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Rumour: Nintendo to Show Off Wii U at CES in January

Posted by James Newton

Getting out there early

The Wii U hasn't been seen since E3 in June, but according to CNET it's about to get a run-out at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

CNET claims Nintendo is taking the Wii U to CES in January, though the CES website doesn't list Nintendo as an exhibitor. Last year Nintendo held meetings at CES but didn't have any public presence, and we'd be surprised if Nintendo decided to take the console out to the public five months before its president Satoru Iwata is due to reveal the final Wii U form.

CES runs from 10th to 13th January 2012.


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renaryuugufan92 said:

they may just be showing off the first games for the console but either way its going to be interesting if Wii U will really be at CES in January



misswliu81 said:

although the final unveiling isn't until the big one at E3 in the summer, i think the earlier this is out in the open, the better.

also, if the pricing is right for this console, then i'd expect it to sell well.

it would be nice to see the games that already destined for the wii U to be shown too, as well as other surprises they might have up their sleeve.

looking forward to this.



alLabouTandroiD said:

If true i hope it means this time around they've got great stuff to show. And that it's really running on the WiiU's hardware. (Not that it matters much to me though since i thought their E3 persentation was really good. I guess i'd already be waiting in line if they announced it for a good price as well.)
If so then yes, the sooner the better. They should just not rush these presentations. It's hard to change perceptions once they're made up.



Nintendo_AUT said:

Nintendo will give us a BIG surprise at E3. They won't disappoint for sure.

I actually think that we'll get a remake of an amazing game (Majora's Mask??). They said that they want the next Zelda to come out in 3 years, but remakes are an exception here.

If not - what about a new Mario game? Mario Galaxy 2 was nonsense because it was nothing new. We got only 3 big Mario games since 1996 (Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1), that's pretty lame in my opinion.



shingi_70 said:


not sure if serious.

The 2D console games count as main games and devlopment costs are oly going to go up.

You pump out more games than gamers get more fatigued. Mario is good as it is 1 or 2 mainline games per gen with spin-offs filling the void.



CapedGodot said:

No, the sooner the worse. Look at the 3DS. They announced it waaaay before it was ready, and the hype caused them to rush it, which gave it a bad start. We don't want that again, do we?



aaronsullivan said:

Mario Galaxy was nonsense because it was nothing new? Almost every stage had a new mechanic or fresh idea to it. It made the game a blast to play and at a pace that was more fun than the first Galaxy for me. I will concede that the first few stages were only okay. Also, it was remarkable how fast it did come out and how quality it was. Just saying.

As 8 says, 2D versions count and how about the 3DS one? I'm honestly feeling a little Mario saturated and I haven't even played more than the first stage or so on the 3DS (Love what real 3D does to it, though).

Metroid seems like the IDEAL game to launch the Wii U in the US and Europe at least (or maybe just for me. lol). It could really make people pay attention at this brief one to two year span where the next XBox and PS aren't in the news yet. Too early to pull Zelda off and Mario won't turn heads of the average XBox/PS3 owner. Unfortunately, the reception of Other M complicates things. (Star Fox is another decent candidate.)

About the actual subject:
I can't wait to see what Nintendo has been up to. The announcement was pretty strong for anyone really paying attention and the demos showed promise even at such an early stage. How has that progressed in 6 months? l'd like a peek at that. Even third parties should have some solid stuff to show.

Now, given a year Nintendo should be able to come up with something truly stunning. Small teams have undoubtedly sussed out what the Wii U is capable of and where the strengths of the controller are. My only concern is that Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 7, and Mario 3D Land are so good that the most serious work on Wii U games at Nintendo is probably JUST beginning.



SLiM said:

Really hoping for some good launch titles. It will be a day one purchase as long as the titles are there. Otherwise it may be a Christmas purchase.



arrmixer said:

I agree with SLim... I'm still waiting to buy a 3ds. Unless the Wii U has something to offer me in terms of software... I'll just pass till a later date.. : )



arrmixer said:

on another note if thrid party publishers are smart.. they should offer collections for potenial Wii U owners who doesn't own a 360 or PS3...

would love to own a Mass effect collection, Assain's creed collection, etc....



aaronsullivan said:

@11 I wonder what the "wii sports" of the Wii U will be? Seems like Nintendo will want to rake in more traditional gamers along with the non-trads, but I'm not sure what that looks like.
Actually, I think we've seen it a little bit. It's the games that use Miis but they have Nintendo character costumes on. And it's games where there is a team against the special controller person. It could work to a degree.

Will definitely need something deep to go along with it at launch. I think the effect of having a game like that was diminished at the Wii launch because Twilight Princess was also available for the Gamecube and the Wii motion controls were hammered in there. If Nintendo could come up with something that simultaneously captured the gamer looking for something deep and graphically competitive with XBox/PS3 while also utilizing the new controller in a universally captivating way, Nintendo could capture back a big portion of traditional gamers.

Now for the non-trads Nintendo has to overcome all the Wiis locked away in closets that people REMEMBER having a blast with but gave up on. I'm thinking the casual lounging angle could convince people that they'd use it more often. Yes, kids can play some games without hogging the TV, but anybody can do stuff like casual games, drawing, surfing the web, chatting like on a tablet and then turn it into a party device like the old Wii when you feel like it.



aaronsullivan said:

That's a good idea about the collections. All depends on how hard the conversion process is and it would be great if they could add some Wii U specific features. Sure would go a long way if there were some familiar franchises up there with the Wii U name on it. A promise of things to come right at the launch and (possibly) an inexpensive way to introduce new people to the franchises coming up in a year or so.



CrazyOtto said:

Seems like any every event involving the Wii U has been in the US so far. They never said a single word about the Wii U in any Japanese events.



Jr-Joe said:

Maybe they'll show off the final Wii U form along with price and release date @ CES so people can get their money ready for Christmas. I'm sticking with my $369.99 guess.



Khlx said:

this sucks... i live in dubai D: i wish we had something over here ... oh well, life is sweet and sour lol



Thwiidscube said:

@7 There are tons more cooler Mario games besides those 3 (those rock too)! Mario 3D Land, the first 2 Paper Mario games (SPM sucks in my opinion), Mario Kart 7... I could name a lot!

Anyway, I hope we get to hear more about the Wii U! Some people may say it's weird looking and it sounds like it sucks, but I disagree... the graphics are very nice to me, and a few of the games shown look great!



Metal_Slugger said:

I hope this is an indication it will be released sooner than later. My money is waiting for you Nintendo. I just hope I can transfer all my purchased VC games to the Wii U.



Ren said:

Can't come soon enough. If the hardware is strong enough 3rd parties will dive behind a hidef nintendo console. They already got so much material that could (possibly) be easily ported over with some basic touch/menu features added. It's a gold mine, and the longer they wait the more likely die hard N-fans like myself are just going to give in and buy a dirt cheap x-box.



misswliu81 said:

@9 i don't want them to rush things either but i also want to make sure the line-up is strong enough, the 3DS line-up was quite lackluster.

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