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Page 5: Your 3DS Update Questions Answered

If you're still pining for information on what exactly this update adds to the 3DS, leave your questions below or send them in using the Contact form and we'll do our best to answer them below.

Q: Can I watch my own videos on the 3DS now?

A: Yes, you certainly can. We have a full guide on page one of our Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update.

Q: Where is Swapnote/Nintendo Letter Box?

A: The 3DS's free messaging application Swapnote (Nintendo Letter Box in Europe) was originally announced for release in December: Nintendo never mentioned it as part of this particular update. Here's the official description:

Swapnote™ gives Nintendo 3DS owners the chance to send 3D messages to their friends via the SpotPass™ and StreetPass features. Users can hand-write messages in 3D and also include picture and sound. Available for free download in December.

Q: Can I choose what gets transferred across?

A: No. When you use the System Transfer Tool, it transfers everything from your source system: DSiWare, eShop account, videos and more. You cannot select what's transferred; it's all or nothing.

Q: Is anything added to the camera function?

A: We're glad you asked that! Yes — you can now use the 3DS Camera function to scan in QR codes to take you to websites or images stored on web.

On the 3DS Home Menu press L or R to open the camera — the QR scanner isn't available by accessing Nintendo 3DS Camera.

Towards the bottom left you'll see a small chequerboard image: this is your QR scanner. Activate it and point your 3DS at a QR code like the one below:


Your 3DS will notify you where the link will take you before asking if you want to open the Nintendo 3DS Browser.

You can also zoom in and out of your photos from the Slideshow by using the Circle Pad.

Q: Can I transfer Ambassador games?

A: According to Nintendo's Ambassador website, yes you can:

You will be able to “Transfer to another Nintendo 3DS” with the “System Transfer” function that will be provided in future system updates.

Note this applies to the already-available NES titles and the upcoming Game Boy Advance Ambassador games.

Q: Has anything changed on the Friends List?

A: Yes! Users of Mario Kart 7 are likely to be pleased by the update to the Friends List:

  • Friends List is now organised by online status, so your available friends are listed first.
  • You can now automatically join a friend's game from your Friends List. Your friend must be playing a supported game for this to work: Mario Kart 7 supports the join game function, for instance.

We'll keep updated this FAQ as new information reaches us. If you have a question, either leave it in the comments below or use the Contact form.