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Code of Princess Takes the Fight Online

Posted by James Newton

Getting better all the time

3DS action RPG Code of Princess — from the same team behind SEGA Saturn stunner Guardian Heroes — is set to get online multiplayer, according to 7net (via Andriasang).

The site states up to four players — two fewer than on Saturn — can engage in the battle mode, with cooperative quests on offer for those who like to team up to throw down. There'll also be free quests to download after the game's release.

Here's hoping a smart western publisher picks up Code of Princess for a release outside of Japan this year.


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Karakato said:

Those Character animations look slick, but I do hope the game does well in Japan. Xseed, please don't let us down!



FonistofCruxis said:

In an interview it sounded like the devs wanted to bring this to the west so hopefully they will.



brandonbwii said:

It's confirmed, 3DS is less powerful than Sega Saturn (I always wanted to type something stoopid like that).



KingMike said:

Well, if it does come to the west, I don't think it would come with a main character (the title princess?) that's nearly naked.

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