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Sonic 4: Episode II Revealed, No Nintendo Formats Mentioned

Posted by James Newton

No 'Ware in sight

SEGA finally made Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II official with a teaser trailer, but the first video makes no mention of any Nintendo formats.

The teaser's closing screen mentions the following formats:

PS3 (i.e. PlayStation Network
Xbox 360 (i.e. Xbox Live)
Android Market
Windows Phone
App Store.

Of course that doesn't mean we definitely won't see the game on WiiWare or the 3DS eShop — or hey, even on Wii U's digital storefront — but not seeing Nintendo formats confirmed right off the bat has us a little edgy.


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kkslider5552000 said:

well since there were slight differences in music, that means the Sonic fanboys probably whined to Sega and Nintendo for a few months and Sega decided it wasn't worth it.



Cipher said:

Colour me worried. I'm hoping we'll see it released digitally on Wii U, but other than that, can't say I'm positive about it coming to Nintendo platforms now.



brandonbwii said:

I kinda figured that this wouldn't be released on WiiWare. The lack of a 3DS download though makes me a sad panda .



grumblebuzzz said:

Boy, that will be a gigantic rip off to Nintendo fans who bought the first game if they actually don't port it to the Wii, huh?



Knux said:

The Wii cannot apparently handle the epicness. I would be surprised if this doesn't come to the Wii U and/or 3DS though.



Yosher said:

Meh. If we won't get all the eps, then I won't get any of them either. I may have downloaded all the eps when they'd all be released, but yeah.



killer6370 said:

why the hell they give us episode 1 on wiiware but not episode 2 ? this means to me wii gamers your not worth our game btw i dont really care i have an 360 too but this really irritates me putting out part 1 but not part 2
i hope they make it for wiiware too all gamers should be able to feel the epicness of sonic ^^



Whopper744 said:

I really don't understand the choices they make some times. All I have is Nintendo systems and I have an iphone, but I am not playing this whole game on a stupid touchscreen.
Good thing I'm thinking about buying an Xbox...this and Perfect Dark (and probably Banjo) will be my first few downloads.



Highwinter said:

This is hardly surprising. WiiWare has a lot of silly restrictions (including the fact games cannot be over 40mb). They had a lot of problems with the original and WiiWare is just a very unpopular system.

I'd be very surprised if it didn't come to the Wii U though, assuming Nintendo have finally stepped up their game and started taking online content seriously.



dizzy_boy said:

it would make more sense to put all three episodes as one full blown game for a shop release. they have more room to play with on a disk rather than the silly download limits.



XCWarrior said:

Finally, Nintendo is no longer disrespected by having to carry this BS franchise on its platform. Trust me guys, you don't want this POS.



Retro_on_theGo said:

The game sucked anyways. (You'd think so with all the whining about the dumbest things.) Wiiware isn't popular either so no surprise. I'll be surprised if it doesn't come to the 3DS



misswliu81 said:

the sonic games haven't really sold well on nintendo consoles, for the exception of sonic colours and perhaps sonic generations.

as long as they release more quality and interesting sega games for the 3ds, wii U, i won't have many qualms. besides, rhythm thief is coming out next year and it looks like it'll be worth the wait.



Kyloctopus said:

It will probably be changed over a few months. This kind of stuff happens all the time. Even Sonic Generations, didn't say 3DS at first. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually it goes on PSV as well.
Also what is misswliu81 talking about? Sonic Rush was the 9th best selling DS game in 2006 (Lets not forget 2006 was a great year for the DS) Sonic Heros sold remarkably well on Gamecube, Mario and Sonic is the best selling crossover game of all time.



Ziggyguy21 said:

Why!!! Please release this game on the kindle fire! Or else I'm gonna get so pissed off!



Whopper744 said:

I've thought about a PS3, but I seem to be more interested in more of the 360's exclusive games more than Sony's. I think Nintendo will still and always be my favorite, but I would like to be able to play online with some people that I know that have a 360. The Wii just doesn't really have that. And no one I know besides my wife has a 3DS that I could play online with (though there is no need there since we can play locally).
Sorry for getting so off topic by the way. ha.



HipsterDashie said:


What exactly is the problem here? I mean, obviously many of Sonic's previous console outings have not been up to standard, but Sonic Colours was a great game, Generations was utterly superb, and whilst Sonic 4 had a few physics niggles and was a tad on the short side I still found it great fun to play. You're whining about a game which we know very little about. The introduction of Tails and Metal Sonic, plus revamped physics and graphics engines, are very good signs in my opinion. And whilst it does suck that (as of now) it appears the game is not coming to WiiWare, I would say that positive in the sense that SEGA are not restricted by Nintendo's silly 40MB file size cap.



HipsterDashie said:


If Amazon don't bring it to their own app store, I do believe it is possible to root the device and install the Android Market that way. If not you could try finding the .apk file online and sideloading it onto the device via USB. Wouldn't know for sure though, as UK= no Kindle Fire.



misswliu81 said:

@Koops3 re: Sonic Rush was the 9th best selling DS game in 2006 (Lets not forget 2006 was a great year for the DS) >> i didn't know that title sold well for the DS.



TKOWL said:

Darnit. I liked the original, I just hope this one appears on Nintendo too.

We've already gotten out of the best version of Generations, that was too much



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm assuming they're holding back the naming of Nintendo platforms because they have to wait for the announcement of the Wii U digital distribution service, so I'm not sweating bullets yet. And if Sega DOES decide not to bring it to a Nintendo platform, that's just money they're leaving on the table in my book, because I refuse to play a game like Sonic on an iPod and I have no intentions anymore of purchasing a PS3.



MetalMario said:

I got the first on 360 anyway for a sale price. Gonna have to do that again, I'm not paying $15 for this either.



Ziggyguy21 said:

Thanks for advice Dash, although its very unlikely Amazon would allow that.
Anyways thanks and I'll see what I can do...
Oh and Sega, please make these nintendo fans happy..including me.



WolfRamHeart said:

It wouldn't surprise me at all if they decided not to release Episode II on WiiWare. WiiWare is pretty much a dead and neglected service now. Nintendo is focusing all of it's efforts on the 3DS eShop and the Wii U. Other developers like Sega are probably doing the same. We might see this game show up on the Wii U shop one day. I'm sure that Sonic fans will be more than happy to download this on the Wii U. Unfortunately, that wait will probably be a long one.



C7_ said:

I'm not surprised about the lack of wiiware, Nintendo has a lot of restrictions on that and is supposedly a pain to work with. But they'd be missing out on a ton of sales if they didn't release it on the eshop, especially since Sonic has had a tendency to sell better on Nintendo Consoles. Hopefully the Wii U sees it when that gets released as well



ponarza said:

My theory is that Nintendo told Sega not to mention anything about a Nintendo version to avoid Nintendo having to be forced to talk about a Sonic 4: Episode 2 on any of their systems without them wanting to talk about the situation. If Sega really listened to many, many fans' previous comments on Sonic 4: Episode 1, then they must have heard from fans in the Nintendo world. Not to have S4:E2 on Nintendo would disappoint many of those many, many Sonic fans, and to avoid that Nintendo will have Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. For Ken Belough to have said that S4:E2 will come out on a lot more platforms like the "XBox, PS3, Android, Windows Mobile 7, and IOS devices" and not mention any Nintendo products seems to say either 1) We will have S4:E2 on "a lot more platforms" than previous, so we can go without a Sonic 4 in a Nintendo market or 2) Nintendo told us not to talk about a Nintendo version for their marketing reasons or 3) Maxwell Mcgee is such a bad assistant editor for GamespotUK that he forgot to ask an important question as why would he not mention a version for Nintendo. I believe that would be the most obvious thing to ask rather than to ask Ken about his facial hair representing Tails' tail. There are other reason's, my best bet is number 2.



Knuckles said:

Segaaaaaa! What NO NINTENDO AT ALL! I would buy both episodes on the 3ds, retail or download faster than a sonic can run! I have a shiny wii point card for you sega/nintendo. Why wont you take my wii cash?



TheBadGuy said:

In the long run, Episode 2 could very well come to the U, but this news still has me truly pissed because this is the 3rd time in less than a year that Sega has stiffed Nintendo. First they didn't put Generations on Wii and instead gave us a dumbed down 3DS version. Then they didn't put Sonic CD on the Virtual Console. And now this. I want to keep liking Sega, but they're making it pretty tough.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Okay, now with a more realistic approach.
Personally I don’t care too much. If it’s good and available on a Ninty console i own I’ll get it. If you don’t want my money I’m fine with that as well. (Props to you, MasterGraveheart (36.))
I got Episode 1 and found it’s a quite good game. I don’t feel ripped off yet since it can stand its ground as a standalone game imo. It would be different if with Episode 1 you practically paid for extra levels you can’t use then though.

If there are any plans to bring it to the WiiU it would be important for the big N that there is a subtle hint it’s coming asap. I mean I can already see the image it purveys to gamers and the media. “You’re not having such a widely anticipated game on your consoles ? You’re worthless, Nintendo!”

@ponarza (41.): Option 3) was the first thing i thought too. But it’s been more of an infomercial from the get go so critical questions were most likely not an option anyway.



Gamer83 said:

Episode 1 sucked so it really isn't a loss but sometimes I don't know who makes worse decisions Nintendo or Sega? Nintendo took the cake in 2011 for some of the stupid stuff they did but not releasing the best Sonic game in years, Generations, on Wii was utterly stupid and not releasing this on WiiWare would be utterly stupid. Look at the pitiful sales of Generations. The Sonic fanbase is bigger on Wii, 360 and PS3 owners prefer the more violent shooters like CoD and Gears or the cinematic experiences like Uncharted.

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