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Eurosport Video App Coming to 3DS For Free

Posted by James Newton

More sports videos on the way too

Starting today, there'll be new Eurosport video content coming to 3DS via SpotPass, Nintendo has announced.

3DS owners will be able to download a free Eurosport video application from the eShop that will give them access to weekly videos from the popular WATTS series. All videos will be free.

Search for "Eurosport" in the eShop to get the application, which weighs in at 49 blocks.

The press release also confirms Nintendo's partnership with Aardman Animations — who signed on to provide exclusive episodes of Shaun the Sheep — still stands.

3D sports videos from Eurosport to be released weekly, for Nintendo 3DS owners via SpotPass

15th December 2011 – Nintendo today announces a partnership with the Eurosport Group to offer Nintendo 3DS™ owners a series of 3D sports video content which will become available to receive on SpotPass™ and view via a dedicated Eurosport video player application which will be available for free of charge on Nintendo eShop.

The videos launch weekly from 15 December and will continue to be made available over the next year. Each two to three-minute 3D video is from Eurosport's popular WATTS programme, which takes an irreverent look at sport and features a mix of exhilarating sporting action and the funniest sporting outtakes from around the world. The videos will be available to download for free in 3D for Nintendo 3DS owners.

Laurent Fischer, managing director, marketing & PR at Nintendo of Europe, said: “We are always striving to bring fun and exciting new content to our fans and this new partnership with Eurosport will do just that. We are looking forward to launching the WATTS videos each week along with a host of other 3D content on Nintendo Video™ from our various partners.”

"The 3D clips from WATTS, one of Eurosport's most established programmes, are guaranteed to engage and entertain Nintendo 3DS users," says Heather Bowler, Global Communications Director, Eurosport. "Eurosport and Nintendo are both leaders within their industries so there is a natural brand fit with this collaboration, which will extend our reach within an important target audience."

The partnership with Eurosport, Europe's leading sports-entertainment platform, forms part of a series of collaborations that deliver new 3D content to Nintendo 3DS owners across Europe. Previous and future partnerships on Nintendo Video include the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra, Red Bull Media House and Aardman Animations. This Eurosport application as well as Nintendo Video utilises the inbuilt SpotPass technology that allows Nintendo 3DS owners to receive content while on the move or at home. SpotPass enables you to connect to compatible public hotspots or wireless broadband Internet connections at home to receive new content, even if your Nintendo 3DS console is in Sleep Mode.

Once connected, your Nintendo 3DS can receive a host of content automatically such as notifications, extra content for your software, system updates and entertaining 3D videos without you having to lift a finger.

Nintendo 3DS is also backwards compatible, allowing you to play the extensive Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™ back catalogue of more than 1,000 games. Parents can manage the content their children can access through a Nintendo 3DS Parental Control feature. Nintendo gives each player the choice, as it is simple to change the level of 3D, or even turn it off, using the built-in 3D Depth Slider. For more information about these and other features, visit

For more information on Nintendo 3DS and SpotPass, visit the official Nintendo 3DS website at

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Raptor78 said:

Downloaded already!!! Hope Saun the sheep works the same way... a bit like Nintendo Video but with really cool music and the Eurosport logo.



nick_gc said:

Now all Nintendo need to do is make a Sky Go app for Sky so we can watch 3D movies with our Sky subscription. In 3D. Rather than the rubbish trailers.



honza said:

I'm really interested what do they mean by the term "across Europe". Most of their services are supported only in very few European countries (the largest ones), others are ignored. I will check the Eurosport app, but I would be really surprised if it works for me.



Raptor78 said:

Cant see why it wouldnt be across Europe. They are just little clip shows with no real need of translation. Just a load of race car crashes, motorbike stunts etc.
If not wouldnt you be able to get the app by changing region to United Kingdom and just updating it manually every thursday then changing your region back?



Sockymon said:

Awesome! Now I can keep track of Nordic Winter sports on the go! #notsarcasticbutsoundslikeitis



cammy said:

I just downloaded it in Ireland (which isn't one of the big countries in Europe). The "Connectivity Check" is however failing.



honza said:

Crap, the app just says: "Service is not available in your country". Same just like with Nintendo Video.



Chris720 said:

Fairly funny clips, I just hate the fact that it destroys 2,439 blocks. D:

Along with Nintendo Video it takes up 4,878 blocks D:



cammy said:

Ah, it worked for me. Watching the clips now. Note Wadsworth constant applies with all the WATTS clips. 3D is pretty good on them.



robbo2k said:

@10 Change register console to your region. I have region UK, real IP in Poland don't work. I have region Poland and real IP Poland, it's work,.



alLabouTandroiD said:

It's great that we're getting more free 3D stuff. I presume it will work exactly like Nintendo Video and you can't keep the downloads forever ?
If so i don't like having to use a seperate app. It's understandable that Eurosport wants to get all the promotion they can get out of this though. And who knows ... possibly they're even planning to give as more than one video every week in the future.



GamerDude said:

I am deleting it it takes up 2,450 blocks in extra data, all it is, is a nintendo video with a eurosport theme not worth if you ask me but you like watching crashes and stuff then get it!



alLabouTandroiD said:

@everyone deleting it because of its size: You know bigger SD cards are quite cheap and are considering that you might need a bigger one soon anyway, right ?



Katzii said:

I can't find where to delete it on the 3DS as I don't want it - any help? It's not under Data Management.



JoeDiddley said:

I'm impressed that the channel added itself to my home menu.

I'm not a sport (or blooper) fan but I have an 8gb sd card so more content is ok by me.



alLabouTandroiD said:

The first Shaun episode would be a great christmas gift in my book.

The first half of episode #2 is hilarious.

And if you want to know why exactly Ninty is teaming up with Eurosport listen to 02:09 in video #1.

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