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Customise Your Home Inside and Out in Animal Crossing 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Developer interview inside

Things have been a little quiet on the Animal Crossing 3DS front so far, with Nintendo dropping new information as often as rare furniture falling from a tree. However we now have an officially translated version of a recent developer roundtable, revealing some juicy new details.

One of the more interesting updates is the ability to customise furniture, changing the pattern of cushions or upholstery to your liking. That freedom extends outside your house for the first time too, as you can alter its walls, roof, fence and mail box, sharing these designs with other players via StreetPass. These houses will appear in your village as model homes, similar to how model rooms appear in the Happy Room Academy in Animal Crossing: City Folk. The man in charge of the model homes is Tom Nook, who's finally answered his calling in life and become an estate agent.

The full video is below and while it doesn't answer all our questions — who's running the shop now Tom Nook's in the housing business? — it's good to get an official update. The video closes with a guitar performance from Kazumi Totaka too, which makes it infinitely better.

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Thanks to NintenDaan for the video.

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SLiM said:

Customization FTW. Looking forward to watching the developer interview when I get home.



komicturtle said:

Old news.. But at least it's been brought up.

This is my most anticipated game on 3DS

City Folk was disappointing. And I'm just as excited for this game as I was for Wild World, where City Folk.. Hm, not soo much.



ArmoredGoomba said:

I like the stuff they said about a bigger town and a shopping mall. The real estate part sounds good too!



brandonbwii said:

I'm slightly worried about the game as the director specifically mentioned local play and not online support. Still the greater emphasis on personalization and customization may be just enough to make it a day one purchase.



Marakuto said:

I have all Animal Crossing games but I am waiting so much for this one now! If you get to transfer your character from City Folk 100% I can get HDLC in this! @emirblade The game made me play for over 100 hours because it is so fun on Wi-fi!



Mowzle said:

This is really why I got my 3DS. I can't visualise not being able to play the new Animal Crossing. Just hope the long wait means it'll be even better than Wild World.
I do hope they get rid of the monthly flea markets, though - it really mucked up my carefully planned avant garde home decor. In the end, the lengths I went to in order not to be at home that day were unbelievable



GammaGames said:

one of the reasons i got my 3DS. That and Mario Kart 7. And 3D. And it's Nintendo. And everything.



coolvw93 said:

I do want to play this one. To get the next Animal Crossing game in line.
to bad all my other versions wont be played as much any more.............



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Cool you get the be the Mayor. But that means that Tortimer has retired. I hope he appears every so often in the game. And Tom Nook as a real estate agent; I can actually picture it since he's such a savvy salesclerk. Though I wonder if his sons have taken over the business for him?



Shworange said:

Question. In wild world, you played the game on the bottom screen. This allowed you to fish by tapping and interacting with the world via the touch screen. How about in this game? Is the touch screen limited only to inventory control and perhaps walking? You can't very well fish or bug hunt with your stylus if you can't touch the spot you need to interact with. Anyone hear anything?



Shworange said:

None of the producers said anything about local only. In fact, you will get houses of people you dont even know through the new "model home" aspect. The lady mentioned that you could all sit around a table and play, but I think she said that as that is how it's often done in japan. People just all congregate out in public (either friends or "gaming clubs"). So the game will retain wireless play and wifi. Wifi is probably more important to Americans and Europeans than the Japanese for this reason (not saying the Japanese don't like wifi, but rather that Americans and Europeans dont have mass, regular public portable gaming groups).

Japan suddenly seems like a lot of fun! I wonder, if i visit there will my 3DS work with theirs to do local play, or will I have problems because of regional coding?



MeloMan said:

I'll probably be sucked in yet again to AC like before... I mean it this time, if the new changes are not enough, I'm not catching the same fish, bugs, bigger house, etc. all over again, been there, done that.



LittleKing said:

I posted the roundtable and a translation (although you had to read it because it wasn't subtitled) and this has been in the Animal Crossing 3DS thread here for what? Two and a half to three months? For those following the AC community, this is mostly old stuff. xD

Anyways, still good to get an "official" and (slightly) more accurate version. Interestingly, between this and the old translation, this one reveals that there will be a shopping mall, since, IIRC, the translators had some trouble with the line covering that in the interview. Unless there's been a newer one since then. Can't wait to be able to play Animal Crossing on my 3DS.



James said:

@SnoozerBear Yeah, I know the video was out around the September conference (IIRC) but as a rule we don't post unofficial translations as front page news here — too much can go wrong!



gamergoddess said:

I've never used wi-fi on animal crossing so i'm looking forward to trying it out for the first time ever! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE REALEASE! XD

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