Nintendo Europe's DS release list for 2012 doesn't contain much in the way of retail — apart from the announcement that Inazuma Eleven 2 is on the way to Europe — with the rest of the schedule populated by DSiWare games.

One of the new titles announced is Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut, which has just come out as a full-priced retail release on DS. Pity anyone who paid full price considering it'll be £8 maximum to download next year.

Nintendo DSiWare for 2012

Antipole [DSiWare] (Saturnine Games) — 5th January 2012
Doodle Fit [DSiWare] (Gamelion Studios) — January 2012
Amoebattle [DSiWare] (Grab) — Q1 2012
Flip the Core™ [DSiWare] (Engine Software) — Q1 2012
VICTORIOUS™: Hollywood Arts Debut [DSiWare] (NAMCO BANDAI Games S.A.S.) — Q1 2012