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Nintendo America Posts Xenoblade Art on Facebook

Posted by James Newton

And Gamestop confirms listing

After the earlier Gamestop rumour we now have more evidence that Xenoblade Chronicles is heading to North America after all.

The Nintendo Facebook page just posted up an album of Xenoblade artwork, adding further fuel to speculation the the much-requested Japanese RPG is heading to North America after all.

Gamestop has also confirmed exclusively to us that the game does exist in their system exactly as the photo we posted earlier.


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TylerS said:

I should get this game already but it took forever to come to USA



Katzii said:

Does that mean NA people will shut up complaining now and using Xenoblade as a rebuttal for EU not getting certain things?



Hardy83 said:

Oh well. They already lost my sale with how they acted when people wanted to know if it was coming.

But I guess good for the people who haven't played it yet.



mikejonesuk said:

I'm really excited about this!

I don't know why though - I've already put over a hundred hours into Xenoblade Chronicles since I bought it on the first day it was released in the UK.

Anyway, I'm hoping it's true for our colonial cousins' sake.



RevolverLink said:

Reggie, I don't care that you're probably a puppet and possibly made out of hamburger, I could kiss you right on your big, meaty, name-taking mouth. I hardly ever shop at GameStop anymore, but I'll absolutely be putting down the money for a pre-order as soon as I can.

I'd still very much like to see the Last Story make its way over here, but this is certainly a nice improvement from getting jack squat.



brandonbwii said:

I see hardy the hater is back in full force. With hate for even less of a reason to hate than before even. Anyway, day 1 buy



darklinkinfinite said:

well, I know what I'm doing after I get out of class

"would you like to pre-order any upcoming games"



darkgamer001 said:

Well done to everyone who never gave up. Well done to all Operation Rainfall members. They have really shown the power of grass roots fan movements and are an inspiration to other movements such as Operation Moonfall and 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3.
Next up, the localization of The Last Story and Pandora's Tower =)



theblackdragon said:

and now begins OpRa's epic backpatting sequence when NoA's been planning this since the beginning, probably.

/me yawns~



V8_Ninja said:

I guess video game petitions are good for something. Let's hope this sells well so that we get The Last Story.



Rensch said:

This game is awesome. I'm not surprised seeing how well it does here.



FluttershyGuy said:

Victory at last, yay! Happy to see that there will be something to look forward to Wii-wise next year before Wii U. I do hope this is a sign of hope for The Last Story too. I've especially waited for it, since it comes from Mr. Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Between this and Skyward Sword, how will my Wii hold up to all this awesomeness, after so much lameness for so long? If do get the other OpRa games, and moar VC, my Wii will melt, and I'll have nothing to play my games on until Wii U!

I want an invite to that party, given that the falling is coming from women.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Never thought this was gonna happen...
How inspiring.
Congratulations to all those members here in Operation Rainfall, or whatever it was called.



iPruch said:

Finally! I'm so happy that everyone can enjoy this masterpiece now =)



komicturtle said:

I don't think the petition had much of anything to do with this.

I had a hunch it was coming, even after they said "we have no current plans". It made perfect sense to hold this back for Spring in America, since Nintendo's initial plan was to "space out" releases as much as possible, as said by Iwata

Last Story and Pandora's Tower may even come out late next year or over the summer, even. Nintendo still has 3 games to put out: Pokepark 2, Rhythm Heaven and Mario Party 9. So, they have 6 games for Wii and 12 months... Do the math.



MeloMan said:

I never thought words could be a great Christmas present, but this has made my December already.



rjejr said:

Shingi thanks for the link. I'm really looking forward to this even more after watching that video. And I'm glad it's not coming out until April as I don't think Zelda would have compared favorably after playing this.

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