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Extended Resident Evil Revelations Trailer Released

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Horrifying spoilers

Resident Evil Revelations has almost arrived, and is certainly the year's first blockbuster retail release on 3DS. The hype has been building, and Capcom has now released a five-minute trailer that reveals more about the title's story.

The publisher may have taken the 'Revelations' part too seriously for some as this trailer contains some major spoilers, so stay away if you don't want to see footage from later in the game. Don't forget you can try out a free demo of the game for yourself by checking out the 3DS eShop.

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StarDust4Ever said:

Really? Why does the footage of the crumbling skyscraper at the beginning of the trailer give me flashbacks of 9/11? The trailer as a whole looked more like a movie trailer than an actual game. I didn't like all the blood/gore in the original e3 footage release, so I decided not to download the demo. I'm definitely not much of an FPS fan, so to each his or her own...



alLabouTandroiD said:

Thanks for the spoiler warning !
After playing the demo i'm pretty sure i'll order it this weekend. Also seems liked i might get it cheap enough to justify a CCP purchase afterwards.



RVN said:

Can someone post the non-spoiler parts?
after playing the demo i'm definetly interested on this



KAI7321 said:

@RVN - Really no point. It's one big spoiler as it shows what happens happens to characters good and bad...and the boat. Pretty much is saying: "This is how the boat chapter of the game ends har har har!!!"

Just hold fire until the game is released and play it then!



19Robb92 said:

Lol, that was like mega spoilers. But some things where too obvious, I think they're saving a lot of surprises even though this was a really packed trailer.

Can't wait to pick it up on Friday. Loved the demo.



FonistofCruxis said:

I saw it on another site that didn't give as much of a spoiler warning as nl did but I stopped watching before I got too far into it.



brandonbwii said:

Considering that all Resi Evil games end with a countdown, part of the trailer wasn't TOO much of a spoiler. Other than that, yeah, I don't know what Capcom was thinking.



Ren said:

ooh, pretty cool. Still worth playing even with all the spoilers. It's not like these are the most eloquently written stories anyway, it's about playing through it really.



brandonbwii said:

True, but I do get a little tired of trailers as well as the press (I'm looking at you Nintendo Power) telling/showing me where these "T-Abyss" creatures pop out.

I try to avoid gameplay vids but I still end up reading articles and watching trailers about it.



OldBoy said:

I'm with @Waveboy on this one. Watching this could ruin the game for me. Tempted though I am!!
Not long to wait now.Hopefully Zavvi will get this to me for Friday. Then I'm gonna get stoned, turn the lights down low, slap the big wireless headphones on and scare myself silly!! Can't wait!



TheBadGuy said:

Man, what a boss trailer! It kind of gave away the story, but who cares? I could not be more stoked to play this game!

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