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Nintendo Japan's Website Has Swapnote Videos

Posted by James Newton

You should watch them

Swapnote — aka Nintendo Letter Box — is the 3DS messaging service, and it's out in Japan today.

Nintendo Japan's website has videos of the application in motion, and now we have a better understanding of how it'll work.

You can create notes of up to four pages long to be sent to a friend over the Internet (i.e. SpotPass) or locally via StreetPass. The recipient will see your note being drawn, though there's no animation abilities, so that'll have to wait until Flipnote Memo next year. You can add sound using the 3DS microphone or a photo taken with the camera, or use one of the built-in backgrounds unlocked by spending Play Coins.

It certainly seems this isn't an as-live chat function, hence the Letter Box name in Europe, and is more likely to be a WiiConnect24-style messaging service that encourages you to check your messages every so often. The site also shows how you can use the application as a diary.

Head over to the Nintendo Japan site to see Swapnote/Nintendo Letter Box in action.

Nintendo Letter Box will be available in Europe tomorrow. We'll know at 1pm UK time if it'll also be out in North America, so check for the Nintendo Download then.


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Aqueous said:

Soon I shall message every member of Streetpass Halifax and that will make planning so much easier, plus I can figure out where some people have gone.



brandonbwii said:

Looks cute and VERY Nintendo. Looks like Nnoo's myPostcards but better. The use of Play Coins is a nice touch, though I already have too many games that utilize that feature.



123akis said:

if you go to the nintendo japan swapnote website and scan that QR code (go to the 3ds home menu and click the L or R button click the symbol on the bottom left) it will open in the eshop but it will say software unavailable because it;s a code for the japan eshop



BenAV said:

The videos look pretty cool.
Can't wait to play around with it!



Victoria said:

Looks like a lot of fun! I still get a kick out of reading the short message people put on the Friends List, so this will really liven things up. It'll be nice to exchange proper messages to them now.



FriedSquid said:

Well, no animation is somewhat of a let down, but I suppose it makes sense with Flipnote Memo coming up. Looking forward to this. Although I do wonder, when using the StreetPass method, can notes only be shared with friends or strangers as well?



FailMan said:

Can't wait for this! It's going to be awesome!! Now I don't have to guess when my friends want to play SUPER Street Fighter IV!!



GreenAbobo said:

I'm psyched for this too. Been practicing my touch screen handwriting on the "notes" app in preparation.



grumblegrumble said:

Just watched the videos and this looks great! I love the icon for it, too, and love the fact that Spotpass notifies you of new e-mail/messages. The 3DS is really shaping up to be much better than the Wii ever was, imho. Great system, and I'm so glad I was an early adopter



Denisse said:

I thought they were going to replace Filipnote Hatena with Sawonote 0.o

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