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Nintendo Donates 5,000 3DS Consoles to The Louvre

Posted by James Newton

Imagine all those StreetPasses

The home of the Mona Lisa will loan 3DS consoles to visitors from March next year in a new partnership between The Louvre and Nintendo, as reported by PhysOrg.

The consoles will feature Nintendo-developed content including audio guides in seven languages under the editorial direction of the Louvre. The museum hopes the consoles will help visitors get more from their trip: just 4% of its 8.5m annual visitors use traditional audio-guides.

Nintendo said earlier this year that the 3DS could be your ticket to international museums; from next March, it will be.


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Aviator said:

I hate audio guides in museums. I'd rather analyze a work at my own pace, and through my own thoughts, rather than having some robotic voice in my head.



Aviator said:

It would smell of baguettes, cheese and wine though. Worth it? I think so.



Victoria said:

I hate those audio guides as well, and I hate getting stuck behind the people listening to them. They look like such dweebs. I'd rather discuss what I'm seeing with people I'm with or even the strangers around me than listen to those boring monologs with their fake re-enactment sound effects.
Anyway ... I really don't think Nintendo thinks the 3DS is going to help visitors get more from the museum .... they're hoping to sell more 3DSs.



Grackler said:

I seem to remember Miyamoto doing a talk about the DS several years ago, and a custom device Ninty had designed based on it for museums in Japan. It had a form of tracking, so it knew which exhibit you where at, and would show you close-ups and extra information in menus, it looked really smart. Hopefully something similar is on these 3DS (like some AR tagging of picture features)



alLabouTandroiD said:

But maybe you can choose what and when to hear it more easily ?

I'd be interested to see how they're gonna use the 3D. And if they do how they're getting people who are not yet interested in the 3DS to hold it right. They'd have to disable it for young kids too so my guess is it won't play a big part.

Might think about it if you really can get that many StreetPasses though. And why not do it all the time there ? My brain refuses to keep any information it gets in museums anyway.

And imagine a perma-download of the audio descriptions for people who bring their own 3DS'ses. Would be another nice, small bonus for owning the system i'd be just a little proud of.



AVahne said:

If it's anything like what the museum that Nintendo owns in Japan has, then this should be really good.



SLiM said:

Imagine the chaos of a thousand people in a museum spinning in circles while playing Face Raiders!



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm sure that these 3DS consoles probably use some sort of customized firmware that would make them incompatible with games, streetpass, etc. I'd imagine they also have security devices attached to them to prevent theft. That said, it would be nice if the app could download onto users personal 3DSs, then they could keep the app forever as a souvenir for visiting the museum.

I already have the "Nintendo Zone" app, which did a drive-by-download onto my 3DS without any input from me, when I was at Best Buy. It really did very little but advertise games and run sample demos and videos, but I kept it anyway. I hope the 3DS never gets hacked, otherwise somebody could write a trojan horse or virus that propagates itself from one 3DS console to the next via streetpass; although it would be kinda funny if someone created a 3DS homebrew channel that went viral by propagating itself through streetpass until three-quarters of the 3DS users on Earth had downloaded it and were enjoying free games!!!



ThumperUK said:

Implemented properly, I've no doubt it will be alot better than those audio guides. Using AR to point at objects and then get more information will be a great idea and will promote the 3DS (which of course is the reason for this tie-in).

Personally though, I'd much rather NoE had donated 5,000 consoles to children's hospitals.



Lobster said:

I actually like audio guides sometimes, and I used one at Versailles. This could be interesting. I wouldn't knock it yet.



lonlon-milker said:

That is the greatest idea since.... well since I decided I was going to have toast for breakfast, but still I like the idea a lot and I hope the ROM will do the same thing.



Thwiidscube said:

I don't care what everyone else says, but this sounds like a nice idea! Keep it up Nintendo!



Jono97 said:

They should also send out 3DS download play for the ppl who already has a 3DS



Wolfenstein83 said:

That just sounds strange to me.
Are they hurting that much for people to go to a museum?
I mean, I am all for the 3DS no matter what, but in an art museum?
According to what I have read, it's the most visited art museum in the whole world...hmmm...I see, they want the art folks to get in on the action too, eh?
Ah well, whatever, power to the people, er, I mean the 3DS!



Link245 said:

This is a TERRIBLE idea. You'd have to be charging the 3DS's constantly, and plus, who would want to use a 3DS to tour an art museum? I'd rather have the traditional audio tour. Plus, why would they use the 3D?



Geonjaha said:

Man walks into museum
Man: Hi - can I have one of those 3DS's? Thanks!
Switches it on - hears tour guide
Shakes it a couple of times
Man: Yeah so where are the games?
Staff: Oh they dont play games. But you can learn about great art like the Mona Lisa
Man: ....*Pushmo*na Lisa?
Staff: No
Man: D:



Mariokart7fan said:

what a great playwriter you are @24 almost as good as
william shakespere,
And no i don't think that is a good idea should have donated them to charity.

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