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Nintendo Takes Home Four Awards at Spike VGAs

Posted by James Newton

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Last night's Spike Video Game Awards might have been more of a glossy advert reel than a bona fide awards show, but that doesn't take the sheen off Nintendo's four awards on the night.

The biggest gong saw The Legend of Zelda receive the first-ever Video Game Hall of Fame Award, picked up by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto, who gave a short acceptance speech that included this choice nugget:

We always push ourselves, and we're grateful you notice.

Here's the rest of the relevant awards:

BEST Wii GAME: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
BEST MOTION GAME: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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User Comments (25)



DigitalGreentea said:

ThaBlackBaron made the VGA's man, that was awesome! I'm proud being in the N-Dub Nation (Nintendo Community group with Baron as leader check him out on Youtube)
Yeah Miyamoto is awesome!!



Blaze said:

@Aviator ? It won Best Wii Game, Best Motion Game, and the Video Game Hall of Fame Award. That's 3, right?



Aviator said:

bleh my bad, It won 2. The series won the hall of fame, not SS.

Also, Bastion, Portal 2 and Batman: Arkham City all won more than SS did.



ennan said:

@Aviator - oh well. Nintendo should just give up then. No point in all this development rubbish if other games are winning awards too, right?

Really Nintendo - why you bothering? I mean I love Skyward Sword but if Portal 2, Batman etc all won some stuff then clearly I must be an idiot...



Aviator said:

Gee, way to take something out of context.

I was simply referring to the fact that MiracleBlaze stated SS ruled the awards, when it did not.



ennan said:

@Aviator in that case sir I shall cancel our stormy mountaintop battle to the death and wish you a good day.

Have fun, be jolly.



TKOWL said:

Super Mario 3D Land totally deserved it. Great game, it really split the line between console and handheld game.



Punny said:

Congrats on the Video Game Hall of Fame Award! I can't wait to get my hands on Skyward Sword...



Haxonberik said:

Im disappointed that SS lost in a bunch of categories, but I saw it coming because many members of the jury only review PC or Xbox360 games, or are Xbox, PC, or PS based even though the review other consoles. Thus, the GotY award among many others were more than probably going to multi-platform games that all reviewed. Always keep that in mind in this awards.



zeeroid said:

lol VGAs

I fast forwarded through the "show" and just watched the trailers and reveals. Much better use of my time. I did stop for a second to listen to Shiggy's acceptance speech, however. It was a rare treat to hear him speak in English; we all know how much he shies away from it, lest his meaning not come across as intended. But he did a great job!



Lan said:

I hate spike tv. I only watch it cuz of their UFC contract. Which is about to end.



Aronos said:

The award is a monkey with a crown holding a joystick. It's the mascot for the VGA's I guess.
When I first saw it, I thought it was a squid.



Chrono_Cross said:

I'm surprised Arkham City got as many rewards as it did. I wasn't too thrilled by it...

Now Portal 2... Now that was an awesome game and deserved every reward.



CanisWolfred said:

While I'm still happy for Nintendo, I still dislike the VGAs for being pretty much the video game version of the MTV awards and don't find them to be respectable.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@22: The MTV VMAs are far more entertaining though. Last year's VGAs was downright insulting to gamers.



casualgamer said:

@ aviator and ennon

CHILL its the freaking spike vgas. its been horrible since the dawn of this inaccurate award "show." its a freaking joke. i was surprised by the inclusion of the Wii at all. The year Mario Galaxy 2 came out it wasn't even nominated game of the year despite being the most critically acclaimed game that year. i was almost positive there would be no wii games at all.

the vga awards are for the h@rdc0r3 geek who thinks blasting a virtual military gun makes him "cool" or manly".

its actually a shame miyamoto attended at all. he has much better things to accomplish with his time than attend a biased "video game" awards show(if we can call it that)which only cares about advertisement and immature "man" humor and has little to do with the art of gaming itself.

ya know, questioning why Zelda didnt win more awards at the vgas is like questioning why Twilight won so many awards at the Kids Choice Awards.... only worse



childofacid said:

I never really watched this "award" show, but it was nice to see Zelda get more praise. I will wait to see who the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences chooses for Game of The Year. Skyrim should have been disqualified for releasing a bugged game.

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