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VVVVVV eShop Release Date Revealed for North America

Posted by James Newton

Price too

VVVVVV lands in the 3DS eShop across North America next week for $7.99.

Terry Cavanagh's retro-styled action platformer lands on the service courtesy of Cave Story publisher Nicalis, and arrives with its original stages, music and art style all intact.

Nicalis also promises "future content updates" — could this be the first 3DS download to support DLC?

VVVVVV is out in North America on 29th December for $7.99.

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Xkhaoz said:

Hmmmm. I love this game and all, but will it have enough new content to warrant another $8 purchase?



kingofe3 said:

I thought this was going to be an Early 2012 release? Oh, well the more releases the better.



shingi_70 said:

Got the soundtrack in a Indie bundle and it was great. Def going to pick this one up after I get a new SD card.



Birdman said:

Wow, only $8? This is the cheapest game Nicalis has ever published on a Nintendo platform, no? Provided I get an eShop card for Christmas or my birthday, I'm definitely picking this up as a late Birthday present for myself.



ejamer said:

Nice! Seeing NoA make the effort to communicate dates in advance is awesome.

Not sure if I'm buying after picking up VVVVVV in the recent Indie Humble Bundle, but looks like a great game. Maybe trying the PC version will convince me to buy here also?



Odnetnin said:

Way overpriced considering it's available on PC for much less, but who cares, VVVVVV is easily one of the best platformers ever made.



SLiM said:

From the looks of the game, $8 seems pretty steep. Maybe they could win me over with a demo.



Malkeor said:

Can get this on steam for...$1.24 (though temporarily, regular price is $4.99)

But hey if the 3D effect is great and there is new content worth checking out.



Linkstrikesback said:

And again, Nintendos rigid pricing scheme is going to cost them sales.

I'd get this for maybe $4, $8? Nah. For one thing, every computer in existance should be able to play the PC version which is dirt cheap right now, 3DS seriously needs game prices to be changeable by the game creators and not stuck as nintendo decides forever.



Link977 said:

First thing that came to my mind when I saw the screenshot



Retro_on_theGo said:

YES! Can't wait! Too bad I only have $8.05 in my eShop account. Dang, so close! Need a new point card.
I don't care if it's 8 bucks and I already have it free thanks to zez I'm still getting it. D:



Kagamine said:

8 bucks? to much for me. i already own thin on the computer, i was thinking 5 bucks tops. I don't even like it that much. I might get it if the content updates are any good though.



alLabouTandroiD said:

VVVVVVery expensive ? Well, while the pricing seems strange considering the other original eShop content i hope it has something to do with free DLC later. Would make buying that much easier if it comes to Europe.



SmashYoshi123 said:

uhhh!!! VVVVVV 8 Dollars!! uhhh i better two ehop cards then, and yeah if you're wondering people if i've gotten Mighty Switch Force Yet?, No, I Haven't, Because I Spent The Eshop Card Money On Two Dsiware Games, uhhh again because i got the eshop card on my birthday which was december 6th and i was saving up for pushmo, did i get it?, well, yeah i did, but i felt like i should've saved up a bit more!!, uhhh C'mon Christmas



ZEROGAME53 said:

Even though I think VVVVVV is excellent and I encourage everyone to try it, I can't see anyone buying it for 7.99 $.
Just get it on steam.



aoeder said:

Wow, that's kind of expensive. I'm not too familiar with this game, though.



accc said:

It's a good game, but it's definitely not worth $8 when it's available much cheaper elsewhere. Pass.



Justus said:

8 bucks? No problem. I'll get what I paid for! It's a nice, improved version, and will still improve! It seems pretty fair. It seems to fit in the $7.99 section well, I say.



WolfRamHeart said:

8 dollars? Seriously? No thanks, I'll pass. I want this but that is way overpriced.

However, I might reconsider it depending on the review and impressions.



EdEN said:

Wait, so this IS in 3D, right? If it is, then that will be $8 well spent.



SteveW said:

Seems to me that "retro" in this game is just an excuse for bad graphics... Retro City Rampage is a good example of retro, maybe this game is just "antique"?



Noire said:

This game is awesome and easily worth $8 in a vacuum, but ... c'mon, I bought it on Steam for $2.50. :/ I think I've been spoiled...



MrArcade said:

I just watched a gameplay video of this and I must say, wow. It looks very interesting and I think that if it's not too expensive I might go for it. (I live in Europe though, so).



Hokori said:

no but I will get Cave Story DSiWare soon, I want a not 3D portable version of Cave Story



shinesprite said:

A bit pricy. . . . I'm glad I got the Humble Indie Bundle 3, so I won't be getting this. (I just finished it a few weeks ago)

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