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Resident Evil Revelations Trailer Goes Back to Basics

Posted by James Newton


Resident Evil Revelations might be one of the best looking games on the way to 3DS but, as is the series' tradition, it's not just an exercise in graphical grunt: there's a nonsensical plot tying it all together too.

Publishing partners Nintendo and Capcom just released a new trailer introducing Terragrigia, a European city that's central to the game's storyline. There's only one way to introduce a new city in Resident Evil land: with some slightly cheesy dialogue and rendered cut scenes, of course.

The cruise ship Queen Zenobia has its own website too if you want to learn more about the ill-fated liner, which is scheduled to make its first departure in late January 2012.

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bowkid50 said:

I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!! and also NL is a traitor!!! they made the vitagamer site



boge said:

Eh, this is looking like a "maybe" for me. Not a single straight-up zombie in the whole trailer? Call me a purist but when did RE become all mutants and warfare? Looks more action than horror.



retro_player_22 said:

I agree with boge, if this is a Resident Evil game I expect to see at least a few clips of zombies in it but in this trailer there weren't any zombies to be seen at all, just a bunch of mutants that should had been in an Alone in the Dark or Silent Hill game. What the hell was Crapcom doing with this franchise? The E3 2010 trailer look and feels way better than this.




Okay Capcom. I hope you keep your word. Please keep the horror and action balance at least between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. On the brighter side, the atmosphere reminds me of Raccoon City. I'll be even happier if they include zombies.



KAI7321 said:

Between the rendered cutscenes + RAID mode + overall graphics and animation quality, anyone else think this game is going to be REALLY short due to the capacity of the 3DS cart? ...that or chock full of frame rate issues?



Azikira said:

@KAI7321: It's going to be put on a 4Gig Cart, that's why it's $49.99 instead of $39.99. I'm sure it'll be as long as the average Resident Evil game. :3

And pretty much just as sweet. Gunna be a day-1 adopter, hehe.



Gameday said:

Barry... Wheres Barry. Lol sry that had nothing to do with this game just wanted to say it.

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