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Miyamoto: "Retro Could Work with Nintendo on Zelda"

Posted by James Newton

Zelda Prime?

Retro Studios has a pretty incredible development record: having developed Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns there's understandable excitement about what other Nintendo franchises the Texan studio can turn its magic hand to next. How about The Legend of Zelda?

Shigeru Miyamoto spoke to 1Up about Retro's involvement in Mario Kart 7, and ever so daintily touched on a future collaboration between Nintendo's Entertainment Analysis and Development Division and Retro:

As you know, we have already collaborated with Retro for the Metroid Prime series in the past. And I think when we talk about any other franchise, Zelda might be a possible franchise for that collaboration.

Would you like to see Retro handle a Zelda game?


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BenAV said:

Sounds awesome!
Retro has done some amazing things so far so I'd love to see what they could do with a big franchise like Zelda.
I have faith in them.



grumblebuzzz said:

They've not really ever screwed anything up so I don't seem them doing anything but good for Zelda.



iPruch said:

OMG! Prepare for a new approach on the Zelda formula, and possibly one of the best entries in the series! If there is anyone who's able to refresh a saga without loosing its essence, Retro Studios is that one.



JayceJa said:

im not sure, i have no doubt itd be a brilliant game, but i wouldnt know if it would be better or not
while i love metroid prime, a lot of people prefer the old school 2d metroid games, and while donkeykong country returns is brilliant, i prefer the old country games



KryptoKrunch said:

This sounds like a good idea. Maybe they could dev. the original Zelda title for the 3DS?



Whopper744 said:

I have to say I've loved Retro's work so far. And Zelda is probably my favorite series. It could work. It may even bring a little freshness to the series.



ueI said:

I don't see why not. Retro hasn't made any bad games and it wouldn't be the first time Nintendo had someone else work on Zelda.



JettiBlue said:

OMG that would be thrilling!! We've been asking for this, is it gonna happen now?? Retro is the best



Link79 said:

Well they did Metroid and Donkey Kong proud.
I wouldn't have a problem with their take on a Zelda game.
Just not first person. I know it worked for Metroid but with Zelda I'm just not seeing it.



bezerker99 said:

Retro is awesome! I would certainly feel more comfortable with them working on my favorite franchise (rather than, say.....the dreadful Team Ninja).



taffy said:

Let them do Star Fox, that franchise needs more attention then Zelda at the moment!



NintyMan said:

I wouldn't mind if Retro did any series or genre. They could do just about anything in my book. Zelda, Star Fox, or F-Zero would all benefit from their talented work.



Late said:

And after Zelda it's time to move forward and help making a new Pokémon game



JGMR said:

"Would you like to see Retro handle a Zelda game?"

Yes. A re-interpretation of Zelda II or III please...



shinesprite said:

@James ". . . collaboration between Nintendo's Entertainment Analysis and Development Division and Retor:"

Shouldn't that be "Retro".



retro_player_22 said:

Retro is awesome but I think after The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo should let Retro Studio work on an original title for once.



Rapadash6 said:

I'm sure Retro would do an excellent job with any project Nintendo might throw their way, but I really want to see a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii U before anything else.



bro2dragons said:

I'd love to see Zelda get a western eye just to see what they could bring to it. I think a lot of good for the franchise could come out of that.



Meta-Rift said:

Zelda is good, Zelda by Retro Studios is better. Then again, I'd say that about most Nintendo franchises.



Robo-goose said:

We're talking about retro studios, here. These are the guys who took Metroid on a daring stunt trip, and made it do some amazing tricks.
These are the guys who developed DKCR, what I consider to be the greatest platformer ever made.
These are the guys who are based in Texas, the greatest state to ever be a part of the USA.
Yeah, I wanna see what they can do with Zelda.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@16: I'm with you. I think Star Fox would be a better fit. Though they would make an awesome Zelda game.



Geonjaha said:

Sure. They couldn't mess it up with Nintendo obviously checking it along the way, so I'm always happy to see what another company can do with a franchise.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'd like to see what Retro could do for Pokémon on the Wii (where the franchise has a very disappointing track record) or Wii U.

I also agree that Star Fox would also be an excellent choice.



misswliu81 said:

i don't mind which nintendo franchise they take on- it seems whichever one they choose it works wonders; i.e. mario kart, donkey kong country returns, metroid prime trilogy.

a zelda game would be great or even smash bros!



JebbyDeringer said:

They would likely save the series. What was considered ground breaking in 1998 is not so ground breaking now. And while I say ground breaking I enjoyed Ocarina of Time very much but was not blown away by it, other people were though. Zelda is only an amazing game if you wear blinders and forget about all the other games that exist. When I play Zelda I feel a disconnect, it feels like a game, it feels too strict and confined, it doesn't take me away and feel like an escape from reality. It feels like Nintendo is catering to a new generation of gamer's every single time they make a game. "You've never played this game before so we'll introduce you to the same formula we've been milking for years."



ThreadShadow said:

@34 Glad I've had a much different and better experience with Zelda games then that. Anyway...

Retro working on Zelda is only a good thing! Nintendo make it happen!

This statement from Miyamoto brings up a few questions.

1. Retro had been rumoured to be doing preliminary work on a Zelda game before, and Nintendo shut it down.

2. Miyamoto has stated he wants to be more involved in Zelda HD.

3. Eiji Aonuma stated he wants to make Zelda his own now that the reins are in his hands.

Is there a polite Zelda power struggle going on at Nintendo? Are tea tables about to be upended all over the place?

About Retro and StarFox...that's a very good combo too, but let me add some more quality to the mix. Yoji Shinkawa (Metal Gear Solid) should be in charge of the designs/mechanical designs. I can imagine how cool his ARwings would look -not "redesigned", just "Shinkawa'd". And Hajime Hirasawa (composer on SNES StarFox) should get the music job again.



casualgamer said:

ive been wanting a Retro Zelda and Star Fox for years. But even moreso i want to see an original Retro IP!! theyve got some crazy concepts like Raven Blade...



Radixxs said:

Let them do whatever the hell hey want, they deserve it at this point. Anything they make is gold.



Virus said:

I would buy the game twice. Ever since Retro Studios proved their continued worth with DKCR, they're my favorite developer.



Mr_Video said:

Seeing how well they did with DKCR, I think they could work with Zelda without making it lose it's touch.



alLabouTandroiD said:

As long as someone is working on Donkey Kong Country Returns: The Sequel and a new Metroid game for the 3DS right now (preferably with 2D gameplay) i have no problem with this.

And it's hard not to get excited for anything Retro is working on. One cannot relate their work on Metroid Prime with what they could do to Zelda imo. If there's anything radical to do with Zelda it would be to control Sheik for example. But that would either only be a smaller portion of a main series' entry or a spinoff.
I haven't played Skyward Sword yet so i'm in no position to say where the series could use changes right now. What i think would be great is another sidescrolling Zelda (Great idea, Wizzrobe (19.) !). There's huge potential to be found here. (Heck, a cooperation with WayForward would be very interesting too.)
And while another top-down Zelda would surely be enjoyable i don't know what could be done to make it feel fresh.

I think - aside from the great gameplay - most striking about Prime and DKCR is the depth Retro has given the enviroments in these games. It could even be great to see them working on a 3D Mario game. I mean imagine the secret exits of the New Super Mario Bros. games in a full 3D enviroment. To me this would add a lot of depth to these games. (It could be in SM3DL though. I haven't played that one yet.)

Aside from that i really, really, really want to see Kirby making the jump to a 3D enviroment. Beautiful Dreamland just screams out to be experienced that way. I think it should'nt be hard to make a good lighthearted RPG out of this.

@BulbasaurusRex(32.): I'd also love to see someone like Retro do something Pokémon. Preferably a main series entry on the Wii U or 3DS.



lonlon-milker said:

I like retro studios a lot but the thing is they re-invent the series that the work on most of the time. I like my zelda the way it is and I dont think they should change it. I think Miyamoto should let retro do the controls but leave him to making the game.



JimLad said:

I hear they're very good, although I'm not really a Metroid fan and I didn't like DKCR mainly due to the difficulty.
It could be interesting to have a little western influence in the production of Zelda, but if they screwed it up I would never forgive them.
They're still a long way from becoming the next Rare.



Token_Girl said:

I'm totally OK with it. Retro does amazing things. However, I too would prefer them to take on Star Fox or be able to develop a new IP. Star Fox needs more help (Zelda games are going to be wonderful no matter what), and they've definitely proven themselves worthy of creating a new IP.

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