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Just Dance 3 Gets Mario DLC on 14th December

Posted by James Newton


Just Dance 3 is about to get a whole lot more plumber-y, as Nintendo UK has announced a Mario song is on the way next week.

From 14th December you'll be able to download The Mario Song for 250 Nintendo Points, a medley of classics beats and tracks from Mario games past. An on-screen Mario jives to the beat, and the dance marks all wear Mario hats too. It's a collaboration made in heaven.

It's not the first time Mario's appeared in a dancing game of course — remember Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix? — but with Just Dance 3 currently selling gangbusters this should put Mario in a lot more homes this Christmas.

Just Dance to the Super Mario beat!

Ubisoft's Just Dance series has millions of Wii owners getting together and strutting their stuff to all sorts of contemporary tunes - but players of Just Dance 3 will soon have the chance to get into a whole different kind of choreography!

From 14th December, Mario will put the Just Dance 3 dancefloor on fire with a new downloadable "Mario" song, available in the Just Dance Store, exclusively on Wii.

Ubisoft meets Nintendo in this one-of-a-kind collaboration; as the most popular dance game in the world and our beloved plumber get together, get ready to move your body like they do in the Mushroom Kingdom and enjoy Mario's crazy choreography!

Just Dance 3 is in shops now for Wii. The "Mario" song can be downloaded from 14th December from the in-game Just Dance Store for 250 Wii Points.


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Capt_N said:

These dance games are just the current in-trend: I've seen a ton of commercials for a variety of 'em, including Dora/Nickelodeon theme, 2 Country-music theme games, Kidz Bop theme, Just Dance, & others.

Not because of what Nintendo themselves directly done, in the past 6 years, but by what they have indirectly done, by allowing these games to their systems, my aunt wants a Nintendo Wii for Christmas.

I can't wait till this fad's over.



Bankai said:

@8 "I can't wait till this fad's over"

Why? You don't play the games, so what you're saying is that you hope other people miss out on games they enjoy; so that you don't have to ignore them

Very nice attitude to have.

If you guys want to see something awesome:



Megumi said:

...I wanna see this dancing Mario now, I think my little sister has this game, but I doubt she'll get this. (she rarely even plays the Wii now anyways. >_>)



Super-Mario-Fan said:

COOL! My sister has this game so I would like to see how it is. It better be cool and if it is then ill probably play the dance the most!



Expa0 said:

I couldn't care less about shovelware like this or some lousy mario remixes, I'm just wondering if there is actually anything you can spend that leftover 50 points on?



_Octoling_ said:

@8 and 9 I really think the dancing vg fad has just begun. we'll see in 3 years if it's just a 'fad'



Buster13 said:

This is the first time I can recall seeing the idea of paid DLC and Mario used in the same instance.

This is actually kind of neat though, bringing the song to the West and whatnot. When the time comes though, I wonder how Nintendo will handle DLC for its own titles.



Sockymon said:

I'm a sucker for these games, they're good fun and they get you out of your armchair. A Mario track will be a good laugh too



XCWarrior said:

@TheChosen If they actually had "The Mario dance" I would consider buying the game purely because that is the best dance of all time.




misswliu81 said:

wasn't it the last time mario featured in a dance game, it was dance dance revolution? still, it should be fun nonetheless.

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