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Zelda: Skyward Sword Available for £24.99 in UK

Posted by James Newton

Missing Link?

If you haven't got around to picking up The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword yet, or you want to pick it up as a Christmas gift, GAME and Gamestation have just dropped the game's price to a superb £24.99.

As you'll know if you've read our Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword review, Link's latest outing is worth every penny.

Buy The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword from GAME or, if you prefer, buy it from Gamestation.

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HipsterDashie said:

Go GameStation. I've generally found their staff to be nicer (although I've met some very friendly people at Game!!!) and I love the fact that they sell retro stuff.

Of course, I needn't worry since I got the game at launch for free by dressing up as Link. /endboasting



Late said:

I found out that one shop in Finland sells it for 30€ which is the same price. Good for them who haven't bought it yet (everybody should have it already)



Rensch said:

They never have deals like that here on the continent for some reason.



Sonicman said:

I'm waiting for a similar price drop in the US before picking this game up (although I do want that snazzy gold wii motion plus controller .)



DarkCoolEdge said:

Actually, I think this is bad news because this drop so soon...seems like it's due to selling worse than it was supposed to

Awesome game, worth the 44€ it cost me



ennan said:

Amazing deal. I just finished the game today and boy is it amazing. Put on twilight princess afterwards and the controls just feel clunky and awkward now.



Beechbone said:

Oh man, and I just payed for it 33 only several days ago. It's awesome anyway so don't regret



HipsterDashie said:

@James That's probably an accurate estimate actually. While I'm not saying there aren't nice people at Game, everyone in GameStation seems to express an interest in gaming, and enjoys chatting about games and the like. Some do in Game, however more often than not I just get marketing rubbish shoved down my throat. Plus I get real life Achievements for shopping at GameStation (OMG NO WAI)!



Incognito_D said:

Great price but no good to me since I need the gold remote bundle because I don't have motion plus.



Mayhem said:

@DarkCoolEdge - actually no, it isn't just restricted to Skyward Sword. Other big titles from this period have been reduced to 20 or 25 quid already, including Saint's Row 3, Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, and Assassin's Creed Rev. Guess the downward economy and end of year competition is reducing things quicker than usual.



Kirk said:


Although that's how much these games should be priced at most in the first place imo.

Skyward Sword is a brilliant game but I just think game prices in general are way too high.



Thwiidscube said:

Sigh.... No retailers here in the US can't lower the price? Come on! Yes, I'm hinting at you, GameStop.



Ancient_hero said:

These stores want to make a profit out of Skyward Sword's knowing what an incredible game. There are new players that even buy a Wii alongside to play it! I have been playing Zelda since the first NES game.
The 5 months before Skyward came out was another Zelda pregame period. But imagine how new players react when they play Zelda for the first time..I have lived of these 25years growing with Nintendo at different periods of life. Nintendo is U-nique.



Ancient_hero said:

Before Skyward Sword came not I wrote a message to Nintendo saying that all these 25years Nintendo had the Courage and Wisdom Triforce and now with Wii U, they will finally have the Triforce of Power and they will touch the Complete Triforce. The Time has come when Nintendo will make her Triforce Wish. Unite all players, HD and not HD, with games that make people think and feel. Not brainwash.



boob said:

@ancient hero,
You can get a blue Wii with m & s 2012 Olympics for £99 and zelda for £24.99 that is a great deal.

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