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Nintendo Japan Preparing Skyward Sword Save File Fixer

Posted by James Newton

Will it reach the West?

You may remember we posted how to avoid Skyward Sword's game-ending glitch, but if that advice came too late then Nintendo of Japan is preparing a solution in the form of a program to fix glitched save files.

Full details aren't available yet but Nintendo will offer two options. Users with internet access will be able to download software that will fix the issue; those living in offline land can send in their SD card or Wii console.

We're not sure when the software will go live, or if it'll work with save files from western consoles, but we'll keep you posted.


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NX01Trekkie1992 said:

I was lucky enough to avoid the glitch, but I'm glad to hear that Big N is working on a way to help the people who weren't so lucky



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Who has a Wii and doesn't have an Internet connection?

But anyway, yeah, that's good. Hope it'll be available in the US for those poor SUCKERS! HAHAHA



SLiM said:

Good to hear the issue is being addressed. Hopefully not too many people ran into this problem.



Link79 said:

There's a really simple solution to avoiding this glitch.
When it's time to do the part with the three dragons do them in this order... Water, Fire and then Thunder.
It's the same order in which you visit these areas at the begining of the game.
So that's Faron, Eldin and last Lanayru. Never start with the thunder dragon first.
That's what causes the glitch. Always follow this pattern and you'll never get the glitch.
Problem solved!



Big_Gamer said:

@Link79 well except for those wo already suffered from it. But by the time this gets out they probably already played through it more then once



Link79 said:

Rather than the game giving you the choice of which part to do first it should have been a pre set path. It just seemed like the order should be the same as the order you first visit the areas so that's what I did. Glad it worked out for me but it is unfortunite for the unlucky few.



motang said:

Good, hopefully we can all get that option (if we do run into this awful bug)!



Gamesake said:

Dowsing saved me from the game ending glitch!

Initially I was headed for the Thunder Dragon (and disaster) because I heard he had treasure, but I decided to take on a little side quest first. Dowsing led me to Eldin instead of Lanayru, forcing me to meet the Fire Dragon before the others.



alLabouTandroiD said:

As long as you make this available to the entire west you can take your time, Ninty. Just makes me feel better about neither having started yet nor being able to foresee the time when i can actually enjoy it.



rjejr said:

Wow, I just got on the invisible ghost ship (after 30+ hours of play, I don't know how people finish these games so quickly) so I think I have a ways to go yet, but dam if I hit that glitch it'ld be "hello Gamestop trade-in desk". I always keep a 2nd save file around when possible (haven't found a single 3DS game yet where that's possible however) so I may have been ok but who knows.

They delayed this game a year no make it better and nobody figured this out? Nice QA work.



DarkKirby said:

Wait... I thought it was stated in the past that games were not patchable on the Wii? Isn't that why in the past the only option was to mail in your save game when there were big bugs?



The_Fox said:

I would hope they release it outside of Japan. Kind of a dick move to patch the game but not allow everyone to access it.



ToxieDogg said:

I've just done that bit...did them in the order of Eldin, Lanyaru and then Faron and had no idea this glitch existed! Luckily I seem to have avoided it...kinda sucks if you can't do the Thunder Dragon first though because once you've learnt his song, you can do his challenge which nets you a cool unbreakable Hylian Shield if you complete it.

If this glitch had affected me, I'd have lost around 45-50 hours of play, and I WOULD NOT have been happy.....



sinalefa said:

I am exactly at this part, and I had read about the glitch, so I started at Eldin. Wanted to do Farone first, but I could not get into the forest, then I went to Eldin, got the song and went to the Sealed Grounds, and then to the forest. After that it will be Lanayru.

I have a file saved before the whole thing just in case.

Oh, and that caption is wrong, since that is not the Goron who causes the glitch. It is the other one.




Sure it's great big N is doing this but I don't get those people that made a big deal about the glich in the first place. I mean just don't go to the Fire Dragon first duh!! Problem solved!!

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