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3DS Sets New Japanese Console Sales Record

Posted by James Newton

Blazing a trail

Nintendo 3DS sold more consoles in Japan during December than any other machine on record.

Enterbrain (via Andriasang, naturally) has been tracking console sales since 1997. Nintendo sold 1,492,931 3DS systems between 28th November and 25th December, beating any other console in Enterbrain's books.

Last week it was revealed that 3DS hardware and software were 2011's top sellers in Japan.

Nintendo's quarterly sales report is due before the end of the month, so we'll soon see whether this record-breaking sales period is enough to put the company back on track for a profit.


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Link79 said:

Meanwhile the Vita straggles behind.
It's gonna have alot of catching up to do.



TKOWL said:

Just proves to you that MH is too sickeningly popular to believe.



Eldin said:

I seriously can't believe it sold more than the original DS did durings its first holiday season in Japan. I remember numbers as 500.000 and 600.000 units during a single week. If 3DS sold more, there can't be more then a few 1000 units difference.

I'd like to see those numbers again.



Portista said:

Sweet!!! BTW, James you said 'than any machine other on record' but it should be 'any other machine on record'. Just helpin!



thanos316 said:

and ninty just keeps on printing money. doom doom doom for nintendo. maybe ninty should make a smart phone. maybe the critics should just shut up and let ninty do their thing. enjoy the great games i say



JGMR said:

You wonder if they'd broke all these record sales if the 3DS retained it's original price.... Have they already met the 3DS' original expectations and gone beyond it?...



AbuJaffer said:

@Koto Same way Britain had to contain its population... tried to take over the countries around it to accomodate the massive population but failed because of uprisings... in Japan's case they wanted Hawaii (they had a thing for taking over islands) but ended up getting a mouthful of USA... the US didn't care if they wanted islands only...



CosmoXY said:

@AbuJaffer - Are you joing? Your suggestion that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in an effort to take Hawaii for their population growth is laughable! The attack was a pre-emptive strike intended to disable the USA fleet in the pacific before we decided to get involved with WWII.

Back to 3DS news though, that is awesome. Let's hope it keeps on selling on into 2012!



rafaelluik said:

17. Duney Hahaha yes it is.
But of course USA wouldn't join the WW if that didn't happen right? roll eyes



komicturtle said:

I hope this means more devs will bring more games to the 3DS. No more of that "Sales are low" thing..

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