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Rumour: GBA Ambassador Games Delayed to 2012

Posted by James Newton


Update: Nintendo UK has stated the 3DS GBA Ambassador games will still release this year.

After the delay of the 3DS system update we've got another digital delay rumour: according to Nintendo Spain, the Game Boy Advance Ambassador games won't be available until 2012.

The site says "disponibles a partir del próximo año," which roughly translates as "available from next year," before going on to list the five announced GBA Ambassador titles. Nintendo's German site also says next year, whereas the French, Italian and English sites both say this year.

We're working to get to the bottom of this and will keep you posted.


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alan123456 said:

I think it's fine. We all have something to play in the meantime. But I hope it's just another typo by nintendo lol



alLabouTandroiD said: now also says "available from next year"
While i hope it's not true at least it will give me time to enjoy the many other games of the Christmas season.



sillygostly said:

Oh, get stuffed.
Really, who DIDN'T see this one coming?! -.-

Not that I'm short of games. I've got Mario Kart 7, Professor Layton and Super Pokemon Rumble to look forward to this weekend, so I'm good. =P



alLabouTandroiD said:

@James: I've read it here. Right under the NES games it says "Ab kommendem Jahr verfügbar."
A bit more clicking and it says they'll be available until the end of the year here though. ("Die 10 Virtual Console Game Boy Advance-Titel folgen bis Ende des Jahres.")



McRokert said:

Well it would be strange to delay them , I mean are the forgetting that they have ripped us off 100 euro , At least thats the diference in price in the Netherlands .. , Well we got Mario Kart 7 since Monday so i cant complain ....



goldgin said:

Very disappointed. When one feels ripped off, one needs immediate compensation. If they weren't ready to provide it in due time then give some of your current assets instead, even at a loss.
In other words: Give us a free 1st party retail game of our choice. That's all we ever wanted.
I'm getting a vita anyway. Nintendo failed to show me they didn't just abuse 3d technology to earn more money. Once again they cut back on processing power failing to provide decent Internet applications (browser) and new features (vita now offers remote play). They just bundled a GameCube with a small 3d screen in our pockets. Their CEO should resign.



Aviator said:

I'm surprised that people still think they're entitled to these games.

Nintendo could give you a big middle finger, as the roll in their hundreds, whatever little amount they have.

yet still people are all gimme gimme gimme, rah rah rah



Bankai said:

Yeah, I love how so many people think of themselves as Nintendo fans, but want Nintendo to bankrupt itself to make them happy.



CorusFace said:

yeah, nintendo is horrible, and sony hasn't done anything wrong at all?
overpriced system, extremely expensive proprietary memory cards, lackluster launch titles, ridiculous 3g setup, limited backwards compatibility that isn't even all available come launch.... need i go on?



CorusFace said:

@ 23
ign just does that when they don't have a firm date. kid icarus is slated for december 31, 2012! that can't be right at all.



McRokert said:

@ChibiLink and if he is we are not going to like him , and he dont want that ofcourse hahaha ! , I will call nintendo NL today and see what they have to say , i dont think very much because a other time i called , they didnt even know what kind of sd card suits the 3ds



sykotek said:

Japan's end of fiscal year 2011 or 2011-nendo is on March 31, 2012. Obviously, the original statement with intent to "release by the end of the year" was mistranslated from Japanese to English. Also painfully obvious are the various Nintendo Western Representatives that are quoting from the date from the original mistranslation.

We will be receiving these games by April 1, 2012. That is all.



sfogation said:

@CorusFace so u saying that ninty is horrible and has an overpriced system and that sony hasnt done anything wrong well i gotta to that u are WRONG because ninty realized that and they fixed that with the price drop but sony doesn't learn apart from the psvita been a little too pricey they announced that a 4gb sd card specially for the system will cost $29 8gb like $60 or something oh all i remember is that a 32gb is around or over the 3ds price

don't believe me check it out for your self at



James said:

@sfogation Not necessarily true: Gamestop listed those prices, not Sony, and they're likely to be placeholders rather than absolute cast-iron prices.



LztheQuack said:

Surely people obviously forgot about the Spotpass reminder we got less than two weeks ago



CorusFace said:

i'm sorry, i was being entirely sarcastic in the first sentence of my post. every issue i listed was in regards to what sony is pulling with the ps vita. NOT nintendo or the 3ds!



ChaosTheChao said:

End of 2011: "Sorry Ambassidors you will get the games in 2012"
End of 2012: "Sorry Ambassidors you will get the games in 2013"
End of 2013: "Sorry Ambassidors you will get the games in 2014"

And so on.



Matty2310 said:

It better not be. At least I'll have a whole heap of games like SML3D, LOZ SS and MK7 to keep me entertained.

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