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How Was Super Mario Bros. 3 Made?

Posted by James Newton

Origin tails

The Tanooki tail is back in a big way this year, but it's time to take a look back at when and how it entered the Mario canon way back in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Chris Covell's website has a translation of The Stars of Famicom Games, a 1989 book taking a sneaky peek at how Mario's greatest 8-bit adventure was created, from ideas to manufacturing. Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, Takashi Tezuka and Hideki Konno are all pictured in their much younger days, with interesting (if odd) bits of information like:

Mr. Miyamoto always carries a bag with him when he goes walking. He's used it so much that the color has faded. But inside the bag are many little items that he says will aid him in thinking up fun ideas. What's in the bag is a secret to everyone.

We suspect it's full of puppies, fitness materials and notes about daughter-in-law bullying games.


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Teh-Ray said:

It's a neat read, for sure. Haha, lookit the young Miyamoto! He still seems so full of energy these days.



milkman12 said:

yeah, that seems... about accurate. i wonder how energetic he will be when he retires.



Pj1 said:

I'll read this later, I always think Mario 3 is one of the hardest Mario's games ever. Don't believe me, World 8 it's tough....



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'd love a second brain too. Not sure if i'd carry it in a bag though. Especially not next to a parrot that just keeps saying "Good idea ! Good idea !" everytime i talk to him.



NintyMan said:

I have an odd nugget of history behind Super Mario Bros. 3. They considered making Mario have a centaur suit, but they chose Raccoon Mario instead, and that was probably a better choice.

Miyamoto must have had props with him to spur his imagination with, although I don't know what prop would make him think about in-laws or centaurs.



pixelman said:

"heeeeeelp! nnoooo let me out Miyamoto-san! please! I have a wife and six children! wait, no... no.... not that!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

I wonder what's in there.



Mario500 said:

^Which Super Mario Bros. 2 did you reference? Were you referring to the version released only in Japan for the Famicon Disk System in 1986 or the version released in North America and Europe in 1988 and 1989 respectively?



AlbertoC said:

Back on the good ol' days where all you needed to make a legendary game was a young genius working for a emerging videogame company, with a mind full of crazy, senseless but completely fun ideas... 3D graphics didn't need to apply.



Henmii said:

He is probably hiding a Kikwi (or a little waterdragon) in there! People who played Zelda: Skyward sword know what I mean!

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