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Wicked Monsters Blast is WarioWare Meets Point Blank

Posted by James Newton

Madness ensues

Budget Wii shooters are almost literally ten-a-penny these days, but PQube's Wicked Monsters Blast might have a little something about it.

The four-player family-friendly shooter is already out in North America but is due to reach the UK in February 2012, and judging from the trailer below takes heavy inspiration from Point Blank and even a touch of Nintendo's WarioWare series.

Check it out for yourself below.

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alLabouTandroiD said:

@Collision_Cat: I thought like you first.but somehow ever after that 0:29 sequence i think it could be a really fun shooting game.
And while i think this would do better as WiiWare (disregarding the size limit for a second) then we wouldn't get that nice boxart.



Popyman said:

I always see this at GameStop, the cover catches my eye every time. Never looked into it before though, anybody played it? Any good?



sinalefa said:

Looks interesting, as this one can add up to four players, while Point Blank had just two. And no need to get peripherals either.



misswliu81 said:

at first glance, it looks like a shovelware game but after seeing some of the gameplay, it doesn't too bad. reminds me of those shooting target games.
hope we get a review of this one.

nice looking cover.



andypqube said:

@misswliu81 I can confirm that code has been sent over for review

@sinalefa peripherals aren't required, but there will be a bundle option available for those who want them

@popyman I have played it (and although my opinion will be heavily biased!) I really enjoyed it. I was a huge fan of Point Blank and it meets my expectations based on that.

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