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Game of the Year: You Decide!

Posted by James Newton

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We've had a phenomenal year for gaming, with new outings for Mario, Kirby, Link, Sonic and many, many more. As we reach the end of 2011 it's only right to celebrate the best games of the year.

We won't hoard all the voting excitement for ourselves, though — we want you, the lovely Nintendo Life readers, to speak up on what you most enjoyed playing in 2011. Did Super Mario 3D Land do it for you? Was Pushmo/Pullblox one of your stand-out experiences of the last 12 months? What about earlier titles like Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective?

There are seven categories below: Game of the Year on Wii, 3DS, DS, eShop, WiiWare, DSiWare and your Overall Game of the Year. If you don't want to cast your vote in any one category — let's say you skipped WiiWare this year — that's fine, simply don't select anything from that box.

The final vote — Overall Game of the Year — is a text-based entry: type in the name of the game you want to vote for and choose it from the drop-down menu that appears. You cannot vote in this category without selecting a game from this drop-down, so pay attention!

Note that only games that had their first English language release in 2011 are eligible for this vote.

Thanks, but voting has now closed!

Notes: Voting closes at 23:59 GMT on 30th December 2011, but you can come back and change your vote at any time before the closing date. You must be a registered user of Nintendo Life to vote — please login or register before voting. On the rare occasion that your favourite game isn't listed please contact us so we can add it.

Tune in for the results on 31st December 2011!

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User Comments (173)



Raylax said:

Woosh. I've casted my votes.

No Fireplacing? Sure it didn't come out this year, but that should be Game of the Year, every year.



Aqueous said:

I'm going to need to come back, as I have a few titles I have not tried yet that I will have soon



Shiryu said:

Done. "Xenoblade Chronicles" and "Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy" made my year. And it was a great one, it was hard to pick two from a lot that has "Zelda Skyward Sword", "Mario Kart 7" and "Mario Land 3D". I also have to mention "FAST League Racing", thank you for bringing futuristic racing to the Wii, Shin'en.



Crystalking18 said:

Really, all zelda for me. Zelda had a fantastic year this year and justifies being the best for each of it's systems (Wii, 3DS, DSiware)



OrdonianLink said:

We all obviously know that the House M.D. DSiWare games deserve the Overall award, Didn't you guys cry at the end? Beautiful Games. :p



shingi_70 said:

Wii: Rayman Origins
3DS: Super Mario 3D Land
DS: Aliens infestation
Wiiware: Fast Racing League
Eshop: Pushmo
Dsiware: Zelda
Overall: Pushmo



pixelman said:

Done. Radiant Historia gets first place for me. Going through the Wii and WiiWare I realized that I haven't played a single Wii game that's come out this year.



Tasuki said:

How could have left out that Fireplace game? That one there deserves game of the year.



TKOWL said:

Pokemon got my vote for game of the year. 300 hours well-spent.

Also, VVVVVV unanimously gets EShop win, even though it's not even out yet.



bercal said:

the best game is zelda skyward sword wii. the runner up is mario cart 7 3ds.



D33G said:

Wii: Skyward Sword
3DS: Mario Kart 7
DS: Pokemon Black and White
WiiWare: FAST
eShop: Pullblox
DSiWare: Zelda
Overall: Mario Kart 7



Odnetnin said:

Voted BIT.TRIP whenever possible (SAGA for 3DS), and put COMPLETE as my overall GotY even though I haven't played it yet since I'm getting it for Christmas.

Realized I didn't play any DS games that came out this year, so I left that category blank, and while the Airport Mania games, Mighty Milky Way, and Antipole are fun, I'm holding out hope that Flipper 2 will be a worthy successor to the original and put that as my DSiWare pick.

I know VVVVVV will be my eShop GotY already, so I picked that, and FLUX is pretty much my favorite game of all time, so that got WiiWare.



TikiTong said:

Meh, there werent any WiiWare games that stuck me all sad. Anyway, pretty much every mainstream Nintendo title blew me away on each console. Such as Skyward sword, 3D Land, Mario Kart 7,Ocarina 3D, Star Fox 3D blah blah, but in the end my votes go to Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land.



Yrreiht said:

My overall vote obviously goes to Skyward Sword, This is really the game of the year for me :)



evildevil97 said:

Pushmo is easily the best eshop game. Cant say for Wii or 3DS just yet, as I wont be getting the two games I'm most likely to vote for until Christmas.



pntjr said:

Wii: Skyward Sword
3DS: 3D Land
DS: Mass Attack
WiiWare: FLUX
eShop: Mighty Switch Force!
DSiWare: Four Swords Anniversary Edition
Overall: Skyward Sword



Squiggle55 said:

I was torn between ocarina and skyward sword. Even though ocarina was just a port, in the end I just like it more



SarcasticWisdom said:

I'm Surprised i didnt see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Defiance on there for the DS section. I love that game!



Meta-Rift said:

Only one of the categories has a game that I actually want to vote for. Well, technically two, but the second is Xenoblade.



Radixxs said:

GHOST TRICK BETTER WIN OR IM GONNA SLIT YER Christmas presents open before Christmas!!!



Linkstrikesback said:

Skyward sword will probably win, because Xenoblade isn't out in America yet.

It's a shame really, I enjoyed Xenoblade an insane amount.



Dodger said:

Skyward Sword. No question about it. I haven't had any problems with the motion controls and I'm almost 60 hours into the game.

Other then that, not much that I've played. This summer was so boring that I mostly played games from past years.



CanisWolfred said:

I voted for Ghost Trick as the DS GOTY and Radiant Historia for the Overall. Those were the only two Nintendo games I played this year, so yeah. Kinda just voted randomly for the rest of the categories.



Matillion said:

Come on! Everybody vote Christmas Wonderland for the Game of the Year!
It truly is a masterpiece from my perspective, so vote now, we can still make it!



Dodger said:

I expect to see Doc Clock and the Toasted Sandwich of Time as WiiWare GotY. It is the best video game title ever.



MotorTCD said:

for wiiware and dsiware i haven't played any of them so i picked the game i though was most likely to be the most popular



_mikero_ said:

Some tough choices. Especially for the DS since there were a lot of great games this year (Solatorobo, Ghost Trick, Radiant Historia, Professor Layton, Okamiden, Pokemon, Kirby).



ueI said:

Xenoblade has no chance of winning because virtually no Americans will vote for it.



Edwin said:

How did BIT.TRIP FLUX not manage to get in the "Hot Games" category?



Shadowflash said:

@53 I disagree because

1) Just because Americans don't have it, that doesn't mean they won't vote for it,

2) This site is not made up of just Americans. They're just a fraction of the world of NLife.



Simon_Deku said:

For the game of the year, I have to say OOC 3D. Skyward Sword wasn't as good by a smidgen!



Bassman_Q said:

Wii: Skyward Sword (Even though I've only played the first hour at my friend's house :P)
3DS: Don't have one.
DS: Okamiden (Am I the only one voting for it?)
WiiWare: escapeVektor: Chapter 1 (Best birthday gift for myself ever! :D)
3DSWare: See above.
DSiWare: Antipole (Had a blast with this one, though I haven't tried Mighty Milky Way or Plants vs. Zombies yet.)
Overall: Skyward Sword (Will find out the truth on Christmas Day... I'm sure I'm sticking with this choice, though.)



PokePlato said:

Seeing as other sites have had polls similar to this, I have an idea on which is gonna be chosen for what. My votes (retail games):

Wii: Skyward Sword
3DS: Mario Kart 7
DS: Pokemon Black & White



Sasukeanditachi said:

Here is for me:

Wii: Skyward Sword- Oh my god the bosses in this game are incredible...but anyway, man I love the gameplay in this, and seeing as how only this and Fortune Street interested me enough to get it in the wii section, and I haven't played Fortune Street yet, this one gets my vote.

3DS: Oh yes. Mario Kart 7 is the reason why I made like everyone in my group of 8 who hang out at school get a 3ds. This game is absolutely amazing, be it in single player, multiplayer, online, customizations. Heck I'm even playing Time Trials a lot, and I barely even touched those in any other Mario Kart game.

DS: Pokemon Black and White. Up until about a month ago, the group I hang out with used to play this game almost every day. The gym leaders actually pose a challenge, especially if Nuzlocking, and while some of the new Pokemon coughDarmanitancough took some getting used to, it is a good game.

Wiiware: I didn't buy or even try any of those games :/ I voted Jellycar 2 as I liked the Ipod Jellycar.

3DSWare:3d classics Kirby's Adventure- Look I''m sorry Pushmo. I like you, really I do, but Kirby has you beat. I had said that I was not getting Dream Land because I didn't like not having power ups and then Nintendo releases this game. This game is the reason why I bought the points card that I also bought Pushmo(And SML2) on.

DsiWare:Ah Dsiware. You have had a couple of games that quite interested me when I played them, but mostly Ivy the Kiwi? and Escapee Go, and I would actually have voted Escapee had it not been from a dif year. And then you give me Legend of Zelda 4 Swords Anniversary. I would have actually paid for this game but nope, it's free. This game is awesome, and now that more of my friends are getting 3ds' instead of Ds lites then they can get it and we can play together.

Overall:Mario Kart 7(Runner up:Skyward Sword)- I would have voted Skyward. Really I would have, were it not for the behemoth that calls itself Mario Kart 7. Skyward may be an amazing game, but I have 3 reasons why MK7 was voted over it. For the first thing, it is portable so I can play it outside of my house, such as at school. The second thing is that it greatly improves over its predecessor, and while Skyward does too it isn't at all to the extent of MK7. The 3rd, and most important, is the multiplayer. I'm not saying SS should have multiplayer, as it wouldn't belong, but MK7 is amazing at this. My friends have 3ds' but not the game? No problem, just like MKDS, which our group has been using for our go to game for about a month, it has download play. I get home and want to race but don't like computers? No sweat there either, I can just go sit in my living room and play online. All of these things make MK7 GotY in my books, not just for Nintendo systems, but for any system



Jamouse said:

I chose Xenoblade.
Best RPG of this year and third best RPG ever (after TWEWY and Chrono Trigger).



WolfRamHeart said:

My choices are:

Wii: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
3DS: Super Mario 3D Land
DS: Radiant Historia
WiiWare: MotoHeroz
eShop: Pushmo/Pullblox
DSiWare: Go! Go! Kokopolo
Overall GOTY: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword



BenAV said:

I'm sure Skyward Sword will get its fair share of votes so I gave my vote to Xenoblade Chronicles.
Too hard to decide between them.



BulbasaurusRex said:

My choices are unorthodox, but I've certainly had the most fun with Conduit 2, Dead or Alive: Dimensions, and Pokémon White this year.



DogNut327 said:

Wii GotY: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Haven't played Xenoblade, so it's SS.)
3DS GotY: Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (First good third-party 3DS game, first 3DS game I bought.)
DS GotY: Pokemon Black/White (It's Pokemon.)
WiiWare GotY: MotoHeroz (Only WiiWare game that's not shovelware.)
eShop GotY: Pullblox/Pushmo (One of the best games I have downloaded from anything.)
DSiWare GotY: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition (it's free, and good!)
Overall GotY: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (it's the new OoT.)



Haxonberik said:

@DogNut327 Just what I voted, except for 3DS GoTY, I voted Super Mario 3D Land. Skyward Sword is amazing, I played it at a friend´s house, I'm getting mine at Christmas.



Haxonberik said:

@DogNut327 Just what I voted, except for 3DS GoTY, I voted Super Mario 3D Land. Skyward Sword is amazing, I played it at a friend´s house, I'm getting mine at Christmas.



DF2506 said:

My votes:

Wii: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (GREAT game!)
3DS: Mario Kart 7. Ok, so I don't have it yet. I'm getting it for Christmas. But it looks AMAZING and I can't wait to play it! :)
DS: Plants VS. Zombies. Love it.
Wiiware: Voted for FAST, but only because I liked the demo. It was really a bad year for Wiiware games...
Eshop: Pushmo! After awesome game from Intelligent Systems. Can't wait to see what Paper Mario looks like on the 3DS!
DSiware: Legend of Zelda: Four Swords! FREE and a VERY good game.
Overall: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The best Zelda game EVER and thats saying a lot. Skyward Sword, from start to finish, is such a fantastic game.

And you know what, I have a feeling next year is going to be even better for games (3DS, Wii U, and maybe for the Wii too).



bubby444 said:

i think we all know the winner of best wii game of the year is but just in case you don't its obviously the legend of zelda skyward sword.



Infernapeking said:

Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles
3DS: Super Mario 3D Land
DS: Pokemon Black and White
WiiWare: Fast Racing League
eShop: Pushmo
DSiWare: Zelda Four Swords Adventure
Overall: Zelda Skward Sword



Jamouse said:

Please don't tell me I was the only one who voted for ghost trick in the DS section!



StarDust4Ever said:

I voted Super Mario 3d land as 3ds GOTY,
but MarioKart 7 got my overall GOTY vote...
Can I do that? Because MK7 could just as easily have been released on the Wii or any other HD system, and it would have been awesome either way. Mario 3D Land plays absolutely perfect as a 3DS game so it gets my 3DS vote, but it just wouldn't have been as fun as a Wii game, so MK7 gets best of show. ;)

I didn't download a heafty amount of Wiiware or DSiWare this year, so I left those categories blank. Or I could have stuffed the ballot box with votes for Christmas greeting card apps and fireplace simulators! :O

Wii = Skyward Sword
3DSWare = Pushmo (Pull Blox)

(3DSware was such a pretty easy choice, with only like 5 original games that weren't ports or apps)



Rosalina said:

Wow! voting sure is hard with this many games!
3DS: I had to choose either Mario Kart 7 or Super Mario 3D Land... Since MK7 has online play I choose MK7. Don't get me wrong I still like Super Mario 3D Land very much!
DS:Plants vs Zombies... I wan't sure what to pick.
WiiWare:Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove (Natsume Mix) or whatever... wasn't sure either.
eShop: Didn't pick...
DSiWare: Zelda Four Swords.



ImDiggerDan said:

There are a few categories there for which I've bought nothing this year. Bet you can't guess what I picked for DSiWare...



Ai64 said:

I voted too! I'm guessing skyward sword is going to dominate! ^^



Lobster said:

There were a lot of great games this year! I had a hard time choosing. I HAD to go with Pokemon for DS, though - I've spent over 150 hours on it!



Amorous_Badger said:

A close-run thing between Xenoblade and Zelda for me. Voted Xnoblade on the grounds that it's destroyed my life between September and well....last week.



Red-acteur said:

Solatorobo for the DS and Ghost Trick as Game of the Year. Why ? Because it's a tie between the two, wuth a little preference for GT ^^



jpfan1989 said:

Wii: Skward Sword
3DS: Ocarina (only 3ds game i have)
DS: Fossil Fighters Champions (this game has dominated my 3DS since o got it)
WiiWare: FLUX best music in the series
DSi: Four Swords
eShop:3D Kirby (i haven't actually bought anything yet so I default to kirby)
OverAll: Skyward Sword! Runner up Fossil Fighters Champions



sykotek said:

Man, it wouldn't allow me to write in the "real" GOTY:
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
So, I had to settle for this:

Super Mario 3D Land!!



Gamer83 said:

I voted for Zelda but the more I think about it, the more I wish I had gone with Super Mario 3D Land because at least I had a lot of fun with that. Skyward Sword is good but far from excellent like most home console Zelda games.

All that said, the real 2011 GOTY is Batman: Arkham City.



Henmii said:

I voted:

Best Wii game: Skyward sword. I loved Xenoblade too and I admire the massive amount of freedom that the game gives you. But there is something about Zelda, even if it is not as good as many people believe. It's still a great game!

Best Wiiware game: Motoheroz. A fun and beautiful looking game. But pretty hard. I am not very far though.

Best DS game: Okamiden. It's really what a Okami fan would hope for: Okami...on the DS! A very impressive game! But I have not finished it yet. I have still quite some hours to go. I couldn't choose Ghost trick, simply because I have still played almost nothing from that game!

Best 3DS game: Mario 3D land. Sadly very short and simple, but pretty sweet. Nintendo Tokyo studio shows their graphic capabilities once again!

Game of the year: Skyward sword. Even If I liked Phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks more then Skyward sword and Twilight princess, it is still Zelda. It is still a pretty good game!

I haven't played any dsiware or 3dsware so far, with the exception of Four swords anniversary. But I didn't want to choose it since it is so small. You can barely call it a proper Zelda. It's still pretty fun though, seeing as you get it for free!



Infernapeking said:

I was gonna let Skyward Sword take Wii Game of the Year but instead I gave it to Xenoblade and gave Zelda Skyward Sword Overall just to be fair for those two GREAT game.



Expa0 said:

The only new games I bought this year are Xenoblade which didn't work and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which isn't nintendo so kind of difficult to take part in the poll.
E: Oh I forgot Radiant Historia came this year, that was a pretty decent game overall.

The best game I played this year was Persona 3:Fes on the PS2, one of the greatest JRPGs and games I've ever played, other great games I played first time this year were Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (PS2), Devil Survivor (NDS) and SMT: Strange Journey (NDS).



motang said:

Honestly it would have been a toss up for me if Xenoblade Chronicles were out in the US this year. So my pick is Skyward Sword.



Robo-goose said:

While scrolling through the DSi Ware section, My Little Restaurant and My Asian Farm got mixed up in my head; I read it as My Little Asian.



DestinyMan said:

Wii: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword- With the sheer amount of epic storyline and Zelda charm featured, this is once again a win for the series and I can feel special when playing it.

3DS: Mario Kart 7- It was a difficult choice between this and Mario 3D Land, but Mario Kart 7 has the best tracks and music in the series since 64 and it's highly fun.

eShop: 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure- This is the best 3D Classic so far, and while some might think it didn't add much, I think the 3D gave the game a nice papery look. It's portable too.

DSiware: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition- Not only was it a free, portable version of the game, but it also added some more features to it.

Overall: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword- Personally, I think this game's charm, cinematic feel, and grandeur make it a winner. This is also Zelda's 25th Anniversary, so you know 2011 is going to be defined by it. Many good games have come this year, but this one makes a lasting impression with real motion controls that should've been in it since the beginning of the Wii's days and a great big adventure.



GigaFlanMan said:

My Choices:
Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles (Even though Skyward Sword will definitely win.)

Nintendo DS: Solatorobo

WiiWare: Cozy Fire (for lulz)

Overall: Radiant Histora

And the rest I haven't decided, because the only 3DS game I bought this year is the Ocarina of Time remake, and the ones I chose are the only games I bought this year because I had scarce time or money.



xj0462 said:

ya i chose pushmo pokemon white mario 3d land zelda 4 swords and racing league
i wonder why they dont have a catagory for wii and 3DS vc



antdickens said:

Thanks everybody, keep your votes coming! Remember you can change/update your vote at any time before the closing date!



Bassman_Q said:

@Henmii - I'm glad I'm not the only one who voted Okamiden the best DS game of 2011. :)

However, I'm hoping I'm not the only one who voted for escapeeVektor Chapter 1 for WiiWare and Antipole for DSiWare. But if I am, I will stand for them the entire time. >:3



DestinyMan said:

Whoops, I forgot to mention I voted in the DS category.

DS: Kirby Mass Attack- At first I thought having all of those Kirbys running around would be very hectic, but I leanred to be good at making them do that as well, so the levels are nicely varied and have some unique obstacles. There's also a ton of awesome minigames that are inspired from almost every major Kirby game and even the anime.



Fuzzy said:

Can't go past Zelda for GotY. Pullblox has been a pleasant suprise too.



Blizzaga said:

I was going to vote The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition as the best DSiware game, but I didn't see it. That sucks. I bet it was in the eshop, wasn't it?

Too late now...



TimboBaggins said:

It may be blasphemy, but I chose Xenoblade Chronicles over Skyward Sword for the Wii. Why? Because we are going to get Zelda games in the U.S. no matter what. However, Xenoblade Chronicles was a win for the hardcore Nintendo gamer that never gave up on the Wii despite the many temptations to jump ship. Xenoblade deserves to win so that Nintendo will see how much we wanted this game.



SunnySnivy said:

Skyward Sword, definitely!

#128 - I was under the impression that this was for what game we liked the most. Why vote for a game we haven't even played yet? Getting it released over here has nothing to do with it. Besides it already is coming in March so...



James said:

@Blizzaga It's in the Hot Games category at the list's top — remember you can change your vote before 23:59 GMT on 30th December!



gabrielwoj said:

Not sure, but it stays in the same place and appears a message about it was send.
But I can still vote, is something there have been received?



MetalMario said:

Wii: Zelda
3DS: Mario 3D Land
DS: Layton & Specter
WiiWare: No choice.
eShop: Pokedex 3D
DSiWare: Four Swords.



Supermarioman said:

For the most part I have missed out on games this year.. :( Skyward Sword I haven't really gotten to experience, but from what I have played 3D Land takes the cake for using 3D to the advantage of the gameplay and just being an all around great game. I enjoyed it thoughouly.



mightyzinn said:

game of the year=super mario 3d land! just my vote what do you think? my runners ups are skyword sword,ocarina of time 3d,fortune street,mario kart 7



abedragon said:

Wii: Conduit 2(great game, not the best, but i had a blast playing this, so i had to put it in the list)
3DS: Starfox 64 3D
DS: Fossil Fighters: Champions
WiiWare: FAST Racing League
3DSWare: 3D Classics Xevious
DSiWare: GO Series Tower of Deus
GOTY: Xenoblade Chronicles



advance_melee said:

Wii: LoZ: Skyward Sword
3DS: Super Mario 3d Land
DS: Ghost Trick Phantom Detective
WiiWare: Motoheroz
3dsWare: Pokedex 3d
DSiware: LoZ 4 Swords 25th Anniversary Edition
Overal GOTY: LoZ: Skyward Sword



advance_melee said:

Wii: LoZ: Skyward Sword
3DS: Super Mario 3d Land
DS: Ghost Trick Phantom Detective
WiiWare: Motoheroz
3dsWare: Pokedex 3d
DSiware: LoZ 4 Swords 25th Anniversary Edition
Overal GOTY: LoZ: Skyward Sword



1upsuper said:

My overall GotY? Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation. If a DQ game is released, you can bet it'll be my Game of the Year. Not counting remakes, though, it would probably be Rayman Origins or Ghost Trick.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

WII: Skyward Sword
3DS: Super Mario 3D Land
DS: Pokemon Black and White
WW: Carmen Sandiego
eShop: Excite Bike
DSi: Four Swords
Overall: Skyward Sword



Balaclavab said:

Xenoblade of course.
I think it is better than Skyward Sword. Much better.
But of course so many people won't vote for it because they have not played it yet, what with it not out yet in America and all :(



TheMrFarquad said:

Wii: Skyward Sword (just couldn't get into Xenoblade)
DS: Radiant Historia (It was a tossup between this and Ghost Trick)
3DS: Starfox 64 3D (I still call it Lylat Wars 3D)



LAA said:

Wii: Skyward Sword (Xenoblade chronices close, but I felt the game was too big and repetitive at times, but amazing story and still great overall)
3DS: Mario Kart 7 (Tough choice between mario kart 7/SM3DL/OOT3D. Chose Mario Kart 7 as I think its online services pushed it for me, a direction nintendo and other developers should hope to aim.)
DS: Layton (KH Re:Coded could have been there, but I hated it in terms of story, but gameplay was better than previous KH on DS)
eshop: Nintendo Letterbox (I wasnt sure whether to count this as a game, but I did find it addictive strangely and its a perfect example of nintendo's creativity and innovation. Otherwise, it'd be Pullblox)
DSi: 4 Swords (Clear win for me)
Overall: Skyward sword (Enjoyed every second of it, Mario kart 7 has its item flaws online, layton is too much the same, but still good, 4 swords - SS is better, Letterbox I cant really count as a game. I couldnt really count a flaw in SS, not at all)
Overall game of the year is definately skyward sword, best zelda I've played and possibly best on wii. Xenoblade chronices was a really close runner up though! Its such a massive game! But I think its just too repetitive, (For me it was always [Explore new map, do all side quests, main quest] over and over again, they should have had a variety of map sizes, large, medium, small, they were all HUGE.
Skyward Sword kept things fresh and exciting, I was always eager to play more and was a pleasure to play, but I still love xenoblade chronicles too.



Mattiator said:

Step Up! for WiiWare game of the year.

All jokes aside, Radiant Historia deserved way more love than it got.



Oscarsome said:

Super Mario 3D Land is definitely the game of the year. Skyward Sword and Pokemon: Black/White are close seconds, but the gameplay in Mario is new, thanks to the 3D, and I have been pleasantly amazed in every aspect.



md1500 said:

3DS: Zelda
DSiWare: Zelda
Wii: Zelda
Eshop: Pullblox (has a Zelda level.)

Notice a theme here? :D



GlasS said:

This is a little off topic, but has anyone realized that Pokemon games are actually quite horrible? I'm not saying it's 'dumb' or 'for little kids', but the story is bad, the gameplay scheme is flawed, the graphics are so-so, etc. The main game concept is 'catching them all', but the Pokemon are really deteriorating, destroying the entire franchise. I've noticed that the Pokemon have stopped having faces, which really gets rid of the emotional quaity that a game about capturing and caring for strange creatures kinda sorta NEEDS. But Idunno.



Robo-goose said:

I'd agree with you if the last Pokemon game I played was Red.

Yo, welcome to the finest Nintendo exclusive gaming website money can buy!
(btw, I bought all the NL stocks and gave them to some hobo-dude-bro
I saw in LA. You higher-ups work for him now.)



Odnetnin said:

I love Skyward Sword and Pushmo to death but I know they're gonna win GotY, so I didn't vote for them. Sorry guys! :(



LeasTwanteD said:

Great you're doing this. And that you don't have to use facebook to take part.
While I would love to vote I’ve been a lousy gamer this year. There are just too many GOTY candidates that I’d need to play first. Definitely too much for the remaining hours and to make an educated vote.

Like paburrows(16.) and xj0462(114.) I’d also love a voting for the Wii’s and 3DS’s VC. If nothing changes this year might even be our last chance to vote for a Wii VC game.



CreaterCurator said:

If Nintendo made a Majora's Mask 3D, than that would totally be my overall game of the year. But, since not I voted Skyward Sword!



StarDust4Ever said:

@Glas: I'm not a fan of Pokemon either. The Pokemon craze started when I was in High School, and I got a Game Boy Color Christmas my senior year. It royally ticked me off so bad when I went to Walmart to buy new GBC games and over half the available shelf space was Pokemon titles. I am not exaggerating. The lack of many great games on GBC (WarioLand3 was the best, btw) was partly a direct result of the Pokemon craze.



Kingbuilder said:

VVVVVV may have been the best PC game I played last year, but Pushmo definitely takes the cake for best 3DSWare game this year.

(Oh yeah, and Super Mario 3D Land gets my GOTY :P)



TheBaconator said:

Wii: Rayman Origins
3DS: Mario Kart
DS: Ghost Trick
WiiWare: Bit Trip Flux
3DSware: Mighty Switch Force
DSiWare: Four Swords
Overall: Ghost Trick



Mr_Gurgles said:

xenoblade deserves all those awards (even if it doesn't fit into that category) because its pure epicness



Geonjaha said:

It's coming to a close soon. :O
My Choices:

3DS: Mario Kart 7
DS: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2
eShop: Pushmo/Pullblox
DSiWare: Zelda: Four Swords

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