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Hunting King is an Augmented Reality eShop Shooter

Posted by James Newton

Oh deer

The 3DS comes with a few augmented reality games built-in, but Arc System Works is going one better than arrows and boards: it's going hunting.

Hunting King hits the eShop in Japan next week for 500 Yen (£4.00/$6.50/€4.75), and while it uses computer-generated backdrops as you try to shoot deer and secret animals, you can also engage its augmented reality to bring a touch of hunting excitement to your everyday surroundings. Want to sneak through the invisible forest on your desk as you track a megaloceros? You can do that.

It's not the first hunting game from Arc System Works of course: we had Deer Captor on WiiWare last year, which bodes well for a Western release of Hunting King.


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User Comments (20)



MarioMario said:

I'm bound to pick this up eventually because the augmented reality feature on the 3DS really fascinates me.




Zach said:

Want to sneak through the invisible forest on your desk as you track a megaloceros?

That's exactly why I got a desk!



Skotski said:

Why can't we just hunt dinosaurs?

feels breathing on neck
...clever girl...



misswliu81 said:

i wonder how long before PETA get on their highhorse and scream 'animal cruelty' to this one, after slating super mario 3D land



Squid said:

"...Arc System Works is sending the message that it's OK to hunt animals."



Reggie4Life said:

Looks pretty fun. I might just snap this one up, (if it is headed for western release) since it seems fun w/ the giant AR card (which I am proud to say I own one).

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