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The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary T-Shirt Due Soon

Posted by James Newton

Pre-orders open Christmas Eve

Premium t-shirt brand The King of Games has just revealed the official commemorative t-shirt for The Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversary, with pre-orders due to start on Christmas Eve.

The shirt is available in black or green and features an image of Link's shield and Master Sword surrounded by his other famous items — boomerang, Rupees, heart container and more — wrapped in ivy vines.

The best news? The King of Games will ship the t-shirts anywhere in the world, though there's no pricing information yet.

Pre-orders close on 20th February but we expect them to sell out very quickly indeed, so hot foot it to The King of Games on 24th December to place your order.


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Whopper744 said:

If I was a tattoo kind of person, I think this would be something I would definitely look into. Very nice.



aaronsullivan said:

Aw. No 2XL. Some people are tall and fat you know. I've lost close to 45 pounds since September and I'm looking forward to wearing some cool T-shirts again. lol.



arrmixer said:

checked the website out.. they have awesome stuff... But the price tags for these shirts are pretty steep.... $60 to $70 US for a T-shirt is much for me... plus $20 US for shipping to NA...

I understand the quality is outstanding the packing is kool but I actually want to wear the shirt!!

Target has spoiled me with their throw away t-shirts for $10US : )



Nilkad_Naquada said:

Shut up and take my rupees! just how limited is this exactly? like, would i have a shot at getting it for christmas next year? and @bahooney for this shirt there's no way it can cost too much, it's worth any sum of money. besides, in that amount of time i'm sure i can raise the equivalent of 100 u.s. dollars in rupees! does anyone know the exchange rate?



R-L-A-George said:

@James Not a terrible idea for a lot of people. Including me but I can still wear a XL. Too bad I don't have the money, LOL.



bboy2970 said:

So can someone confirm if this is officially licensed Nintendo product? If Nintendo isn't actually involved with this, I can't be wasting my time or money with it. If it IS licensed by Nintendo...well then I simply must have it!



k8sMum said:

@bboy2970: do you like the shirt's art/concept or not?

for myself, if i like something, it very well may be worth both my time and money if available whatever the source. if i don't like it, no licensing is gonna cure that.



HylianYoda said:

Seriously, why no larger sizes? I can't help that I'm really tall, I need 2X-Tall or 3X (4X for some cuts). Not that this is unexpected, almost any place that sells any sort of printed shirt I might like is this way...



wwww said:

@bboy2970 It says right at the top of the site that they're officially licensed by Nintendo.

Anyway, the reason there's no 2XL and the reason the shirts are so expensive is because it's a Japanese company. Everyone in Japan is small and everything in Japan is expensive. Also these are hand-printed, so, there's that. :v

Pretty sweet design, though...



Omega said:

What? They only charge 71.82 Euro (54.11 Eur. + 17.71 Eur. shipping) for a shirt. Isn't that too cheap? I mean, it has the gorgeous commemorative design. Or has it?

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