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3DS Hardware and Software Tops Japan's 2011 Charts

Posted by James Newton

Outselling the rest

Nintendo 3DS has achieved the 2011 chart double in Japan by topping the hardware and software charts for the year.

Statistics from Enterbrain (via Andriasang) show 3DS shifted 4,135,739 units since its February launch, twice as many as the second place — and now seven years old — PSP with 1,960,177 sales. Wii didn't make it past the million mark, sat on 937,451. The news comes just after Nintendo of America announced four million 3DS sales in the United States.

Nintendo reported the system's Japanese sales at 2.13m at the end of September, meaning Nintendo sold around two million consoles in 2011's last three months.

Software wise the Mario double-whammy secured the two top spots, with Mario Kart 7 just pipping Super Mario 3D Land at the finish line. Both titles have sold one million copies in both Japan and the United States.

Here's the final chart from Andriasang:

Best-selling Games of 2011 — Japan

01. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo, 12/1/2011): 1,082,391
02. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo, 11/3/2011): 1,042,511
03. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Capcom, 12/1/2010): 1,021,457 (4,502,446)
04. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G (Capcom, 12/10/2011): 809,322
05. [PS3] Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Square Enix, 12/15/2011): 697,146
06. [PSP] Final Fantasy Type-0 (Square Enix, 10/27/2011): 696,428
07. [WII] Minna no Rhythm Tengoku (Nintendo, 7/21/2011): 633,429
08. [PS3] Tales of Xillia (Namco Bandai, 9/8/2011): 632,151
09. [WII] Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo, 6/25/2009): 612,807 (2,732,655)
10. [WII] Wii Party (Nintendo, 7/8/2010): 584,545 (2,123,773)


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alLabouTandroiD said:

Nice to see Minna no Rhythm Tengoku (= Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise / Rhythm Heaven Fever) selling so well. The series deserves the recognition.



JustAnotherUser said:

Great news, is anyone else expecting analyst to say "The 3DS has seemed to have reached it's peak, It's only a matter of time before those sales figures start to drop"



Retro_on_theGo said:

Hah, I render the trailer represented in the picture like it was yesterday.
Great to see the 3DS is doing so well.



LittleIrves said:

Is that for the whole year? If so, that's amazing that MK7 tops the list after being out for less than a month. Yowza.



bboy2970 said:

Wow...very impressive that Mario Kart 7 got number 1 sales for the whole year despite only have one month to sell. Those are some strong sales right there!



TheKingOfTown said:

I expected MH 3G to be on top considering how popular the series is there. It's also surprising to me that a PSP version of MH is outselling 3G. Then again, it is a remake.



zeeroid said:

So FFXIII-2 did end up outselling Tales of Xillia, after all. Interesting.



Sapo said:

These are good games, in Italy we have Just dance and Fifa ._.



BlueAce127 said:

Hmm... Wii Sports Resort is still going strong! I'm so happy to see that Mario Kart 7 is on top; it's only been a month!



StarDust4Ever said:

3DS was never doomed, people! Nintendo released the system before it was ready for release, that is all...



Drewroxsox said:

Sony fan(march 2011): look at the selling numbers Nintendo is doomed!!! Nintendo fan: -____- Sony fan(september 2011): oh!!! They just lowered the price!!! Nintendo is doomed!!! Nintendo fan: -____- Sony fan (holiday season 2011): -____- Nintendo fan: what's the matter cat got your tounge? Those numbers you talk about are looking pretty bad in Japan Sony fan: -____- uh... You just wait til it comes out in North Ameri Nintendo fan (interupts): STFU!!!! Nintendo 3ds for the WIN!!!



3dbrains said:

Not sure if anyones realised this yet but
Worldwide 3DS software sales topped 8.13 million during the July and September, with Ocarina of Time 3D surpassing the 1 million milestone. Life-to-date software sales of 3DS have now hit 17.56 million.

Nintendo has announced a new worldwide 3DS sales total of 6.68 million units.

That figure covers sales from 3DS launch up to 30th September, as revealed in Nintendo's half-year financial report. These numbers DO NOT include October, November or December sales numbers (I am at work and cannot get onto any recent sites for up to date stats, but these numbers are official and quoted from Eurogamer)

3DS is selling awesomely well.



3dbrains said:


seven million, one hundred and eighty eight thousand, two hundred and sixty four 3DS' SOLD.




motang said:

Awesome numbers! It started off to a slow start, but once apps and games started to come it just picked up!



bngrybt said:

Before anyone tries to tout that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd outsold Monster Hunter 3G, they need to realize that these numbers account for the entire year 2011. Monster Hunter 3G nearly matched the entire year's sales of Portable 3rd in only 21 days. All that on a system with a much smaller install base. Pretty impressive really.

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