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Fact Sheet: Kid Icarus: Uprising Details Updated

Posted by James Newton

AR mode and multiplayer detailed

Kid Icarus: Uprising isn't too far off now — at least, according to Nintendo's most recent release date — and we have an updated fact sheet to share.

The sheet outlines the multiplayer mode and AR Card play, claiming the game recognises "countless" specially-designed cards, though the outcome of those battles are predetermined. Oh, and it calls the creator Masashiro Sakurai, not Masahiro. It's the details.

Here's the sheet in full:

Take Aim at a Timeless Adventure

Some 25 years after the original Kid Icarus™ game for NES™ captured the hearts and imaginations of gamers worldwide, Kid Icarus: Uprising brings the action and adventure of this beloved series to new heights – and new visual dimensions – on the Nintendo 3DS™ system. The dark goddess Medusa and her Underworld Army have returned, and they’ve got their sights set on the heroic angel Pit. With the aid of Palutena, goddess of light and guardian of the human race, Pit must fend off this malevolent threat. The richly immersive graphics of the Nintendo 3DS system offer incredible depth as Pit battles enemies by air and by land.


Designed by Masashiro Sakurai – creator of Kirby™ and Super Smash Bros.™ – Kid Icarus: Uprising is an epic, action-packed odyssey that unfolds with stunning 3D visuals. The game also includes fully-voiced levels and an amazing soundtrack.

Each Chapter delivers nonstop action and is broken up into two sections: Air Battle and Land Battle. In Air Battle the action unfolds like a dynamic guided shooter. When Pit is facing enemies in Land Battle, the game play handles more like a third-person shooter.

Collect different weapons and learn the unique characteristics of each weapon type as you determine which weapon is best suited for each battle.

Experience an innovative take on multiplayer battles in Light vs. Dark, as two teams battle on land whittling away at the other team’s health meter each time a team member is defeated. The team battle then changes to a man-hunt once one team’s meter is emptied. The opposing team must target the other team’s lone angel to win the match.

The game includes AR Card compatibility. Using the built-in 3D camera on the Nintendo 3DS system, the game recognizes countless specially designed AR Cards, with animated game characters popping up in 3D on the game screen and even battling each other when two cards face off.

The game’s simple, intuitive play control has players hold the system in their left hand, while the right hand uses the stylus on the touch screen for targeting. The controls are simple enough to be grasped quickly, but offer layers of depth and strategy for advanced maneuvers.

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alLabouTandroiD said:

I hope that the cards will not be sold seperately but that random, different cards will be included in each copy of the game. (At least if they don't have another purpose than these predetermined battles.)
It's also strange that the press release doesn't mention the CCP for lefties.

The game also includes fully-voiced levels

This will be fun. I can't wait for the game telling me "There is an abyss after 5 steps. 4 enemies will approach you. Enemy 1 shoots at you in an 27 degree angle from a heigth of ten pixels. In 3D!" Now that's a revolution.



NintyMan said:

As a dedicated Kid Icarus: Uprising follower, I alreay knew that information, but I get excited when the game gets any kind of new article nonetheless!



paul6891 said:

It might not me to far off for those in Japan or America but for those of in the UK or eu is there even a release date yet??
Defo looking forward to this to, its about we had some different ar cards to play with!!



Pikachupwnage said:


Seems like there is ALOT of content.

Story mode, local and internet playa and AR support?




Marioman64 said:

they wouldn't sell AR cards, because you can print them off online (or, you WILL be able to at least) ... (if not from Nintendo then from me



Raptor78 said:

You can legally print off the original AR cards from Nintendo, you can make your own Pokemon AR cards so I cant see why they would make you buy them. It would be nice to be able to get a little random deck with the game and then mabey release downloads of the other cards for print and play over a period of time so eventually everybody would get the full set.



B-Ray97 said:

I hope is worth it!
They say that the AR function not will work as it must do,
but they have the release in march so enough time to fix that!



rjejr said:

If the first listed feature is " fully-voiced levels" can somebody mention that at the next Legend of Zelda WiiU game making meeting. Yeah, I get it, Link doesn't talk, but if Zelda is going to spend the last 15 minutes of the game being voice acted moaning and groaning... at least let the actress speak her lines. The same goes for Gharim and Demise and Goose. LoZ:SS is a first party AAA game, hire some AAA voice acting talent. Maybe somebody at Nintendo should play the Uncharted trilogy. I don't hear any chatter about a Zelda movie.



Punny said:

March can't come soon enough! My only complaint are the predetermined AR Card battles...



kkslider5552000 said:

I'm pleasently surprised to see some attempted originality for online. This works well, first 1st party online 3DS game = same as online for same series on their current gen console. Next online 1st party 3DS game = actual creative game mode. And for a game where online wasn't expected or multiplayer wasn't considered a main reason to get it. Assuming it succeeds it's a good sign that Nintendo is improving online in a logical, gradual way for 3DS. Granted, Nintendo could reach the 3DS' online peak with this which would be dissappointing but we'll see.



Jamouse said:

Why did they make Medusa the goddess of darkness !?
They could have at least came up with their own antagonist.
@Mok. Thanks ...i really hate obvious grammar mistakes...



Roachant said:

Pretty sweet! Just hope it lives up to the hype that is building fast. Plus, the game is coming out in the same month as the 3ds's one year anniversary! Great way to celebrate a b-day!

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