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Miyamoto Sure Has Some Weird Game Ideas

Posted by James Newton

Baby-raising and family struggles

Shigeru Miyamoto's ideas come from all angles. Pikmin came from gardening; Wii Fit from his wife bringing home a new set of bathroom scales. We're almost afraid to ask about the inspiration of an idea revealed in a recently translated discussion all the way from 1989 (thanks to Siliconera.)

The discussion in question takes place between Miyamoto and Dragon Quest overlord Yuji Horii, where they chat about RPGs and ideas for the future. That's when Miyamoto comes out with this gem of a game idea:

How about a game where you get to be a mother-in-law who bullies your son’s young wife? It’d be like in Star of the Giants where the wife wouldn’t submit to you and you’d have to compete with her by trying to throw her out of the house in a certain number of months.

Sounds like a must for the Wii U launch.


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CyberNature said:

Honestly, I'd play anything made by Miyamoto. He could make a game about monkeys throwing feces at each other and I'd play it.



LordJumpMad said:

"chat about RPGs and ideas for the future"
Do it Miyamoto
and don't do another sport game with Square Enix....



Danglybits said:

Maybe its my British sense of humour but I fill i could have a lot of fun with this game if
A its ever made
B Its has a good sense of humour thats not to childish
C Its release out side of Japan



alLabouTandroiD said:

Sadly they took out that part in the Cooking Mama games. Leaving you with nothing more than a "even better than mama" as a leftover.



NintyMan said:

I'm sure you would think up some crazy ideas at first before settling on a good idea. Maybe Miyamoto was doing that just to jumpstart his mind about something brilliant, such as Mario Kart. That was after 1989.

Still, it'd be a bad move even for Miyamoto to make bullying look like fun, even if it was comical in-law squabbling. But who's to say that he would twist it around to make it work? Miyamoto has surely moved on to other things, but it would be cool if he made his own RPG.



RVN said:

make a game about trolling through the internets, lots of people would actually stop trolling everywhere in real life just for the sake of being trolls



Kagamine said:

I... I might..... I might buy this if he makes it legit. As said above if anyboody could do it, miyamoto can



sketchturner said:

Miyamoto had a hand in helping create Chibi Robo, a game dealing with a lazy toy-obsessed father who won't get a job, leading to his wife wanting to shut herself in her room because she wants a divorce. Meanwhile, their daughter only speaks in ribbits, and all the toys and animals are alive.

Most amazingly, Chibi Robo had one of the most interesting storylines I've ever seen in a game. This mother-in-law thing doesn't sound that crazy to me.



bro2dragons said:

Sounds like it would play like a more bitter version of Chibi-Robo. Do tasks. Set things up. Things happen around you. People change. Keep doing your thing, applying a little more forethought to the consequences as you go. You win.



SKTTR said:

Yep, I too think that 1989 idea was realized in 2005's Chibi Robo.



Supremeist said:

Well that's an awful strange idea. I think that they should make something where all the Nintendo characters (Mario, Link, Kirby, etc.) join in on an RPG type style of game and release it for WiiU and 3DS. But that won't ever happen I bet.



AlbertoC said:

@26: Except that this conversation was on 1989... And Link doesn't have parents, at least seen in game.



joevox316 said:

If Square and Nintendo have been teaming up so much lately, then why has nothing come of a Mario RPG 2? Heck, I'd love to see 3D Classics: Mario RPG.




Weird? Well, it's certainly better than coming up with continuous wave of senseless violent games, zombie themed games, too-similar fps games, and even Mario games! Legend of Zelda is a different story.



Freeon-Leon said:

This doesn't sound that wierd, I mean... A plumber who throws fireballs and eat mushrooms in order to grow up while he stomps on turtles and saves a princess isn't that normal



timp29 said:

@2 A game with monkeys throwing faeces at each other would be awesome full stop. Evil mother-in-law I have doubt but Monkey Poop Wars would be insta-success!!!1



AltDotNerd said:

He WOULD make it work. After all, he make a game about a plumber that fights turtles and grows larger from mushrooms. And a game where a monkey throws barrels and all you do is jump. He can make it happen.



Teh-Ray said:

Tanuki suits not controversial enough?

Have a game about family abuse!

No, but seriously, I wanna see this idea come to life, just to see what's in that amazing man's head.



rafaelluik said:

Monkey Poop Wars!!!! LMFAO SO HARD!! hahahaha

hahaha huahu

The comments here are fantastic!



Henmii said:

EA took the idea and created The Sims. Or did I say something really strange there?

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