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3DS Finally Gets Messaging with Nintendo Letter Box This Week

Posted by James Newton

Merry Christmas

Nintendo 3DS owners in Europe can download the free Nintendo Letter Box application on the eShop from this Thursday.

The messaging application arrives as part of the Nintendo Download and lets you send messages via StreetPass and SpotPass. You can write or draw in 2D or 3D and include sound effects and photos too.

We'll have news on a North American release as soon as it arrives.

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Blaze said:

Great! The 3DS is really vastly improved from launch now! Great Software, E-Shop, Messaging System, 3D Video Recording, Improved Streetpass Plaza... The 3DS should have been like this from launch, and now it's undoubtedly a far improved system to what it was on March 25th!



dan561 said:

But we still can't send messages to people we've added on our friends list?



SBOY said:

@dan563 probably via Spotpass... But since I'm from Canada (North America) I can't test it now...



skells33 said:

at least this one kept its promised! be out by the end of year and with two Thursdays left bingo we got news



James said:

@dan563 Fairly certain that "via SpotPass" means "to people on your 3DS Friends List" — otherwise who are you sending them to?



Raptor78 said:

The Streetpass / Spotpass are just the means that the message gets sent. It is still sent to people on your Friends List but depending on which you pass first, your friend (streetpass) or a wifi point (spotpass) is how it gets delivered. That way the program doubles as a mail system and a pictochat alternative.

I cant wait to get it and I will send EVERYBODY on my friends list a virtual 3DS christmas card.



brandonbwii said:

The only promise left to release by the end of the year is hulu plus compatibility. Then Ninty will have delivered on all fronts on their promised content this year.



SLiM said:

Sounds like a great update. Looking forward to getting Mario Kart 7 and getting some friends on there to chat with.



Burny said:

Has there been any confirmation on how this works? For instance, will a message you send to someone in the friend-list be sent immediately and show up on their 3DS if they're online at the time, or will it be delivered by Nintendo's online service at some arbitrary later point?

The name "Letter Box" certainly doesn't imply "instant messaging", like pictochat was.



pntjr said:

Looks like the tables have turned.
Usually besides japan NA gets things first, but now we have to wait until EU and AU get them.
Oh well, that's life.



Whopper744 said:

I wonder if we will get random pics from people via spotpass, and/or if we will be able to send things to people on our friends list (not that I have anyone on that list since I don't know anyone with a 3DS).
Could be cool either way it works though.



James said:

@Burny I expect you're right; I imagine it'll be more like the WiiConnect24 system than Pictochat, to be honest. We should do some speed tests on it from Thursday!



Hardy83 said:

While I'm glad they are putting in a chat app period, I still wish it was built into the firmware and not a separate app.

I would be nice to talk to people WHILE playing a game instead of closing the game then opening up chat.
Similar to how you can browse, take notes, and look at your friends list.... In fact I wish the text chat was IN the friends tab.



Laethnes said:

Finally! :3

@pntjr (15): This is an interesting point. I'm from EU and ALWAYS we got things as (one of) last region. Now I'm surprised that many things are here earlier... and although I enjoy not waiting long time, I believe it would be best for everybody to release things at the same time at most countries as possible.

@Hardy83 Absolutely agree



rjejr said:

This is "SwapNote" in the US, correct? Swapnote makes me think it is "txting" over Streetpass, so it is the Pictochat replacement we've been waiting for with enhanced features like allowing photo attachments.
Now we just need a free Flipnote replacement and our DSi to 3DS upgrade will be complete.
We've only had our 3DSs for a week and I still get confused between Spotpass and Streetpass. I know I shouldn't b/c "spot" is for "wi-fi hot spot" and "street" is for passing people in the street, but I still have to stop and think about it every time. I don't think either name is helpful with 2 3DS under 1 roof about 10 feet apart and constantly hooked up to wi-fi. (Though my sons are very happy to come home from school every day to get their 3 new Pokedexmon) I don't think Nintendo took 2 3DS living together into account when they were working on Streetpass.



Odnetnin said:

I usually don't agree with Hardy, but this time I do. Also, where have you been, man?



bahooney said:

o hai my name's NOE. I've picked up the pace in recent years, and am now superior to NOA.

Seriously, though, NOE is really rocking. NOA didn't even announce the VC games for Ambassadors last Friday, how was anyone who didn't frequent NL supposed to know?



James said:

@bahooney You've uncovered our plot! We tell NoA not to release news so that we can get there first and suck up all the Internet's traffic. It's working well so far!



grumblegrumble said:

Awesome @James I knew you were up to something! LOL. I can't wait for this to be released in North America. It would just be nice to be, like, 'notified' when it's released, but that's probably asking for too much. haha..



goldgin said:

@Hardy83, I'm glad you think like I do. If the messages are not realtime then it's a step back in handheld evolution and should not even be included to avoid serious mocking by haters and fans alike.



B-Ray97 said:

I think its a good way to be connected with your friends. I hope it`s tested good and it`s not a huge bug!



Aqueous said:

Hoping that this means Swapnote is coming. It will help us get in touch with our Strettpass group members we have not seen in a while



skells33 said:

for those in us want day your e-shop updates. got news for you, you will also get swapnote this week. (letterbox for us in europe helping out B-Ray 97 at the same time)



WolfRamHeart said:

This is great news! Not perfect but definitely a step in the right direction. I'm glad that I will finally be able to chat with my 3DS friends.



lalalalalalal said:

Wooh!! Thaz it!! Yatzee!! My 3DS fulfilled its promise and is now the system I saw could change portable gaming( and camera/video playing/music playing/messaging thingys)



Thwiidscube said:

Maybe we'll get it soon... if we do, I better find my 3DS (I lost it the other day in my room ).



Justus said:

Nice add, but it's not complete yet! DLC and Flipnote memo, please! (This is my first post! )



Dodger said:

Been waiting for this for a while. It will be cool.

As far as NoE vs NoA, I think it was Chuggaaconroy who said "Japan gets something cool, (America) gets it a month later, Europe gets it by the end of the year and Australia is lucky is Nintendo remembers they exist." or something like that while talking about how even Australia got Pikmin 2 NPC. Looks like it might be starting to change a bit.



Nintendoftw said:

Don't understand the reason why they didn't just add it as a firmware update instead of a separate app...



BenAV said:

I agree with most people that it'd be nice to be able to talk while playing but it's still a big step up from short statist message.

I love NoE these days.
I don't live in Europe, but if they get something then Australia usually does too.
Can't wait to test this out when it comes out sometime late on Thursday night.



kyuubikid213 said:

I wonder if this will be like the Ambassador GBA games.
"Europe and Japan will be getting this on Friday. NA release TBA.
No, wait, Australia got it Thursday. Still no NA release date.
(Finally Friday) Alright...everyone gets it now."



Khlx said:

FINALLY !! > no need to waste money on messaging on my phone :3 i r entertainer!



crazyj2312 said:

Can't wait to spam my pals.
On a side note, I can't believe Monster Hunter Tri G sold 1,000,000 copies already. It came out like 10 days ago!



Raptor78 said:

37 @goldgin
With it using Streetpass and Spotpass I think the Spotpass features would work like wiiconect 24 so not so instant but I cant see why the Streetpass wouldnt work as quick as posting as it would be direct mail rather than going to a server. Surely that would be more or less instant. Well only have to wait until tomorrow although it will probably be Sunday until I get to test it face to face.



SkywardLink98 said:

It seems to me like Nintendo is "Re-Launching" the 3DS with all the stuff gamers were promised. Games, Messaging, Video, etc.



Reggie4Life said:

Did anyone get that update when they logged into the eShop? I updated but got nothing... HELP!



Paperguy13 said:

@71 Relax! The update for the Eshop dosn't come until like noon, shouldn't you know that by now?

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