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Flip Out Over 101 Pinball World in January

Posted by James Newton

DSiWare turns the tables

Teyon's habit of cramming 101 things into one DSiWare game continues unchecked, with the next title from the Polish developer, 101 Pinball World, due on 12th January 2012.

The DSiWare bumper basher will set you back 500 Points and includes 101 tables spread over four themed worlds: Wizard World, Alien Spaceship, Halloween and Pirate's bay. Let's hope the gameplay is a little better than the table names.

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WolfRamHeart said:

After playing the Zen Pinball games I find it hard to play any other pinball games. I think that I will just wait for Zen Pinball 3D instead of this.



Birdman said:

It'll depend on the physics and replayability of the tables, no doubts there. I'll keep my eye on this one, but considering Teyon's track record isn't that great, I'll probably pass.



Freelance said:

I love pinball and all but that looks like crap. See, they could've made a smaller amount of tables and put better polish in it as opposed to 101 tables that all look horrible.

If you need pinball, buy Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection (best console pinball game ever) or even Zen Pinball.

UPDATE: HAHA just noticed it comes out the same day as Zen Pinball 3D (NA of course). Are they trying to compete or something? XD



grumblegrumble said:

I'm still waiting for Zen Pinball here in the states (I want it badly! When is it coming out in NA?) This game looks a little bare bones and basic. I'd probably opt for Zen Pinball as it stands right now...

@DonJWolf Agreed..



skeuri said:

One of the key selling points is "a highscores list"....? Hmmm! This looks like a poor flash-game-conversion. @NorthAmerica: wait for ZEN it's great! (if you have a 3DS that is)

@DonJWolf: how does Williams compare to ZEN? Williams should be coming to Europe in the next months or so...



Freelance said:

@skeuri Eh? Europe already has Williams judging from the people at GameFAQs. Anyway, Williams is a different beast than Zen. Unlike Zen which has made up tables and 'video-gamey' elements, Williams features reproductions of several real tables. Physics are better (my opinion of course).

So basically if you're more interested in a more 'pure' pinball experience (what you find in a real table), definitely get Williams Collection. If you video game/arcade-y elements in your tables, get Zen.

I prefer real tables hence I like Williams more (disappointed nobody seems to want this game though, the vast majority getting Zen instead) but I'm still getting Zen when it comes out.

Also, you may want to wait til January, not for Zen, but for Pinball Arcade. From the makers of Williams and Gottlieb Collection, Pinball Arcade is a downloadable title featuring recreations of real pinball tables from established greats like Williams, Gottlieb, Stern and Data East. Like Zen it will have DLC and they promise to have at least 50 tables. I really hope people will buy this and give Zen some competition for once. Zen isn't the only pinball game in town as most people think. It's one of my most awaited titles for 2012.

@grumblegrumble Both this game and Zen Pinball 3D are coming Jan 12th.




Wow, Zen Pinball seems to demolish this in quality of tables. Revw required, but it doesn't look all that tbh. 101 tables is kinda a pull as pinball games like variety of tables.

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