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CRUSH 3D Delayed Again in North America

Posted by James Newton

Now due in March

Poor old CRUSH 3D.

SEGA's layer-squashing puzzle title was originally supposed to release in September last year, then was delayed until January 2012 to give the 3DS a chance to build up some sales steam. Now the machine's done just that, it's time for Cru... oh. It's been delayed again.

GameStop now lists the game with a 6th March 2012 release date for North America. SEGA has confirmed the delay but did not give specifics.

Update: SEGA UK has confirmed the game is still due for release this Friday.

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aris77 said:

i'm really curious about this game. sometimes i think it is going to be incredibly dull, sometimes i think it is going to be very engaging... looking forward to the first reviews this weekend



joevox316 said:

I much prefer the look of this 3DS version over the original game for PSP. It was too odd for me. This looks more fun.



Natie31 said:

Im so upset cause yesterday i went to Bestbuy, Gamestop and then down to Nintendo World Store and they said the same thing. So not gettin the game in march.



johnnyMac said:

The game was supposed to come out in September, delayed due to iffy future of 3DS and is now delayed again. This has been one of the games I've been looking forward to since I bought the 3DS. Needless to say, I'm disappointed.

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