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Nintendo Download: 29th December 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Bionic Commando!

Just because the Christmas celebrations are winding down doesn't mean we can't feel all festive and excited about the final Nintendo Download of 2011. What choice delights does Nintendo Europe have lined up for excited eShoppers this week? Read on, dear reader, and find out.

3DS Virtual Console

Bionic Commando (Game Boy, Capcom, £3.60/€4) — The grappling hook-toting hero comes to 3DS in this rather enjoyable Game Boy side-scroller. Also released in North America on the same day, we'll have a full review soon.


Antipole (Saturnine Games, 500pts) — A very enjoyable gravity-flipping adventure, read all about it in our Antipole review.

Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish (GoodbyeGalaxyGames, 500pts) — Hugo Smits' one-button action game makes it to Europe before 2012 rolls in. We'll have a full review soon, but in the meantime check out our Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish first impressions.

WiiWare Demo

Gnomz (QubicGames, full version: 500pts) — Jump on some ceramic heads in a playable demo of this brawler, then read our Gnomz review for the full lowdown.

What will you be downloading to wave goodbye to 2011?

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User Comments (21)



skells33 said:

so i better wait until next year for flip note then. so nothing for me to buy this week



chewytapeworm said:

In fairness, the Antipole video looked pretty cool, so I might invest some of my Christmas points on it.



Omega said:

I only have a Wii. Since there are no new WiiWare or VC games: Nothing for me.



killer6370 said:

Nothing from new ones ill donload older vc games to show nintendo that we need more of em



Splodge said:

Still no Cave Story on DSiware! Thought it was coming Q4 2011. I hope it hasn't been cancelled for Europe.



Splodge said:

@Private-Pegasus That's a real pity if it's true. Especially because I have zero interest in Cave Story 3D. I really don't like what they've done with it.



BenAV said:

Nothing for me.
Oh well, I haven't even found the time to play Mighty Switch Force yet and I should try to go easy on my wallet anyway.



Sockymon said:

The novelty of playing Gameboy games has worn off for me. If there's nothing new in 3D then I'll pass. Still too bust writing Letterbox notes and playing Mighty Switch Force anyway.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Bright prospects here. A download of Antipole and the Gnomz demo is a given. And if reviews say that Bionic Commando and Flipper 2 are as great as i think they'll follow soon.



Raptor78 said:

Japan got four new Demos in their eshop update!! Including Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil... when are they going to make there way over to blighty?



alLabouTandroiD said:

"Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Video - The 3D Machine" - Searching for this phrase on youtube leads you to a great little short cartoon.
The 3D in it is impressive too so make sure to check your Nintendo Video app for it first.

Written on the 3DS so i sadly can't give a direct link.



Davva said:

I got Bionic Commando on Capcom Collection (vol 1) for PS2, but i'll still get the GB game as i understand this is not really a port of the arcade game, but based on a NES game, which was pretty different to the arcade.

@battLeToaD: yes, definitely agree with you, 'The 3D machine' cartoon was the best thing i've seen so far on the Nintendo video app, very stylish, funny and great 3D too

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