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HandyNES Is a Portable NES and That's Cool Enough

Posted by James Newton

And we want one

Getting ten free NES games as part of the 3DS Ambassador program is good, but for some inexplicable reason the 3DS doesn't take original NES carts. This baffling oversight may never be corrected, but at least talented modder LovableChevy has created a portable NES to give 8-bit gamers on the go a reason to be cheerful.

The HandyNES is just that: a fully functioning NES that fits in your hands. With a 3.5" LCD screen and cartridge slot it's the real deal, but it's not just confined to your mitts: you can also plug it into a TV to play on the big screen, with support for a second control pad as well.

All in all it's a very impressive bit of kit, though with LovableChevy estimating commissions at $400-$500 perhaps not the most cost effective way to satiate your on-the-go gaming lust.

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NintyMan said:

That's awesome! However, the price tag is not.

Still, that's impressive that they had the skill to make a handheld and one that runs those big NES carts at that.



Tare said:

I have something like this.
It's called the FC Mobile 2. It can hook up to your tv, and came with a light gun as well as two controllers. I think it was 70$ at an indepentent game store.

It's a nice way of playing SM3 on the go.



Bubbab5 said:

I'd buy it for maybe $150 bucks but no $500 that's a rip if I remember I saw a portable gamecube for like a $100



SLiM said:

Yeah it's too bad the price tag isn't lower. Would love to try it one day.



misswliu81 said:

if this was officially released with a cheaper price tag, it'll be worth picking one up.



GameLord08 said:

Oooh, this is coo- Wait, Portable GameCube? ...Yeah, this sucks.
Actually, this Handy NES would be great if it weren't so expensive. ._.



fchinaski said:

I would be more excited if those unofficial systems weren't plagued with compatibility problems.



lovablechevy said:

@fchinaski - this isn't technically an unofficial system. it uses an actual nintendo. which leave 0 compatibility issues. was the entire reason i made it.

@StarDust - any clone is not 100% compatible. and i'm not ok with that.

the reason it costs so much, is cuz the parts alone are $250. then, it takes a lot of time and effort. this uses the top loader nes. they happen to sell for more than the old toaster.

and you can't really compare a portable nes to a portable gcn. they are entirely different. one day i'll make a portable gcn.



Corbs said:

You did a wonderful job on that little beauty she. I think $500 is reasonable, considering it's the read deal inside that little casing. As you said, you can't beat the real thing.



FriedSquid said:

Quite an interesting device. I don't think the price is unreasonable, I understand that that's how much it takes to make it. It's just more than I'm willing to pay (and more money than I actually have), but it is still very cool.



AutumnShantel said:

I'll play my games, classic and new, in front of my flat screen, it costs less and looks better. Cool concept though.



siavm said:

That would have been impressive in the past, but now not so much.



lovablechevy said:

@poptartcaper - i have about 13 different systems hooked up to my flat screen. including my original nes. but, i do travel quite a bit, and this makes it much easier to have nes goodness on the go! plus, it's a heck of a lot smaller than lugging around an original nes with all connections to plug into a tv.



Nintendo3DSLife said:

Interesting:).Im wondering y they would have dat but its kinda wierd but o well.also the price tag waz ughhhhhhh...:/.would nintendo really think bout makn dat lol XD.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Nice work there, @lovablechevy. Rinry would be very proud of you i guess.
One thing that's maybe not so practical is the recent handheld standard placing of the select button. If my memory serves me right there were quite a few games where you had to push A or B and Select at the same time. So personally i'd prefer it to be on the left side. But what am i mumbling about here anyway, i'm not interested in getting the device. Sorry.



Tasuki said:

Wow that is freakin sweet. I would defiantly spend 500 on that rather than say the PS3 when it was priced at that price for its launch. Now if only I had 500 bucks.

Just a quick question if the top loader NES are more why not use the original box NES to bring down the cost?



lovablechevy said:

@poptartcaper - this fits perfectly fine in my messenger bag. along with my ds and psp. nods

@battLeToaD - i am not familiar with any games that require you to press the select button at the same time as another button. in fact, most games i know don't even use the select button for anything. i put the start/select on the right cuz i always use my right thumb to access them. i've never used my left. so i made it for how it makes sense for my playing style. commissions would of course be made to the buyer's preference.

@Tasuki - you can use the original nes to make a portable. but it will be MUCH larger than what i accomplished here. the top loader board is less than 1/2 the size of the original board.



Tasuki said:

@Lovablechevy: Ah I didnt realize there was a size difference of course all I have ever played NES games on was the original NES. In fact I have only seen the top loading NES in pictures and never in person.

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