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Club Nintendo Japan Gets Gold Nunchuks

Posted by James Newton


GoldenEye 007 has a gold Classic Controller Pro, Club Nintendo members can get a gold Wii Wheel for Mario Kart Wii and of course there's a gold Wii Remote Plus for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but there's not been a gold Nunchuk — until now.

Japanese Club Nintendo members can now get a gold Nunchuk to go with their other golden accessories. The promotion is available until 20th February 2012.

It'd certainly look good with the golden Wii console, too.


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Teh-Ray said:

No gold cable? Oh well, that's a bit of a miss, but I still want this, if not just because I need a new nunchuk!

Though, of course, I'd rather have it in red anyway.



SLiM said:

Would look good if the cord and connector were gold as well. I think I will continue to use my black nunchuk even if this is presented to Club Nintendo in North America.



gamepopper said:

Is it stupid to say I clicked on this story because I read "Gold Nunchuks" and not "Gold Wii Nunchuks"



NintyMan said:

That would look perfect with the Zelda Wii remote. Japan's Club Nintendo always get the best rewards. Remember the SNES Classic Controller and the statue of Link?



James said:

SNES Classic Controller has come to Europe and North America too though, and the Link statue definitely got to Europe if not the States.



chiptoon said:

pity about all of us stuck on the fringes of the world. we never get things like this.



Pj1 said:

I know a company that might sell them to us in Europe! playasia and no I don't work for them...



Shworange said:

No, the states didn't get the golden link statue... That sucked.

I really hope the golden nunchuck comes state side. Also, a silver one with Hyrulian shield decorations would be awesome! Then it's as close to holding the shield as you can get. Or, how about a full shield with the nunchuck as the handle?!! Ok, that would be super dorky, but let's get it done!!



Ryno said:

10. James 14 Dec 2011, 06:15 PST
SNES Classic Controller has come to Europe and North America too though, and the Link statue definitely got to Europe if not the States.

@James: Really? You sure? When did the SNES classsic controller come to North America?



Scissors said:

Release it North America before January, because that's when I'm gonna play Skyward Sword (Birthday Present).



TeeJay said:

Japan can't give NA something without finding something new to hoard, it seems.



MasterGraveheart said:

I have the Classic Controller Pro in gold, a Wii Remote in gold, why don't I have a nunchaku in gold? >.<

...also, why is the cord to that white? I think it should be black to match the Classic Controller Pro.



Burning_Spear said:

I guess the white cord is in keeping with the silly-looking white buttons on the otherwise-hot gold remote.



casualgamer said:

its funny because while playing Skyward Sword with my gold remote i always look down at my nunchuck and wish it were also gold



James said:

@Ryno Becoming less and less certain with each passing minute... Thought it was a worldwide thing, now I see it was a Euro, Japan and Australia thing. Apologies!



Burning_Spear said:

As far as I can remember, U.S. Club Nintendo hasn't issued any game items, other than the multi-colored stylus set. Y'all get so much better stuff!



mantez said:

Now I have to decide to wait and see if the will come to the Aussie club Nintendo or get Game and Watch 2 now.



dizzy_boy said:

i can see it now, this will come to the US club nintendo when everybody has spent their coins on the download games currently being offered.
anyway, the white cord does look odd with the gold nunchuck, but i still would like to have one though.
oh, and, as much as they get their hands on the cool japanese goodies, they are damn expensive though.
also check them out for the official white gamecube controllers, there`s nothing like getting your hands on a brand new untouched one of those babies.



Tasuki said:

Dang I need to join Club Nintendo how does one join it or was it a limited time thing?



Burning_Spear said:

@30: You can join any time. You earn coins by registering your games and answering surveys. I hope you've saved all your warranty documents. You can also link to your Wii and earn coins off of titles you download.



Azikira said:

Seeing as how I have a Gold Wiimote and Gold Classic Controller Pro, I need this to complete my gold controller set



Henmii said:

This of course should have come with the golden wiimote and Skyward sword! And the cable should of course have been golden too!



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

wooooh that is weird, if you have seen my signature lately this is exactly what I have been asking for. Just need it in Australasia.



BenAV said:

Oh, do want.
The white cord isn't a problem as the Gold Wii Remote has white buttons so it'd kinda match.



bonesy91 said:

hmm would look better if the analogue stick was white. (as well as the buttons) Would match the Zelda one better.



Thwiidscube said:

It's okay, but I don't mind not having it, so no, I'm not all that jealous. I'm happy with black!



timp29 said:

I NEED! Gold Wii remote + Gold classic controller pro... missing gold nun chuck



Tasuki said:

@Burning_Spear: Thanks for the info I signed up and registered my 3DS and what games I still had the codes from (Mario Kart Wii NSMBW, Punch Out!!) and have enough to get Super Mario Kart on the VC and have some left over. Cant believe I didnt join it sooner.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Burning_Spear wrote:

I guess the white cord is in keeping with the silly-looking white buttons on the otherwise-hot gold remote.

Which is exactly why i didn't get the limited edition Wiimote. While i had 4 WM+ attachments before i'd have gotten a fully golden Wiimote.
So no, i'm not jealous at all.



kokumaker said:

I emailed Nintendo yesterday to literally BEG for this to be released to North American Club Nintendo members, and I implore everyone else here to do the same! There is strength in numbers, I tell you. Nintendo did decide to release that Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary package in the States after their American fans made a big uproar over it only being released in Japan... so there IS hope, everybody... but you've gotta start reaching out to NOA for this stuff! I still want that gold Wii Wheel they gave their Japanese Club Nintendo members a few years ago, too...

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