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3DS Firmware Update Available Now

Posted by James Newton

Get to it!

The wait is over: the Nintendo 3DS firmware update is available now around the world.

The update adds new features including 3D video recording, new games in the StreetPass Mii Plaza and the ability to download games from the 3DS eShop while the system is in sleep mode.

Here's how to get your update. Bear in mind you'll need a wireless broadband connection to receive this update.

  • Make sure your 3DS is charged up or near a charger; it may take a while.
  • Open System Settings — the spanner on your main menu
  • Select "Other Settings"
  • Scroll to the page furthest to the right
  • Select System Update and navigate the agreements there.

Wait a few minutes and you should be all updated and ready to go!

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User Comments (38)



sillygostly said:

I'm still receiving error messages. =(

Same applies to my little brother's 3DS as well.



daznsaz said:

you might get error if their trickling it out im going out so will try when i get back.



grumblegrumble said:

The update is... blah to me. 3D video is cool, but the rest.... meh.... kinda lackluster if u ask me.



Detective_TeeJay said:

I just updated. It's night where I am at the moment so the video recording isn't that great (low light (Yes I know there's a low light setting but the framerate takes a hit)) so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what the quality is like in bright light.



Shugo said:

I dunno about anyone else, but the upgraded Mii Plaza is my favorite new addition. I completed both Puzzle Swap and Find Mii, so I immediately jumped into Find Mii II and am loving it. Those Play Coins suddenly got a LOT more valuable.



gusmento01 said:

I updated, it took 5 minutes, the 3d video produces a .avi file i will see if VLC plays it.



paburrows said:

I just opened up my 3DS and it asked me if I wanted to update automatically and it took less then a minute!



paburrows said:

Looks like one of the new puzzles is Donkey Kong Country and theres pink spaces that can only be obtained through streetpass.



ImDiggerDan said:

OMG - Updated 3 systems this morning, no problem. Oddly the wife's system already had the update downloaded and just needed to apply it which took seconds. Totally forgot about the StreetPass Mii Plaza though! Loading now...



Matty2310 said:

I am updating it right now. Should be fun. Now we just have to wait for the GBA ambassador games.



KrazyBean said:

I just updated my Xbox 360 and now I have to update my 3DS...all on the same day! LOL. The new features sound pretty awesome.



nick_gc said:

System transfer worked perfectly. I'm now using my shiny new Zelda 3DS! Woo!!



paburrows said:

That Nintendo Zone I already had months ago. Best Buy downloaded it automatically when I entered their store.



Drewroxsox said:

I'm excited and I don't even have my 3ds yet........ CHRISTMAS HURRY UP AND COME ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I woke up, saw the little blue notification light on the side of my 3DS, was all OBYLESGOALREADY. I didn't have to go to the system settings, when I opened the Home Menu it said something like "A system update is now available! Would you like to blahblahblah" and the update took like 10 seconds - it took longer for the camera to load up.



Tare said:

Didn't they do the same sort of thing with the NES games? They released those a day early as well.



Dodger said:


I sent my 3DS in to get the screen and R button fixed yesterday. Well, I can look forward to this in two weeks when I get it back.



brandonbwii said:

The eShop is no different unfortunately. At least not much is noticeable yet. The differences I see is now the number of people who rated a game is viewable on the self instead of the ratings page. Also, I don't think this was here before, but under "more details" you can now search for other games in a similar genre with a click of a touch screen button.

It's too bad that's all I see so far. I would have loved an improved interface.

The biggest overhaul is in the StreetPass Mii Plaza (it even has achievements now )



Acebobbyskill said:

Internet speed is terrible so it's taking forever. Our Internet load downloads at about 27-29 KB's a second



Super-Mario-Fan said:

My wireless communication thing isn't working for my 3DS so I sadly wont be able to get the update. can someone describe how it is for me?



pntjr said:

Got it last night. I want to play around with the camera, but I have too much work to do. I'll play with it this weekend.
As for NintendoZone, I think it's impressive and has allot of potential.
The friends list is faster and cooler to navigate through.

Personally , I think this should've been included when the 3DS launched.
I'm tired of all this firmware updating that adds to the 3DS,
All of this should've been included in the launch.



Bigrat said:

@TAre that was a mistake haha Nintendo didn't mean to release the NES games a day early. At least that's what i thought...



Bigrat said:

@TAre that was a mistake haha Nintendo didn't mean to release the NES games a day early. At least that's what i thought...



Lobster said:

I really loved opening Mii Plaza to be spammed with a ton of achievements. I laughed so hard!



tgiddy61 said:

I realy enjoy My 3DS,but I was very sad to learn that I couldn't transfer the FLIPNOTE STUDIO across from my DSiXL.

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