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WarioWare Takes Christmas Movies and Makes Them Better

Posted by James Newton

Much better

We kicked off the year by reliving 2010's biggest news stories through the wonder of WarioWare D.I.Y., and as we approach the most magical day of the calendar the talented NGamer crew have put together a WarioWare rendition of some of your favourite Christmas movies.

The video below puts favourites such as Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone and more into the microgame blender, and the results are often hilarious and at the least impressive. It also includes Trading Places, which is great news for everyone with taste.

How many of the movies can you name?

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KaiserGX said:

Nah Gremlins was still better. I still don't know what every other movie was though...
Edit: The one where the guy was running... that wasn't Gremlins too right? I remember that scene on the tv.



TheBaconator said:

I saw Home Alone (First One), Christmas Vacation(The Cat), Bad Santa (Drinking Santa), Jack Frost or Frosty (I think the one with the snowman), Gremlins (With Gizmo), A Wonderful Life (The one with the guy running past a bank), and Trading Places(Stock Graph).



Kitty_hime1 said:

i still have wario ware D.I.Y. but i have no internet so i can't do all the fun internet stuff T.T (at least i have internet for my 3ds) i sure hope they make a wario ware D.I.Y. 2 (or make it for 3ds and call it wario ware D.I.Y. 3D lol)



Radixxs said:

All in good fun, recognized most. This reminded me I need to start playing this game again.



Grackler said:

I preferred the top 2010 news stories, but these are great too. Farewell NGamer! (long live Nintendo Gamer?)



James said:

@ballkirby Close — the one with the snowman melting is a UK animation called The Snowman.

@KaiserGX I think you need to watch more movies that aren't Gremlins.



Raptor78 said:

I too was in your situation. I had wi-fi that was compatible with my 3DS but not DS, but it was also compatible with my wii so I bought the wiiware version of warioware and was able to download onto my wii and transfer onto my DS copy of warioware DIY. The wii version also comes with a load of extra content too.



KaiserGX said:

Oh I didn't realize that was Home Alone, ok so I have I have seen.

@James I think I should decide that for myself.

pops in Gremlins 2



Crafton said:

I got 9 of them I think:
1. home alone
2. bad santa
3. die hard
4. the snowman
5. It's a Wonderful Life
6. miracle on 34th street
7. nnational lampoon's christmas vacation
8. ?
9. gremlins
10. trading places



Thwiidscube said:

I believe the one with the cat and the lights was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Is that right? I watched it last night and it was hilarious!

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