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Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming to Canada Too

Posted by James Newton

More information due "soon"

Last week's announcement that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to North America actually only specified a United States release, leading those north of the border to wonder if it would see release in Canada. It will.

Nintendo of Canada confirmed to that the much-anticipated RPG is on the way to Canada:

Xenoblade Chronicles will be available in Canada in Spring 2012 . Additional information about the game and Canadian distribution will be announced in the future.

There you have it: on the way to the US and Canada in early 2012. Good news for everyone.


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CanisWolfred said:

I have friends in Canada who would be interested in this game, so this is good news for them.



FonistofCruxis said:

Its good to see that come Spring next year, all major regions will be able to play this amazing game.



Yrreiht said:

isnt canada usually included in north america releases?
anyway, i might check it out... but i have other games to buy first



DarkLloyd said:

more games to buy wooooot anyways i hope they bring that bundle out with the red cc pro either way im getting the game



Noire said:

lol I missed the distinction too. I wonder why they made it if they were gonna release it here anyways.



motang said:

Well I though that was a given. Well either way it's good to know.



she_gamer said:

I don't have anything really to say about this, I just wanted to put my flag up here too . Not too many articles specify Canada



RevolverLink said:

I thought it was odd that only the US was specified when I read the initial announcements. Glad to see our neighbo(u)rs up north won't be getting the shaft.



amerilia said:

I'm glad to see that it's coming to Canada. Part of the reason for the worry was that there was that deal in the US with Gamestop. There might be a different distribution deal over here in Canada, or all the wrinkles may not have been ironed out by the time the official announcement took place.

I'll definitely be pre-ordering it wherever it is sold (preferably at a brick and mortar store)



Curt said:

We have a Nintendo of Canada? This is news to me. I always just assumed that Nintendo of America covered the whole continent.



amerilia said:

Yeah, there is a Nintendo of Canada. I don't live on the mainland, but at least a few times when I was young we drove by the Nintendo offices when we were in Vancouver, and I was always like "Ooh!!!" I have no idea where in Vancouver it is though. It's kind of interesting how both the US and CAN Nintendo offices are located in close proximity to each other on the wet coast though.



Urbanhispanic said:

It's good to see that Canada will get to play this game. Now, Nintendo needs to release the Last Story here as that's the game I'm really looking forward to try out...and I'm NOT a die hard RPG player.



Peznaze said:

Good to know. More evidence that this isn't really a "release", though. More a direct-to-preorder sort of thing.

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