Goodbye Galaxy Games about Flipper 2 recently.

It's already available in Europe, so read our Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish review for our verdict while you wait for next week.

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Birdman said:

It's like Nintendo is trying to suck away all of my money with all of these awesome games...



HugoSmits said:

@Birdman13 well.. actually I'm doing you guys a favor! I save you alot of money!

I mean who needs stupid Nintendogs when you can be the proud owner of a goldfish IN A ROBOT SUIT!

Contra ? you can shoot with Banana's baby!

And who needs a stupid kite attached to their kart when you can inflate yourself and fly around the world that way!?

See ? Basically all you need is Flipper 2 and it will only costs you 500 Nintendo points!



HugoSmits said:

@LordJumpLz: I know, I felt like that too. But that's before I found out how comfortable it is to inflate yourself and fly around like that!

@joevox316: I know, innovation is the key at Goodbye Galaxy Games!



theblackdragon said:

@Azikira: don't worry, i did my excited-happy-dance the other day when he tweeted the news, and i've got a little over $5 sitting in my eShop account for it.




Heng-Yu said:

Can someone please tell me how many free blocks my DSi needs? That would actually be a nice thing to add to the game overview section of the reviews.



Heng-Yu said:

@battLeToaD Thanks for the quick reply. Are the European games usually bigger in block-size, as they come with more languages to choose from or are US-DSiWare games as big as European games?



HugoSmits said:


I don't know how other developers do it, but for Flipper it's pretty much the same in size. All ingame text is always there, so the US version also has the german,italian,french,etc text in there.. you just can't select it (only Spanish and English). I do replace the manual though..

In the end it shouldn't really matter, the difference is really really small.

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