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3DS Games Take Top Three in Japanese Sale Charts

Posted by James Newton

Hardware a best seller too

Japanese firm Media Create has revealed sales data between 5th December and 11th December, with 3DS games and hardware leading the field.

As expected, Monster Hunter 3 G's phenomenal first week sales ensured it took the top spot, but Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land also had strong showings to take second and third place respectively. 3D Land has sold nearly 750,000 copies across Japan since 3rd November, a very healthy figure indeed.

There were similarly good results in the hardware chart, too. Nintendo sold a huge 350,321 consoles across Japan; a different number to Enterbrain's figure of 378,114, but still by far the biggest sales success.

In fact, the 3DS sold twice as many units as every other console in the top 10 combined.

Next week's sales will be most interesting though: Sony's PlayStation Vita launches in Japan on 17th December. It might be too early to crack open the celebratory champagne but so far 3DS's first Christmas looks to be going swimmingly.


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AbuJaffer said:

Monster Hunter did this... it can hold up any system, any system at all, and get it to sell millions. They could release MH4 on the N64/PS1 and it would sell hundreds of thousands (eventually). It sold PSP's, not the other way around.

I can't wait to see what MH4 is going to do... especially if it's exclusive. People in Japan will faint multiple times over after its release date is announced as they keep waking up to find the news on their screen again and fainting once more.



Link79 said:

And people thought 3DS sales would never surpass DS.
By the end of the holiday season you'll eat those words.



Shworange said:

Yes there is! There are grammar errors all over this article. It should read, "It's mite bee to urly Too crak upon the celebrity shampane Butt so far the EDS' Chrismas ain't to haf bad'n neather!" Good times!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Now that's ILL.

Seriously though, quite a good headstart the 3DS has to the Vita. Just don't ruin it, Ninty.



GeminiSaint said:

"In fact, the 3DS twice as many units as every other console in the top 10 combined."
He accidentally the verb.



CybahPunkah said:

Sure the year started out rough, but with the great recent releases and a bunch of awesome titles upcoming next year, I am glad to be a 3DS gamer.



FluttershyGuy said:

Wut? I thot mai engrish klass wer ovah 4 da yeer. Then, I come here!

I'm so happy to see the 3DS has taken off since the price cut. There's this, and then news that it's the fastest selling system ever, console or handheld, in Australia! I suspect the "Nintendo is dying" talk (yes, I'm a worry wart, so I was concerned) is dead, and the next financial quarter reports will be rosy!

With 3DS' considerable footprint around the world now, I have to wonder if 3DS vs. Vita is going to be DS vs. PSP 2! A technically superior Sony handheld beaten by Nintendo's "lesser" handheld. 3DS might melt some VelVita over its nachos.



Drewroxsox said:

I'm actually kind of scared for when the psvita comes out. I love nintendo to death, but the vita looks pretty good, but then again sony are filled with a bunch of money grabbers, forcing you to buy their over priced memory sticks just to play a certain game and charging for extra content that should be included in the game in the first place. Well good luck to both handhelds, I want to see a clean race ,unlike xbox kinect saying the wii is the boring way to play motion gaming, because if your console/handheld is going to sell you don't have to compair it to other systems. I hope the 3ds does well against the psvita, so that Sony fanboys can't witch about sells.



kurtasbestos said:

Vita comes out tomorrow, and yet I still haven't seen a single advertisement for it here in Japan. Not that I've really been searching, though, but in the very little TV that I watch I'm pretty much guaranteed to see a Mario Kart 7 commercial every time.



Gamer83 said:

Things will definitely be more interesting once the PSVita comes out. Nintendo has a decent headstart but nowhere near what it should've been. They dropped the ball and we'll see if they pay for their stupid mistakes early on. The PSP became hugely popular in Japan and considering it was Sony's first shot against the juggernaut that Nintendo is in the handheld space, they did a pretty damn good job. I expect this round to be much more competitive. Sony has a very good shot at being top dog in this space in Japan and Europe, if North Americans jump on board more than they did with PSP, Sony could even take this round.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@Andrewroxsox(23.): Thanks for reminding me 'bout all the BSing we haven't really had in the past few months. Can't wait 'til that stuff resurrects when the Vita and WiiU hit.

Edit: Got the message 'bout my language. I'll watch my word usage even more carefully from now on. Thanks for being so cool and easy about it.



ThumperUK said:

@Gamer83, ask any industry expert about why the PSP was such a success in Japan, they will all say Monster Hunter. Not having this franchise will have a massive effect on Vita's sales (or rather a lack thereof). Especially after the 3DS price cut, the Vita (although impressive specs on paper) looks way too expensive - it is firmly in iPad territory.

I used to have a PSP but got fed up with endless ports of PS2 games and very few unique killer games. Unfortunately Sony seems to still misunderstand the portable market and think that PS3 graphics alone are enough for a portable to sell. If you think 3DS battery life is bad, I bet the Vita will be measured in minutes not hours!

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