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3DS to Hit 4 Million Sold in Japan Sooner Than Expected

Posted by James Newton

Ahead of schedule

With Monster Hunter 3 G, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 all out now in Japan, it's no surprise the system's sales have picked up significantly, but according to Andriasang it's outstripping Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's predictions.

Just two weeks ago we reported 3DS had sold nearly 3 million units in Japan; now the machine is potentially another two weeks away from 4 million. Last week's sales of 390,000 were even higher than Monster Hunter's launch, and put the console at around 3.6m life to date in Japan.

In December Satoru Iwata stated Nintendo expects to hit 4m 3DS consoles in Japan before the end of February. Now it appears the machine could even hit the milestone before the end of 2011.


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Blaze said:

Nice going! I'm always checking VGChartz for sales updates. Can't wait to see how sales go this week!



motang said:

Now that is just amazing! Good software lineup will result in system sales!



grumblebuzzz said:

That's all well and good but the 3DS is a FAILURE. FAILURE, I say. — Troll mode/disengaged



R-L-A-George said:

Awesome! Hopefully we'll see more sales in America. Swapnote is coming soon, making it a more social and friend friendly device. Americans love social networking for some reason. Although 3DS is going to be more social than FB.



Radixxs said:

Nintendo is so screwed. Apple will probably buy them soon. I'd even say that's "TRILL." That was for you random TRILL dude



Megumi said:

Yeah Monster Hunter does that to systems, lol.
(ugh, stupid computer said this page went offline for some reason when I tried posting. >_>)



3DSFanST said:

I created an account just to post here, Nintendo will not end up like Sega, enough with the trolling, many people including my friends said "the 3DS is a failure" they based this on the launch which had no S-rank titles/franchises, except Street Fighter, but we are way past that, In Japan there is Monster Hunter and Gundam, here there is the latest games in the Mario and Mario Kart franchises, they cut the price as well, plus another reason why Nintendo will not end up like Sega is because their franchises are more memorable than Sega's and also they did not screw up Mario like the gaming community judges Sega to have screwed up Sonic when it went 3D, Nintendo may have their failures compared to other companies like Sony and Microsoft, but they were never as bad as Sega with their Sega CD, 32X, Saturn and even Dreamcast...The Dreamcast was not as much as a failure as the aforementioned systems...Nintendo is here to stay, the Wii U despite it's odd controller with that perhaps unnecessary built in screen has it's audience as well, it's all about the games and Nintendo has got them, their franchises have been really good for years, no decline in quality or the ratings and it's fans recognize that...Nintendo is perhaps back on top, and there it will stay for the foreseeable future.



mushroomer said:

i love hearing that one of the top 3 games is from a third party and not just another mario thingy!! good job capcom!



Hokori said:

I cant wait until everyone I know has a 3ds, a few of them really want one, and I plan on giving my crush a 3DS if I get to win one from Club Nintendo



NintyMan said:

Goodness, yet another sales figure to tell the naysayers "I told you so" and something to beam at. And to think that there's going to be another Monster Hunter for the 3DS later.



rjejr said:

Dropping the price a full 25% and putting out a couple, or a few even, really good games that people want is an effective way to sell a video game system.

I'm interested in seeing what the US sales are considering everybody and their mother has been giving away gift cards with them the past few weeks plus the Zelda, Mario and pink Pet bundles were recently released. My kids each bought their own unbundled 3DS at Target w/ a $50 + $10 GC then traded in their old white DSi to Amazon for $66 each, so about $45 out of pocket for the upgrade. Well worth it at that price and they haven't even gotten any games yet, just been playing the Pokedex and the Nintendo Club free Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini game. After this holiday we'ld never get them off them except for the low-life battery. We purposely didn't buy them extra batteries, just normal crystal cases w/ Mario and Link.



ennan said:

Excellent news. Knew sales would pick up once the games started coming. The system updates are also welcome. At the moment there's too many good games and I' struggling to afford them all especially given all the other jazz I want...



kyuubikid213 said:

WOOT!! And by the way...what is up with all of the NON-NINTENDO FANS on NINTENDO LIFE??? Go play your systems and have fun...jeez.



GuardianKing said:


Keep in mind that the (3)DS is (are) just portables. People bought the PS2 because it was a console, which can do much more than a portable (Not a nintendo hater, but let's face it, you know a PS2 can probably do more things than a DS Hint: play DVDs)



gamecubefan said:

mario kart will fuel sales for a while just like with ds version.

ownage. don't know why people talked of so much doom and gloom for nintendo the last year or two. i knew MarioKart (and the price drop helped) was gonna sell huge numbers of 3ds



Link245 said:

This is great! The 3DS has gone from a joke to a true successor to the DS.



Raptor78 said:

Not to mention the PS2 was cheaper than buying a dedicared DVD player when they came out.



Lobster said:

@rjejr Have your kids downloaded the free Zelda Four Swords game? Also Xevious is free just now too. You can start a pretty good library on things Nintendo has offered free this year even if you aren't an Ambassador.



JJOR64 said:

The price drop probably helped as well. Good stuff to Nintendo though.



nick_gc said:

That's excellent. Really pleased that 3DS sales are picking up. This should help Nintendo with the release of the Wii U in the second half of 2012.



TheGreenSpiny said:

That's great but I'm more curious to know what worldwide figures will be like when feb. rolls around, after the holidays and such.



Beechbone said:

Great news! More 3DS customers mean attention from developers, and that means more awesome games. A win-win situation for everybody.



Yellowgerbil said:

Great! Now how about tri g for the west. The reason not many people are buying is because they already have a DS or PSP. So many parents will just say "you have a handheld already". So no-matter what nintendo, microsoft or sony do, people will already have a fun portable console.



HitomisGuy said:

Woo!! Vita is probably crying xDDDDD. 321,000 in comparison to 371,000!!! (3DS) 1st weekend sales LMAO



kdognumba1 said:

Its really frustrating that VGChartz doesn't have the hardware total to date for the 3DS listed. With that said, I'm glad to see it back on track. Also I'd like to note that this past week, according to VGChartz, 3DS sold 1,490,572 units globally.

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